CGI-Lite  3.03
About: CGI-Lite is a Perl module to decode form and query information, including file uploads, as well as cookies in a very simple manner.
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CGI::Lite v3.03

Released: 6th May 2021

This is a new release of the 3.x branch. Please be aware of the API
changes from 2.x with particular reference to the deprecated and obsolete
subroutines and methods.


This module can be used to decode CGI form data, query strings, file
uploads and cookies in a very simple manner.

It has only one dependency and is therefore relatively fast to instantiate.
This makes it well suited to a non-persistent CGI scenario.


These are the changes since the last general release (3.02).

Makefile.PL improved to CPAN Meta Spec 2 where available

Test suite enhanced: full coverage of add_timestamp()

DOC: Remove obsolete email addresses of contributors

META: Public repo is now at GitLab

See the CHANGES file for full history.