apr  1.7.0
About: APR (Apache Portable Runtime) project offers software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations (APR core library).
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apr_cstr.h File Reference

C string goodies. More...

#include <apr.h>
#include <apr_pools.h>
#include <apr_tables.h>
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 APR_DECLARE (apr_array_header_t *) apr_cstr_split(const char *input
 APR_DECLARE (void) apr_cstr_split_append(apr_array_header_t *array
 APR_DECLARE (int) apr_cstr_match_glob_list(const char *str
 APR_DECLARE (char *) apr_cstr_tokenize(const char *sep
 APR_DECLARE (const char *) apr_cstr_skip_prefix(const char *str


const char * sep_chars
const char int chop_whitespace
const char int apr_pool_tpool
const char * input
const apr_array_header_tlist
char ** str
const char * str2
const char apr_size_t n
const char apr_int64_t minval
const char apr_int64_t apr_int64_t maxval
const char apr_int64_t apr_int64_t int base
const char * prefix

Detailed Description

C string goodies.

Definition in file apr_cstr.h.