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Fossies "Dox": Doxygen generated source code documentation

With the beginning of 2011 the "Fossies" software archive (former name "SfR Fresh") offers a new but still experimental (!) service: Doxygen generated source code documentation for most of the provided freeware/shareware open source software packages.

This extension to the Fossies special features may be of particular interest to software authors and developers. Doxygen helps to understand code structures and dependencies amongst others by generating a class browser, dependency graphs, and syntax-highlighted source code (cross-referenced to the documentation).

There exist a time-ordered

  list of the newest "doxified" software packages on Fossies

and an alphabetically-ordered

  index of all "doxified" software packages on Fossies.

Of course that source code documentation pages are also accessible via the respective "standard" Fossies contents pages with typical URLs like<os>/<folder>/<pkg_name><pkg_vrs><pkg_ext>/

    (for e.g.:
by using the new addtional link "Doxygen docs" within the "Fossies path:" line.

An easier and more direct way is to just use the additionally offered shortened URLs like<pkg_name><pkg_vrs>/

    (for e.g.:
or even the more persistent URLs just containing the basic package name like<pkg_name>/

    (for e.g.:
In the latter case and also in the case of unavailable package versions (maybe caused by newer releases) "Fossies" tries to guess the according current package and offers in case of unambiguities a selection page. All three above methods accesses the same documentation pages.

To filter out the source-files the following file extensions are used:

c, cc, cxx, cpp, c++, java, ii, ixx, ipp, i++, inl, idl, ddl, odl, h, hh, hxx, hpp, h++, cs, d, php, php4, php5, phtml,
inc, m, markdown, md, mm, dox, py, pyw, f90, f95, f03, f08, f, for, tcl, vhd, vhdl, ucf, qsf, pl and pm.
The otherwise unsupported Perl code files with the extension pl and pm are prefiltered by the tool doxygen-filter-perl.

All files in test-, example- or thirdparty-like sub-directories are excluded from the Doxygen processing.

Special thanks to Dimitri van Heesch - the author of  doxygen  - for that amazing piece of software!

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