JPPF  v_6_2
About: JPPF (Java Parallel Processing Framework) is a Grid Computing platform. It enables applications to be run on any number of computers by splitting them into smaller parts that can be executed simultaneously on different machines. Full source code distribution.
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JPPF Documentation

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The open source grid computing solution

This is the home for the JPPF source code. Other services can be found at the following locations:

JPPF modules:

  • JPPF: contains the build scripts, web site and associated templates, documentation as LibreOffice text documents
  • admin: the code and resources for the desktop (Swing-based) admin console
  • admin-web: the code and resources for the web admin console
  • application-template: source code for the JPPF client application template
  • client: source code for the JPPF client APIs
  • common: utilities and classes common to the other modules
  • containers: configuration files and scripts to build JPPF Docker images and deploy them in cluster environments
  • demo: some demos and tests of JPPF features, which may be useful as code samples
  • dotnet-bridge: source code and resources for the .Net bridge
  • jca-client: source code for the J2EE connector
  • jmxremote: a fork of the JMXMP JMX remote connector
  • jmxremote-nio: the JPPF JMX remote connector, based on NIO
  • node: source code for the nodes
  • node-android: source code for the Android node
  • samples-pack: source code and docs for the JPPF samples
  • server: source code for the JPPF driver/server
  • stress-tests: a framework for starting and using local JPPF grids with complex topologies
  • tests: JUnit-based tests for JPPF grids, with the associated homegrown test framework

Building JPPF



  • clone the repository:
    git clone or git clone
  • from the repository root: ant build
  • to run the tests: ant test
  • the test results are available in <repo_root>/tests/report, the logs are in <repo_root>/tests/logs (1 set of logs per test class)

JPPF Maven artifacts