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nzmath.bigrandom Namespace Reference


def randrange (start, stop=None, step=1)
def _validate_for_randrange (start, stop, step)
def map_choice (mapping, upperbound)


 random = _random.random
 seed = _random.seed
list __all__ = ['random', 'randrange', 'seed', 'map_choice']

Function Documentation

◆ _validate_for_randrange()

def nzmath.bigrandom._validate_for_randrange (   start,
Check validity of arguments for randrange.

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Referenced by nzmath.bigrandom.randrange().

◆ map_choice()

def nzmath.bigrandom.map_choice (   mapping,
Return a choice from a set given as the image of the mapping from
natural numbers (more precisely range(upperbound)).  In other
words, it is equivalent to
random.choice([mapping(i) for i in range(upperboud) if mapping(i) != None])
if upperbound is small enough for the list size limit.

The mapping can be a partial function, i.e. it may return None for
some input.  However, if the resulting set is empty, it will end
up with an infinite loop.

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References nzmath.bigrandom.randrange().

◆ randrange()

def nzmath.bigrandom.randrange (   start,
  stop = None,
  step = 1 
Choose a random item from range([start,] stop[, step]).
(Return long integer.)

see random.randrange

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References nzmath.bigrandom._validate_for_randrange(), nzmath.bigrandom.random, and nzmath.bigrange.range().

Referenced by nzmath.bigrandom.map_choice().

Variable Documentation

◆ __all__

list nzmath.bigrandom.__all__ = ['random', 'randrange', 'seed', 'map_choice']

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◆ random

nzmath.bigrandom.random = _random.random

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Referenced by nzmath.bigrandom.randrange().

◆ seed

nzmath.bigrandom.seed = _random.seed

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