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About: Zutils is a collection of utilities able to deal with any combination of compressed and non-compressed files transparently. The utilities zcat, zcmp, zdiff, zgrep and ztest supports the compressors bzip2, gzip, lzip and xz.

NEWS  (zutils-1.8.tar.lz):NEWS  (zutils-1.9.tar.lz)
Changes in version 1.8: Changes in version 1.9:
A buffer overflow has been fixed in zcat which happened sometimes when zcmp anf zdiff now meet the POSIX requirement for cmp and diff that the
the '-v, --show-nonprinting' option was used (or indirectly enabled). standard input shall be used only if the file1 or file2 operand refers to
A canary byte has been added to the output buffer to prevent the buffer standard input.
overflow from happening again.
The option '-R, --dereference-recursive', which recursively follows zdiff now passes the options '-W' and '-y' to diff. (But it only works if
symbolic links, has been added to zcat, zgrep, ztest and zupdate. the diff program used supports them).
The option '-r, --recursive' now skips symlinks that are encountered Bzip2 and lzip files are now detected better.
recursively. ('echo LZIP | zcat' and 'echo BZh5 | zcat' no longer return an error).
If no files are given to zcat, zgrep, ztest and zupdate, a recursive ztest now continues checking the rest of the files if any input file is a
search will now examine the current working directory. terminal.
Recursive directory loops are now detected. 'ztest -v' now prints the number of files that failed the test (like lzip).
zcat and zgrep now ignore directories given in the command line if zcat, zgrep, and ztest now check for errors when closing the input file in
'--recursive' is not specified, instead of reporting an error. addition to checking when closing the input from the decompressor.
Extra trailing slashes are now removed from directories given in the Trailing data remaining in the data feeder to the decompressor are now
command line before recursing into them. correctly ignored.
zcat and zgrep now show the right error when they can't open an input zupdate has been modified to support the new behavior of lzip 1.22's option
file instead of showing "No such file or directory". '-o' while retaining:
perfect backwards compatibility with older versions of lzip down to 1.20,
good backwards compatibility with older versions of lzip down to 1.11,
acceptable backwards compatibility with older versions of lzip down to 1.4.
Killed decompressors are now waited for, preventing failure caused by zupdate now keeps combined extensions: tgz, tbz, tbz2, txz --> tlz.
too many open pipes. This is useful when recompressing Slackware packages, for example.
Test and document that if a file fails to decompress, zcat, zgrep and zupdate now puts single quotes around file names when calling zcmp to allow
ztest continue processing the rest of the files. file names with spaces. (But putting spaces in file names is a bad idea).
Test and document that if an error happens while recompressing a file, The descriptions of zcat, zcmp, and zdiff have been improved.
zupdate exits immediately without recompressing the rest of the files.
The configure script now accepts appending options to CXXFLAGS using the
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