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nzmath.lattice.Lattice Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, basis, quadraticForm)
def createElement (self, compo)
def bilinearForm (self, v1, v2)
def isCyclic (self)
def isIdeal (self)

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

A class of lattice.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def nzmath.lattice.Lattice.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

◆ bilinearForm()

def nzmath.lattice.Lattice.bilinearForm (   self,

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References nzmath.lattice.Lattice.quadraticForm.

◆ createElement()

def nzmath.lattice.Lattice.createElement (   self,

◆ isCyclic()

def nzmath.lattice.Lattice.isCyclic (   self)
Check whether given lattice is a cyclic lattice. 

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References nzmath.lattice.Lattice.basis, nzmath.arith1.inverse(), and nzmath.bigrange.range().

◆ isIdeal()

def nzmath.lattice.Lattice.isIdeal (   self)
Check whether given lattice is a ideal lattice. 

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References nzmath.lattice.Lattice.basis, nzmath.arith1.CRT(), nzmath.gcd.gcd(), and nzmath.bigrange.range().

Member Data Documentation

◆ basis

◆ quadraticForm


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Referenced by nzmath.lattice.Lattice.bilinearForm().

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