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nzmath.poly.uniutil.PseudoDivisionProvider Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def pseudo_divmod (self, other)
def pseudo_floordiv (self, other)
def pseudo_mod (self, other)
def __truediv__ (self, other)
def exact_division (self, other)
def scalar_exact_division (self, scale)
def monic_divmod (self, other)
def monic_floordiv (self, other)
def monic_mod (self, other)
def monic_pow (self, index, mod)

Detailed Description

PseudoDivisionProvider provides pseudo divisions for univariate
polynomials.  It is assumed that the coefficient ring of the
polynomials is a domain.

The class should be used as a mix-in.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ __truediv__()

def nzmath.poly.uniutil.PseudoDivisionProvider.__truediv__ (   self,
self / other

Return the result as a rational function.

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◆ exact_division()

◆ monic_divmod()

◆ monic_floordiv()

◆ monic_mod()

◆ monic_pow()

◆ pseudo_divmod()

◆ pseudo_floordiv()

◆ pseudo_mod()

◆ scalar_exact_division()

def nzmath.poly.uniutil.PseudoDivisionProvider.scalar_exact_division (   self,
Return quotient by a scalar which can divide each coefficient

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References nzmath.poly.formalsum.FormalSumContainerInterface.coefficients_map().

Referenced by nzmath.poly.uniutil.PrimeCharacteristicFunctionsProvider.factor(), and nzmath.poly.uniutil.ContentProvider.primitive_part().

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