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About: CuteMarkEd is a Qt-based markdown editor with live HTML preview, math expressions, code and markdown syntax highlighting.
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A Qt-based, free and open source markdown editor with live HTML preview, math expressions, code syntax highlighting and syntax highlighting of markdown document.



MS Windows (Installer)
MS Windows (ZIP file)
OpenSUSE 13.2 (RPM)
Fedora 20 (RPM)
Fedora 21 (RPM)
Fedora 22 (RPM)
Fedora 23 (RPM)


Version 0.11.3


  • IMPROVED Update Russian translation


  • FIXED Missing links in exported PDF file (#275)
  • FIXED Use of non-native line endings when a file is saved (#97)
  • FIXED Corrupt files on system crashes or running out of disk space (#285)
  • FIXED Accessing all drives although the file explorer is not visible (#273)
  • FIXED Relative paths in recently used files menu (#256)

Version 0.11.2


  • IMPROVED Added Hungarian translation


  • FIXED Editor pane jumping up and down during editing (#232)
  • FIXED Missing mermaid CSS for styling in preview (#241)
  • FIXED Correct order of HTML Preview/Source menu item (#242)
  • FIXED Retrieval of last used style on application start on Linux (#257)
  • FIXED Crash when switching between markdown converters (#260)

Version 0.11.1


  • IMPROVED Updated French translation


  • FIXED Custom shortcuts not working (#224)
  • FIXED Disappearing spell checker highlighting (#228)
  • FIXED Wrong german quotes snippet (#229)

Version 0.11.0


The 0.11.0 release offers support to create flowchart and sequence diagrams using mermaid.


The snippet completer was extended to also auto complete words from the document:


New Features:

  • NEW Added support to create diagrams using mermaid (#215).
  • NEW Added auto completion for words extracted from the document (#194)
  • NEW Added option to ignore YAML header in editor and preview (#136, #139)
  • NEW Added possibility to change keyboard shortcuts to the options dialog (#144)
  • NEW Added zoom to HTML preview and the option to change the default font family and size for the HTML preview (#169)
  • NEW Added synchronization of the current slide between editor and preview in presentation mode (#184)


  • IMPROVED More mnemonics in main menu and option dialog (#104)
  • IMPROVED Also support file extension .mdown (#155)
  • IMPROVED Save last used style on application exit (#159)
  • IMPROVED Find/Replace widget can be closed with ESC key (#162)


  • FIXED Build with MSVC 2013 and MacOSX
  • FIXED Parallel build with e.g. make -j2




Linux Windows
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We really need help packaging CuteMarkEd. Especially for Linux and Mac OS X. For Linux there is already an openSUSE Build Service project, but it's outdated. Please contact me if you like to help.


We use Transifex for the translations. Currently we have translations like Chinese, Czech, German or Greek. But we are always interested in more translations.

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