NZMATH  1.2.0
About: NZMATH is a Python based number theory oriented calculation system.
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nzmath.plugins Namespace Reference


tuple MATH_PLUGIN_CHOICE = ('mpmath', None)
list _MATH
list __all__ = _MATH

Detailed Description

plugins -- plug-in mechanism

Some function, such as floating point arithmetic, could have several
choices of modules. The 'plugins' module provides the mechanism to
choose one among these choices.  One can *plug-in* one module or
another for the function.

The choice among plug-in modules is made through nzmath.config.
See the plug-in section of it for detail.

One can import all plugged-in constants as:
  from nzmath.plugins import *
but if he/she would like to select among features, it is possible:
  from nzmath.plugins import MATHMODULE as math
or something.

For Developers:
You should provide wrapper modules for plug-ins to ensure they have
the common interface.  Those plug-in wrapper modules should go into
the 'plugin' sub-package.

Variable Documentation

◆ __all__

list nzmath.plugins.__all__ = _MATH

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list nzmath.plugins._MATH
Initial value:

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tuple nzmath.plugins.MATH_PLUGIN_CHOICE = ('mpmath', None)

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