apr  1.7.0
About: APR (Apache Portable Runtime) project offers software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations (APR core library).
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proc_mutex.c File Reference
#include "apr_arch_proc_mutex.h"
#include "apr_strings.h"
#include "apr_portable.h"
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static apr_status_t _proc_mutex_cleanup (void *data)
 APR_DECLARE (apr_status_t)
 APR_DECLARE (const char *)
 APR_DECLARE (apr_lockmech_e)

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◆ _proc_mutex_cleanup()

static apr_status_t _proc_mutex_cleanup ( void *  data)

Definition at line 25 of file proc_mutex.c.

References APR_SUCCESS, data, and lock.

Referenced by APR_DECLARE().