ansible  2.9.27
About: Ansible is an IT Configuration Management, Deployment \
About: Ansible (2.x) is an IT Configuration Management, Deployment & Orchestration tool.
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ansible.context Namespace Reference


def _init_global_context (cli_args)
def cliargs_deferred_get (key, default=None, shallowcopy=False)


 __metaclass__ = type
tuple __all__ = ('CLIARGS',)
 CLIARGS = CLIArgs({})

Function Documentation

◆ _init_global_context()

def ansible.context._init_global_context (   cli_args)
Initialize the global context objects

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References ansible.context._init_global_context().

Referenced by ansible.context._init_global_context().

◆ cliargs_deferred_get()

def ansible.context.cliargs_deferred_get (   key,
  default = None,
  shallowcopy = False 
Closure over getting a key from CLIARGS with shallow copy functionality

Primarily used in ``FieldAttribute`` where we need to defer setting the default
until after the CLI arguments have been parsed

This function is not directly bound to ``CliArgs`` so that it works with
``CLIARGS`` being replaced

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References ansible.context.cliargs_deferred_get(), and ansible.module_utils.common.collections.is_sequence().

Referenced by ansible.context.cliargs_deferred_get().

Variable Documentation

◆ __all__

tuple ansible.context.__all__ = ('CLIARGS',)

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◆ __metaclass__

ansible.context.__metaclass__ = type

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ansible.context.CLIARGS = CLIArgs({})

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