apt  2.2.4
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private-cacheset.h File Reference
#include <apt-pkg/cacheset.h>
#include <apt-pkg/macros.h>
#include <apt-private/private-output.h>
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
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class  VerIteratorWithCaching
struct  VersionSortDescriptionLocality
class  Matcher
class  CacheSetHelperVirtuals
class  CacheSetHelperAPTGet


typedef APT::VersionContainer< std::set< VerIteratorWithCaching, VersionSortDescriptionLocality > > LocalitySortedVersionSet


bool GetLocalitySortedVersionSet (pkgCacheFile &CacheFile, APT::VersionContainerInterface *const vci, Matcher &matcher, OpProgress *const progress)
bool GetLocalitySortedVersionSet (pkgCacheFile &CacheFile, APT::VersionContainerInterface *const vci, OpProgress *const progress)

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◆ LocalitySortedVersionSet

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◆ GetLocalitySortedVersionSet() [1/2]

◆ GetLocalitySortedVersionSet() [2/2]

bool GetLocalitySortedVersionSet ( pkgCacheFile CacheFile,
APT::VersionContainerInterface *const  vci,
OpProgress *const  progress 

Definition at line 19 of file private-cacheset.cc.

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