achievo  1.4.6
About: Achievo is a web-based resource management tool for business environments (project management, time registration, scheduler, ...).
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Achievo is a web-based Business Support Services (BSS) application for organizations, built using the ATK Framework. Achievo includes a rich set of core modules, including support for employees, projects (phases and activities), timesheets, organizations, contacts, CRM (customers, campaings and contracts), and document management. There are a wide variety of Add-on modules available for additional functionality, and you can add or develop Custom modules for more more specific requirements. Achievo is stable and suitable for production. For more information, see the Achievo GitHub project wiki and the Achievo website.

The purpose of the Achievo project on GitHub is to create, as a community, the leading rapid-development environment for providing enterprise Business Support Services. Achievo was created by and development is now carried on by the Achievo community, managed by the GitHub atkphpframework group, with the endorsement and permission of

To Get Started

Achievo can be hosted on a standard web application AMP stack (Apache/MySQL/PHP), and is compatible with current AMP stack versions (e.g. PHP 5.4.x and MySQL 5.5.x, although currently Achievo makes use of some deprecated PHP features).

The most convenient way to get started is to clone the Achievo GitHub repository to your webserver.

$ git clone --recurse-submodules git:// achievo

After cloning, the local master branch in the repo will contain the most recent release. Achievo is built using the ATK Framework and includes ATK as a submodule; the --recurse-submodules option tells Git to update the ATK submodule during the cloning, otherwise the atk/ directory will be empty and you will have to update submodules manually). You do not need a GitHub account to clone using the "git:" protocol.

You can also download a zip archive of the Achievo master branch and extract it to your webserver. However, in this case you will also need to download a zip archive of version 6.4.4 of the ATK Framework and extract it to your achievo/atk/ directory (currently from, although this will eventually change to the GitHub ATK Framework project.

Once you have Achievo on your server or workstation, review the doc/INSTALL and doc/README files. These should explain everything you need to complete the install. Also review the Guided Tour on the Achievo project wiki, which is a step-by-step tutorial for configuring a new Achievo installation and using Achievo's basic features.

Version Control and Issue Tracking

Communication Channels

Achievo users and developers discuss problems and solutions, keep each other informed, and generally help each other out, on the Achievo/ATK forum. Please consider creating a free user profile on the forum; you will need a user profile to post or reply, (viewing does not require a profile), having a profile also enables you to be sent an email notice when someone replies to one of your posts (or creates a new post), and color-codes posts to show the ones you haven't read yet.

If you create a new forum topic, be careful to submit it to the Achivo forum (generally use the ATK forum only when you are developing an Achievo module and you have a low-level issue relating to the ATK Framework).

Developer Guidelines

The Achievo project follows the Gitflow workflow using the Gitflow Fork & Pull model:

  • Fork the GitHub atkphpframework/achievo repo
  • Clone your fork locally
  • Create a local topic branch to work in (typically off a release branch or the develop branch)
  • Develop and test your work
  • Push your topic branch to your GitHub clone
  • Issue a pull request to the atkframework group to have your changes integrated, indicating where your changes are to be merged (typically into either a release branch - as a maintenance release - or into the develop branch)

For more information, see Developer Guidelines in the GitHub Achievo project wiki.

Repository Structure

The Achievo project on GitHub was migrated from the ibuildings Subversion server at Achievo version 1.4.5. The current master branch branch essentially starts with the 1.4.5 release and includes 1.4.5 and later releases, and the develop branch also starts with the 1.4.5 release.

The svn-master branch includes some commits made after the 1.4.5 release, which can be reviewed for merging or cherry picking into the develop (or other branch).

<==== ibuildings svn repository ====================================>
     br1  ...    brn       trunk
      |           |           |
      |           |           |
<==== GitHub atkphpframework/achievo repository ====================>
      |           |           |
   svn-br1 ... svn-brn    svn-master     release-1.4  master  develop
                                            |           |       |
                        tag release_1_4_5-->|           |       |
                                            |-------->1.4.5     |
                                            |           |------>|
                                            |           |       |
                                            |-------->1.4.6     |
                                            |           |------>|
                                            |           |       |
                                            V           V       V


Official project documentation (although still somewhat sparse) is in the Achievo GitHub project wiki, with valuable discussion topics in the Achievo/ATK forum. The Achievo website and ATK Framework website are also valuable resources, as is the ibuildings Achievo/ATK wiki (but may not be current, updated articles are published on the Achievo GitHub project wiki). The ATK Framework (used by Achievo) is documented internally with PHPDoc comments, and the ATK Framework API documentation can also be browsed on the ATK Framework website.


In the event you have a problem:

To get the most informed response when posting to the forum try to include:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What are the symptoms of your problem? Why do you think there is a problem?
  • What is your server (OS, web server, PHP and MySQL)? E.g. FreeBSD 9.1, Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.3.10 and MySQL 5.5.20.
  • Include example code (the simplest code that demonstrates the symptoms).