alsa-firmware  1.2.4
About: ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) - Firmware.
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This package contains the firmware binaries for each loader program
included in alsa-tools package.  The firmware data can be used by each
ALSA firmware loader program like vxloader, or passed through the
hotplug firmware-loading mechanism.


The recent ALSA driver supports the hotplug firmware loader.
As default, the package will install firmware data to the places for
both the old ALSA fw loader and the hotplug fw loader.  To disable
the installation of old ALSA fw loader data (if both ALSA and hotplug
fw loaders are available), pass --disable-loader to configure.
Similarly, to disable the hotplug fw loader data, pass
--disable-hotplug option.

For the old ALSA fw loader, specify the same prefix option given to
the alsa-tools configure script, too, in order to keep the
installation directories consistent.

The default directory for hotplug firmware data files is /lib/firmware.
(or if existing /lib/hotplug/firmware or /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware are 
found they are used)
You can change to another path via --with-hotplug-dir option.


The files contained in this package is regarded as the example data
for each alsa-tools program.  Hence, their copyright and license
follow basically to the definition of alsa-tools programs.  The
detailed license and copyright is found in README of each