NZMATH  1.2.0
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nzmath.factor.misc Namespace Reference


class  FactoredInteger


def primePowerTest (n)


 allDivisors = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).divisors()
 primeDivisors = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).prime_divisors()
 squarePart = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).square_part()

Detailed Description

misc functions using factorization.

Function Documentation

◆ primePowerTest()

def nzmath.factor.misc.primePowerTest (   n)
This program using Algo. 1.7.5 in Cohen's book judges whether
n is of the form p**k with prime p or not.
If it is True, then (p,k) will be returned,
otherwise (n,0).

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Variable Documentation

◆ allDivisors

nzmath.factor.misc.allDivisors = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).divisors()

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◆ primeDivisors

nzmath.factor.misc.primeDivisors = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).prime_divisors()

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◆ squarePart

nzmath.factor.misc.squarePart = lambda n: FactoredInteger(n).square_part()

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