apt  2.2.4
About: Apt (Advanced Package Tool) is a management system for software packages (Debian/Ubuntu). Release series 2.2.
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pkgDPkgPM Class Reference

#include <dpkgpm.h>

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struct  DpkgState
struct  Item

Public Member Functions

 pkgDPkgPM (pkgDepCache *Cache)
virtual ~pkgDPkgPM ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from pkgPackageManager
bool GetArchives (pkgAcquire *Owner, pkgSourceList *Sources, pkgRecords *Recs)
OrderResult DoInstall (APT::Progress::PackageManager *progress)
OrderResult DoInstallPreFork ()
OrderResult DoInstallPostFork (APT::Progress::PackageManager *progress)
bool FixMissing ()
std::set< std::string > GetDisappearedPackages ()
 returns all packages dpkg let disappear More...
 pkgPackageManager (pkgDepCache *Cache)
virtual ~pkgPackageManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static APT_HIDDEN bool ExpandPendingCalls (std::vector< Item > &List, pkgDepCache &Cache)

Protected Member Functions

bool RunScriptsWithPkgs (const char *Cnf)
bool SendPkgsInfo (FILE *const F, unsigned int const &Version)
void WriteHistoryTag (std::string const &tag, std::string value)
std::string ExpandShortPackageName (pkgDepCache &Cache, const std::string &short_pkgname)
void SendTerminalProgress (float percentage)
void WriteApportReport (const char *pkgpath, const char *errormsg)
bool OpenLog ()
bool CloseLog ()
void BuildPackagesProgressMap ()
void StartPtyMagic ()
void SetupSlavePtyMagic ()
void StopPtyMagic ()
void DoStdin (int master)
void DoTerminalPty (int master)
void DoDpkgStatusFd (int statusfd)
void ProcessDpkgStatusLine (char *line)
virtual bool Install (PkgIterator Pkg, std::string File) APT_OVERRIDE
virtual bool Configure (PkgIterator Pkg) APT_OVERRIDE
virtual bool Remove (PkgIterator Pkg, bool Purge=false) APT_OVERRIDE
virtual bool Go (APT::Progress::PackageManager *progress) APT_OVERRIDE
virtual void Reset () APT_OVERRIDE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from pkgPackageManager
void ImmediateAdd (PkgIterator P, bool UseInstallVer, unsigned const int &Depth=0)
virtual OrderResult OrderInstall ()
bool CheckRConflicts (PkgIterator Pkg, DepIterator Dep, const char *Ver)
bool CheckRBreaks (PkgIterator const &Pkg, DepIterator Dep, const char *const Ver)
bool CreateOrderList ()
bool DepAlwaysTrue (DepIterator D) APT_PURE
bool ConfigureAll ()
bool SmartConfigure (PkgIterator Pkg, int const Depth) APT_MUSTCHECK
bool SmartUnPack (PkgIterator Pkg, bool const Immediate=true, int const Depth=0) APT_MUSTCHECK
bool SmartRemove (PkgIterator Pkg) APT_MUSTCHECK
bool EarlyRemove (PkgIterator Pkg, DepIterator const *const Dep) APT_MUSTCHECK

Protected Attributes

int pkgFailures
std::map< std::string, std::vector< struct DpkgState > > PackageOps
std::map< std::string, unsigned int > PackageOpsDone
unsigned int PackagesDone
unsigned int PackagesTotal
std::vector< ItemList
- Protected Attributes inherited from pkgPackageManager
std::string * FileNames
bool Debug
bool NoImmConfigure
bool ImmConfigureAll
std::set< std::string > disappearedPkgs
 saves packages dpkg let disappear More...
OrderResult Res

Private Member Functions

APT_HIDDEN void handleDisappearAction (std::string const &pkgname)
 record the disappear action and handle accordingly More...
APT_HIDDEN void handleCrossUpgradeAction (std::string const &pkgname)

Private Attributes

pkgDPkgPMPrivate *const d

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pkgPackageManager
enum  OrderResult { Completed , Failed , Incomplete }
- Static Public Attributes inherited from pkgPackageManager
static bool SigINTStop = false
- Protected Types inherited from pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Namespace
typedef pkgCache::GrpIterator GrpIterator
typedef pkgCache::PkgIterator PkgIterator
typedef pkgCache::VerIterator VerIterator
typedef pkgCache::DescIterator DescIterator
typedef pkgCache::DepIterator DepIterator
typedef pkgCache::PrvIterator PrvIterator
typedef pkgCache::RlsFileIterator RlsFileIterator
typedef pkgCache::PkgFileIterator PkgFileIterator
typedef pkgCache::VerFileIterator VerFileIterator
typedef pkgCache::Version Version
typedef pkgCache::Description Description
typedef pkgCache::Package Package
typedef pkgCache::Header Header
typedef pkgCache::Dep Dep
typedef pkgCache::Flag Flag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file dpkgpm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ pkgDPkgPM()

pkgDPkgPM ( pkgDepCache Cache)

Definition at line 230 of file dpkgpm.cc.

◆ ~pkgDPkgPM()

~pkgDPkgPM ( )

Definition at line 238 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References d.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildPackagesProgressMap()

void BuildPackagesProgressMap ( )

◆ CloseLog()

◆ Configure()

bool Configure ( PkgIterator  Pkg)

Reimplemented from pkgPackageManager.

Definition at line 270 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References _config, pkgDPkgPM::Item::Configure, List, and pkgDPkgPM::Item::TriggersPending.

◆ DoDpkgStatusFd()

void DoDpkgStatusFd ( int  statusfd)

◆ DoStdin()

void DoStdin ( int  master)

Definition at line 541 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References d, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::stdin_is_dev_null, and FileFd::Write().

Referenced by Go().

◆ DoTerminalPty()

void DoTerminalPty ( int  master)

Definition at line 556 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References d, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::term_out, and FileFd::Write().

Referenced by Go().

◆ ExpandPendingCalls()

bool ExpandPendingCalls ( std::vector< Item > &  List,
pkgDepCache Cache 

◆ ExpandShortPackageName()

std::string ExpandShortPackageName ( pkgDepCache Cache,
const std::string &  short_pkgname 

◆ Go()

bool Go ( APT::Progress::PackageManager progress)

Reimplemented from pkgPackageManager.

Definition at line 1458 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References _config, _system, ADDARG, ADDARGC, debSystem::AssertFeature(), CacheFile::BuildCaches(), BuildPackagesProgressMap(), pkgPackageManager::Cache, cleanUpTmpDir(), StateChanges::clear(), CloseLog(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::Configure, pkgDPkgPM::Item::ConfigurePending, d, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::State::DeInstall, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::direct_stdin, pkgPackageManager::disappearedPkgs, DoDpkgStatusFd(), DoStdin(), DoTerminalPty(), pkgDPkgPMPrivate::dpkg_error, debSystem::DpkgChrootDirectory(), StateChanges::empty(), VersionContainer< Container >::empty(), EnvironmentSize(), VersionContainer< Container >::erase(), ExecFork(), ExpandPendingCalls(), pkgDepCache::FindPkg(), FindToBeRemovedVersion(), flExtension(), flNotDir(), debSystem::GetDpkgBaseCommand(), PackageManager::GetPulseInterval(), GetTempDir(), pkgDepCache::Head(), I, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Package::ID, Inhibit(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::Install, StateChanges::Install(), ionice(), pkgSystem::IsLocked(), ItemIsEssential(), ItemIsProtected(), List, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::master, MergeKeepFdsFromConfiguration(), pkgSystem::MultiArchSupported(), OpenLog(), pkgDPkgPMPrivate::original_sigmask, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Header::PackageCount, PackageOps, PackageOpsDone, PackagesDone, PackagesTotal, pkgDPkgPM::Item::Pkg, pkgDepCache::PkgBegin(), pkgCache< Str, Itr >::PkgIterator(), pkgDPkgPMPrivate::progress, PackageManager::Pulse(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::Purge, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::State::Purge, StateChanges::Purge(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::PurgePending, RealFileExists(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::Remove, StateChanges::Remove(), RemoveFile(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::RemovePending, RunScripts(), RunScriptsWithPkgs(), pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Version::Same, StateChanges::Save(), SetupSlavePtyMagic(), SigINT(), pkgPackageManager::SigINTStop, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::sigmask, PackageManager::Start(), PackageManager::StartDpkg(), StartPtyMagic(), Status, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::status_fd_reached_end_of_file, pkgDPkgPMPrivate::stdin_is_dev_null, PackageManager::Stop(), StopPtyMagic(), strprintf(), pkgDPkgPM::Item::TriggersPending, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::VerIterator(), pkgDepCache::VS(), and pkgDepCache::writeStateFile().

◆ handleCrossUpgradeAction()

void handleCrossUpgradeAction ( std::string const &  pkgname)

◆ handleDisappearAction()

void handleDisappearAction ( std::string const &  pkgname)

record the disappear action and handle accordingly

dpkg let packages disappear then they have no files any longer and nothing depends on them. We need to collect this as dpkg as well as APT doesn't know beforehand that the package will disappear, so the only possible option is to tell the user afterwards about it. To enhance the experience we also try to forward the auto-install flag so the disappear-causer(s) are not autoremoved next time - for the transfer to happen the disappeared version needs to depend on the package the flag should be forwarded to and this package needs to declare a Replaces on the disappeared package.

pkgnameName of the package that disappeared

Definition at line 873 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Flag::Auto, pkgPackageManager::Cache, pkgPackageManager::Debug, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Dep::Depends, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::DepIterator(), pkgPackageManager::disappearedPkgs, pkgDepCache::FindPkg(), PackageOps, PackageOpsDone, PackagesDone, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::PkgIterator(), pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Dep::PreDepends, pkgCache< Str, Itr >::Dep::Replaces, and pkgCache< Str, Itr >::VerIterator().

Referenced by ProcessDpkgStatusLine().

◆ Install()

bool Install ( PkgIterator  Pkg,
std::string  File 

Reimplemented from pkgPackageManager.

Definition at line 246 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References _config, pkgDPkgPM::Item::Install, and List.

Referenced by handleCrossUpgradeAction(), and ProcessDpkgStatusLine().

◆ OpenLog()

◆ ProcessDpkgStatusLine()

◆ Remove()

bool Remove ( PkgIterator  Pkg,
bool  Purge = false 

Reimplemented from pkgPackageManager.

Definition at line 288 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References List, pkgDPkgPM::Item::Purge, and pkgDPkgPM::Item::Remove.

◆ Reset()

void Reset ( )

Reimplemented from pkgPackageManager.

Definition at line 2234 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References List.

◆ RunScriptsWithPkgs()

◆ SendPkgsInfo()

◆ SendTerminalProgress()

void SendTerminalProgress ( float  percentage)

◆ SetupSlavePtyMagic()

void SetupSlavePtyMagic ( )

◆ StartPtyMagic()

◆ StopPtyMagic()

void StopPtyMagic ( )

◆ WriteApportReport()

◆ WriteHistoryTag()

void WriteHistoryTag ( std::string const &  tag,
std::string  value 

Definition at line 997 of file dpkgpm.cc.

References d, and pkgDPkgPMPrivate::history_out.

Referenced by CloseLog(), and OpenLog().

Member Data Documentation

◆ d

◆ List

◆ PackageOps

std::map<std::string,std::vector<struct DpkgState> > PackageOps

◆ PackageOpsDone

std::map<std::string,unsigned int> PackageOpsDone

◆ PackagesDone

unsigned int PackagesDone

◆ PackagesTotal

unsigned int PackagesTotal

Definition at line 71 of file dpkgpm.h.

Referenced by BuildPackagesProgressMap(), Go(), and ProcessDpkgStatusLine().

◆ pkgFailures

int pkgFailures

Definition at line 51 of file dpkgpm.h.

Referenced by ProcessDpkgStatusLine(), and WriteApportReport().

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