apt  2.2.4
About: Apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a management system for software packages (Debian/Ubuntu). Release series 2.2.
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APT::String Namespace Reference


std::string Strip (const std::string &str)
bool Endswith (const std::string &s, const std::string &end)
bool Startswith (const std::string &s, const std::string &start)
std::string Join (std::vector< std::string > list, const std::string &sep)
size_t DisplayLength (StringView str)

Function Documentation

◆ DisplayLength()

size_t DisplayLength ( StringView  str)

Definition at line 103 of file strutl.cc.

References StringView::data(), and StringView::end().

Referenced by PackageManagerFancy::DrawStatusLine().

◆ Endswith()

◆ Join()

std::string Join ( std::vector< std::string >  list,
const std::string &  sep 

Definition at line 91 of file strutl.cc.

Referenced by APT::CacheFilter::CompleteArch(), and pkgSourceList::Type::ParseStanza().

◆ Startswith()

◆ Strip()

std::string Strip ( const std::string &  str)