apr  1.7.0
About: APR (Apache Portable Runtime) project offers software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations (APR core library).
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directory  arch
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file  apr_allocator.h [code]
 APR Internal Memory Allocation.
file  apr_atomic.h [code]
 APR Atomic Operations.
file  apr_cstr.h [code]
 C string goodies.
file  apr_dso.h [code]
 APR Dynamic Object Handling Routines.
file  apr_encode.h [code]
 APR-UTIL Encoding.
file  apr_env.h [code]
 APR Environment functions.
file  apr_errno.h [code]
 APR Error Codes.
file  apr_escape.h [code]
 APR-UTIL Escaping.
file  apr_file_info.h [code]
 APR File Information.
file  apr_file_io.h [code]
 APR File I/O Handling.
file  apr_fnmatch.h [code]
 APR FNMatch Functions.
file  apr_general.h [code]
 APR Miscellaneous library routines.
file  apr_getopt.h [code]
 APR Command Arguments (getopt)
file  apr_global_mutex.h [code]
 APR Global Locking Routines.
file  apr_hash.h [code]
 APR Hash Tables.
file  apr_inherit.h [code]
 APR File Handle Inheritance Helpers.
file  apr_lib.h [code]
 APR general purpose library routines.
file  apr_mmap.h [code]
 APR MMAP routines.
file  apr_network_io.h [code]
 APR Network library.
file  apr_perms_set.h [code]
 APR Process Locking Routines.
file  apr_poll.h [code]
 APR Poll interface.
file  apr_pools.h [code]
 APR memory allocation.
file  apr_portable.h [code]
 APR Portability Routines.
file  apr_proc_mutex.h [code]
 APR Process Locking Routines.
file  apr_random.h [code]
 APR PRNG routines.
file  apr_ring.h [code]
 APR Rings.
file  apr_shm.h [code]
 APR Shared Memory Routines.
file  apr_signal.h [code]
 APR Signal Handling.
file  apr_skiplist.h [code]
 APR skip list implementation.
file  apr_strings.h [code]
 APR Strings library.
file  apr_support.h [code]
 APR Support functions.
file  apr_tables.h [code]
 APR Table library.
file  apr_thread_cond.h [code]
 APR Condition Variable Routines.
file  apr_thread_mutex.h [code]
 APR Thread Mutex Routines.
file  apr_thread_proc.h [code]
 APR Thread and Process Library.
file  apr_thread_rwlock.h [code]
 APR Reader/Writer Lock Routines.
file  apr_time.h [code]
 APR Time Library.
file  apr_user.h [code]
 APR User ID Services.
file  apr_version.h [code]
 APR Versioning Interface.
file  apr_want.h [code]
 APR Standard Headers Support.