Tardis  1.2.1
About: Tardis is a system for making encrypted, incremental backups of filesystems.
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Sonic.py File Reference

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namespace  Tardis
namespace  Tardis.Sonic


def Tardis.Sonic.getDB (password, new=False, allowRemote=True, allowUpgrade=False)
def Tardis.Sonic.createClient (password)
def Tardis.Sonic.setPassword (password)
def Tardis.Sonic.changePassword (crypt, oldpw)
def Tardis.Sonic.moveKeys (db, crypt)
def Tardis.Sonic.getCommandLine (db, commandLineCksum)
def Tardis.Sonic.listBSets (db, crypt, cache)
def Tardis.Sonic._decryptFilename (name, crypt)
def Tardis.Sonic._path (db, crypt, bset, inode)
def Tardis.Sonic.listFiles (db, crypt)
def Tardis.Sonic._bsetInfo (db, info)
def Tardis.Sonic.bsetInfo (db)
def Tardis.Sonic.confirm ()
def Tardis.Sonic.purge (db, cache)
def Tardis.Sonic.deleteBsets (db, cache)
def Tardis.Sonic.removeOrphans (db, cache)
def Tardis.Sonic._printConfigKey (db, key)
def Tardis.Sonic.getConfig (db)
def Tardis.Sonic.setConfig (db)
def Tardis.Sonic.setPriority (db)
def Tardis.Sonic.renameSet (db)
def Tardis.Sonic.parseArgs ()
def Tardis.Sonic.getBackupSet (db, backup, date, defaultCurrent=False)
def Tardis.Sonic.main ()


 Tardis.Sonic.current = Defaults.getDefault('TARDIS_RECENT_SET')
list Tardis.Sonic.configKeys = ['Formats', 'Priorities', 'KeepDays', 'ForceFull', 'SaveFull', 'MaxDeltaChain', 'MaxChangePercent', 'VacuumInterval', 'AutoPurge', 'Disabled', 'SaveConfig']
list Tardis.Sonic.sysKeys = ['ClientID', 'SchemaVersion', 'FilenameKey', 'ContentKey', 'CryptoScheme']
 Tardis.Sonic.logger = None
 Tardis.Sonic.args = None
dictionary Tardis.Sonic._cmdLineHash = {}
 Tardis.Sonic._regenerator = None
dictionary Tardis.Sonic._paths = {(0, 0): '/'}