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About: Apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a management system for software packages (Debian/Ubuntu). Release series 2.2.
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pkgDepCache::Policy Class Reference

#include <depcache.h>

Inheritance diagram for pkgDepCache::Policy:

Public Member Functions

 Policy ()
virtual VerIterator GetCandidateVer (PkgIterator const &Pkg)
virtual bool IsImportantDep (DepIterator const &Dep) const
virtual signed short GetPriority (PkgIterator const &Pkg)
virtual signed short GetPriority (VerIterator const &Ver, bool ConsiderFiles=true)
virtual signed short GetPriority (PkgFileIterator const &File)
virtual ~Policy ()

Private Attributes

bool InstallRecommends
bool InstallSuggests

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file depcache.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Policy()

Policy ( )

Definition at line 276 of file depcache.h.

References _config, and Configuration::FindB().

◆ ~Policy()

virtual ~Policy ( )

Definition at line 287 of file depcache.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetCandidateVer()

◆ GetPriority() [1/3]

APT_PURE signed short GetPriority ( pkgCache::PkgFileIterator const &  File)

Reimplemented in pkgPolicy.

Definition at line 2172 of file depcache.cc.

◆ GetPriority() [2/3]

APT_PURE signed short GetPriority ( pkgCache::PkgIterator const &  Pkg)

Definition at line 2168 of file depcache.cc.

Referenced by WriteScenarioEDSPVersion().

◆ GetPriority() [3/3]

APT_PURE signed short GetPriority ( pkgCache::VerIterator const &  Ver,
bool  ConsiderFiles = true 

Reimplemented in pkgPolicy.

Definition at line 2170 of file depcache.cc.

◆ IsImportantDep()

bool IsImportantDep ( DepIterator const &  Dep) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ InstallRecommends

bool InstallRecommends

Definition at line 290 of file depcache.h.

◆ InstallSuggests

bool InstallSuggests

Definition at line 291 of file depcache.h.

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