LVM2  2.03.12
About: LVM2 is a userspace toolset that provides logical volume management facilities on Linux systems.
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LVM2 Documentation

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This tree contains the LVM2 and device-mapper tools and libraries.

This is development branch, for stable 2.02 release see stable-2.02 branch.

For more information about LVM2 read the changelog in the WHATS_NEW file.
Installation instructions are in INSTALL.

There is no warranty - see COPYING and COPYING.LIB.

Tarballs are available from:

The source code is stored in git:
  git clone git://
mirrored to:
  git clone
  git clone

Mailing list for general discussion related to LVM2:
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Mailing lists for LVM2 development, patches and commits:
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Mailing list for device-mapper development, including kernel patches
and multipath-tools:
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Report upstream bugs at:
or open issues at:

The source code repository used until 7th June 2012 is accessible using CVS:

  cvs -d login cvs
  cvs -d checkout LVM2

The password is cvs.