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nzmath.finitefield Namespace Reference


class  ExtendedField
class  ExtendedFieldElement
class  FiniteField
class  FiniteFieldElement
class  FinitePrimeField
class  FinitePrimeFieldElement


def fqiso (f_q, gfq)
def embedding (f_q1, f_q2)
def double_embeddings (f_q1, f_q2)
def _findroot (f_q1, f_q2, f_q2_subgen)
def affine_multiple_method (lhs, field)
def FiniteExtendedField (characteristic, n_or_modulus)


 _log = logging.getLogger('nzmath.finitefield')
 FinitePrimeFieldPolynomial = uniutil.FinitePrimeFieldPolynomial
 FiniteExtendedFieldElement = ExtendedFieldElement

Detailed Description

finite fields.

Function Documentation

◆ _findroot()

def nzmath.finitefield._findroot (   f_q1,
Find root of the defining polynomial of f_q1 in f_q2

Definition at line 889 of file

References nzmath.finitefield.affine_multiple_method(), nzmath.compatibility.card(), and nzmath.bigrange.range().

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield.embedding().

◆ affine_multiple_method()

def nzmath.finitefield.affine_multiple_method (   lhs,
Find and return a root of the equation lhs = 0 by brute force
search in the given field.  If there is no root in the field,
ValueError is raised.

The first argument lhs is a univariate polynomial with
coefficients in a finite field.  The second argument field is
an extension field of the field of coefficients of lhs.

Affine multiple A(X) is $\sum_{i=0}^{n} a_i X^{q^i} - a$ for some
a_i's and a in the coefficient field of lhs, which is a multiple
of the lhs.

Definition at line 904 of file

References nzmath.compatibility.card(), nzmath.arith1.inverse(), and nzmath.bigrange.range().

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield._findroot().

◆ double_embeddings()

def nzmath.finitefield.double_embeddings (   f_q1,
Return embedding homomorphism functions from f_q1 and f_q2
to the composite field.

Definition at line 871 of file

References nzmath.finitefield.embedding(), and nzmath.finitefield.FiniteExtendedField().

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield.ExtendedFieldElement._op().

◆ embedding()

def nzmath.finitefield.embedding (   f_q1,
Return embedding homomorphism function from f_q1 to f_q2,
where q1 = p ** k1, q2 = p ** k2 and k1 divides k2.

Definition at line 839 of file

References nzmath.finitefield._findroot(), nzmath.compatibility.card(), and nzmath.finitefield.fqiso().

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield.double_embeddings().

◆ FiniteExtendedField()

def nzmath.finitefield.FiniteExtendedField (   characteristic,
Return ExtendedField F_{p^n} or F_p[]/(modulus).

This is a convenience wrapper for backward compatibility.

Definition at line 998 of file

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield.double_embeddings().

◆ fqiso()

def nzmath.finitefield.fqiso (   f_q,
Return isomorphism function of extended finite fields from f_q to gfq.

Definition at line 807 of file

References nzmath.compatibility.card().

Referenced by nzmath.finitefield.embedding().

Variable Documentation

◆ _log

nzmath.finitefield._log = logging.getLogger('nzmath.finitefield')

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◆ FiniteExtendedFieldElement

nzmath.finitefield.FiniteExtendedFieldElement = ExtendedFieldElement

Definition at line 1006 of file

◆ FinitePrimeFieldPolynomial

nzmath.finitefield.FinitePrimeFieldPolynomial = uniutil.FinitePrimeFieldPolynomial

Definition at line 358 of file