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script_object.cpp File Reference
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "defines.h"
#include "globaldata.h"
#include "script.h"
#include "application.h"
#include "script_object.h"
#include "script_func_impl.h"
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#define case_method(name)


ResultType CallFunc (Func &aFunc, ExprTokenType &aResultToken, ExprTokenType *aParam[], int aParamCount)
ResultType CallMethod (IObject *aInvokee, IObject *aThis, LPTSTR aMethodName, ExprTokenType *aParamValue, int aParamCount, INT_PTR *aRetVal, int aExtraFlags)


MetaObject g_MetaObject

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ case_method

#define case_method (   name)
case FID_Obj##name: \
return _##name(aResultToken, aParam, aParamCount)

Function Documentation

◆ CallFunc()

ResultType CallFunc ( Func aFunc,
ExprTokenType aResultToken,
ExprTokenType aParam[],
int  aParamCount 

◆ CallMethod()

ResultType CallMethod ( IObject aInvokee,
IObject aThis,
LPTSTR  aMethodName,
ExprTokenType aParamValue,
int  aParamCount,
INT_PTR *  aRetVal,
int  aExtraFlags 

Variable Documentation

◆ g_MetaObject

MetaObject g_MetaObject

Definition at line 2140 of file script_object.cpp.

Referenced by BIF_ObjInvoke().