NZMATH  1.2.0
About: NZMATH is a Python based number theory oriented calculation system.
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class  nzmath.round2.ModuleWithDenominator




def nzmath.round2.round2 (minpoly_coeff)
def nzmath.round2._prepare_squarefactors (disc)
def nzmath.round2._p_maximal (p, e, minpoly_coeff)
def nzmath.round2._p_radical (omega, p, q, minpoly, n)
def nzmath.round2._kernel_of_qpow (omega, q, p, minpoly, n)
def nzmath.round2._p_module (alpha, l, p, theminpoly)
def nzmath.round2._null_linear_combination (zeta, alpha, j, p, theminpoly)
def nzmath.round2.Dedekind (minpoly_coeff, p, e)
def nzmath.round2._factor_minpoly_modp (minpoly_coeff, p)
def nzmath.round2._mod_p (poly, p)
def nzmath.round2._min_abs_poly (poly_p)
def nzmath.round2._coeff_list (upoly, size)
def nzmath.round2._pull_back (elem, p)
def nzmath.round2._normalize_int (elem)
def nzmath.round2._default_omega (degree)
def nzmath.round2._standard_base (degree, i)
def nzmath.round2._rational_polynomial (coeffs)


 nzmath.round2._log = logging.getLogger('nzmath.round2')
 nzmath.round2.Z = rational.theIntegerRing
 nzmath.round2.Q = rational.theRationalField