Ardour  5.12.0
About: Ardour is a multichannel digital workstation to record, edit and mix both audio and MIDI data.
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AudioGrapher is best described as a signal flow management library. It includes facilities to build graphs out of signal processing elements. Once a graph is set up, all signal flow within the graph happens automatically.

The data flow model in Audiographer is dynamic instead of synchronous - the type and amount of data that goes in to a graph may differ from what comes out. AudioGrapher is aimed mostly for usage by developers, as it includes lots of facilities that ease the development process.

The main aim of AudioGrapher is to ease development and debugging of signal flow graphs. It makes heavy use of modern C++ techniques like templates, and uses the boost libraries a lot.

The essential classes in AudioGrapher are Sink, Source and ProcessContext. These three define the signal flow in a graph. In addition, the core of AudioGrapher includes lots of utility classes.

AudioGrapher includes a bunch of ready Sink, Source and Vertex implementations. Some are utilities used when developing more vertices, while others are general utilities (file i/o, sample rate conversion etc.).