NZMATH  1.2.0
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nzmath.real Namespace Reference


class  Real
class  RealField


def log1piter (xx)
def floor (x)
def ceil (x)
def tranc (x)
def fabs (x)
def fmod (x, y)
def frexp (x)
def ldexp (x, i)
def EulerTransform (iterator)


 theRealField = RealField()

Detailed Description

real -- real numbers and the real number field.

The module real provides arbitrary precision real numbers and their
utilities.  The functions provided are corresponding to the math
standard module.

Function Documentation

◆ ceil()

def nzmath.real.ceil (   x)
ceil(x) returns the integer; if x is an integer then x itself,
otherwise the smallest integer greater than x.

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◆ EulerTransform()

def nzmath.real.EulerTransform (   iterator)
Return an iterator which yields terms of Euler transform of the
given iterator.

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◆ fabs()

def nzmath.real.fabs (   x)
returns absolute value of x.

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◆ floor()

def nzmath.real.floor (   x)
floor(x) returns the integer; if x is an integer then x itself,
otherwise the biggest integer less than x.

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Referenced by nzmath.real.fmod(), nzmath.lattice.LLL(), and nzmath.real.tranc().

◆ fmod()

def nzmath.real.fmod (   x,
returns x - n * y, where n is the quotient of x / y, rounded
towards zero to an integer.

Definition at line 262 of file

References nzmath.real.floor().

◆ frexp()

def nzmath.real.frexp (   x)
Return a tuple (m, e) where x = m * 2 ** e, 1/2 <= abs(m) < 1 and
e is an integer.
This function is provided as the counter-part of math.frexp, but it
might not be useful.

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◆ ldexp()

def nzmath.real.ldexp (   x,
returns x * 2 ** i.

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◆ log1piter()

def nzmath.real.log1piter (   xx)

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◆ tranc()

def nzmath.real.tranc (   x)
tranc(x) returns the integer; if x is an integer then x itself,
otherwise the nearest integer to x.  If x has the fraction part
1/2, then bigger one will be chosen.

Definition at line 245 of file

References nzmath.real.floor().

Variable Documentation

◆ theRealField

nzmath.real.theRealField = RealField()

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