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About: Zsh is a powerful UNIX command interpreter (shell). Documentation.

zsh.info  (zsh-5.8.1-doc.tar.xz):zsh.info  (zsh-5.9-doc.tar.xz)
This is zsh.info, produced by makeinfo version 4.8 from ./zsh.texi. This is zsh.info, produced by makeinfo version 4.8 from ./zsh.texi.
* ZSH: (zsh). The Z Shell Manual. * ZSH: (zsh). The Z Shell Manual.
Indirect: Indirect:
zsh.info-1: 191 zsh.info-1: 191
zsh.info-2: 289505 zsh.info-2: 293080
zsh.info-3: 577401 zsh.info-3: 583608
zsh.info-4: 827800 zsh.info-4: 832240
zsh.info-5: 1114757 zsh.info-5: 1130973
zsh.info-6: 1404532 zsh.info-6: 1423200
zsh.info-7: 1693444 zsh.info-7: 1721269
Tag Table: Tag Table:
(Indirect) (Indirect)
Node: Top191 Node: Top191
Node: The Z Shell Manual4355 Node: The Z Shell Manual4419
Node: Introduction5841 Node: Introduction5905
Node: Author6616 Node: Author6680
Node: Availability7074 Node: Availability7124
Node: Mailing Lists7542 Node: Mailing Lists7590
Node: The Zsh FAQ8916 Node: The Zsh FAQ9129
Node: The Zsh Web Page9412 Node: The Zsh Web Page9626
Node: The Zsh Userguide9773 Node: The Zsh Userguide9910
Node: See Also10391 Node: See Also10528
Node: Roadmap10757 Node: Roadmap10840
Node: Invocation18424 Node: Invocation18508
Node: Compatibility22999 Node: Compatibility23083
Node: Restricted Shell24918 Node: Restricted Shell25320
Node: Files28670 Node: Files29072
Node: Shell Grammar31199 Node: Shell Grammar31601
Node: Simple Commands & Pipelines31515 Node: Simple Commands & Pipelines31917
Node: Precommand Modifiers35288 Node: Precommand Modifiers35690
Node: Complex Commands37584 Node: Complex Commands37986
Node: Alternate Forms For Complex Commands46867 Node: Alternate Forms For Complex Commands47645
Node: Reserved Words49242 Node: Reserved Words50115
Node: Errors49843 Node: Errors50716
Node: Comments52176 Node: Comments53049
Node: Aliasing52552 Node: Aliasing53425
Node: Quoting56957 Node: Quoting57608
Node: Redirection58004 Node: Redirection58655
Node: Command Execution70499 Node: Command Execution71192
Node: Functions72093 Node: Functions72956
Node: Jobs & Signals87395 Node: Jobs & Signals88284
Node: Arithmetic Evaluation92818 Node: Arithmetic Evaluation93686
Node: Conditional Expressions103398 Node: Conditional Expressions104273
Node: Prompt Expansion111766 Node: Prompt Expansion112641
Node: Expansion126797 Node: Expansion127658
Node: History Expansion128363 Node: History Expansion129224
Node: Overview129263 Node: Overview130124
Node: Event Designators131910 Node: Event Designators132771
Node: Word Designators133287 Node: Word Designators134148
Node: Modifiers134375 Node: Modifiers135236
Node: Process Substitution144044 Node: Process Substitution144943
Node: Parameter Expansion149386 Node: Parameter Expansion150267
Node: Command Substitution198601 Node: Command Substitution200361
Node: Arithmetic Expansion199481 Node: Arithmetic Expansion201241
Node: Brace Expansion199913 Node: Brace Expansion201673
Node: Filename Expansion203054 Node: Filename Expansion204814
Node: Filename Generation210390 Node: Dynamic named directories206116
Node: Parameters248128 Node: Static named directories210130
Node: Array Parameters251205 Node: `=' expansion211485
Node: Positional Parameters272073 Node: Notes211865
Node: Local Parameters273490 Node: Filename Generation212679
Node: Parameters Set By The Shell275085 Node: Parameters250682
Node: Parameters Used By The Shell289505 Node: Array Parameters253759
Node: Options319817 Node: Positional Parameters275065
Node: Specifying Options320041 Node: Local Parameters276482
Node: Description of Options321655 Node: Parameters Set By The Shell278077
Node: Option Aliases389864 Node: Parameters Used By The Shell293080
Node: Single Letter Options390799 Node: Options319969
Node: Shell Builtin Commands392893 Node: Specifying Options320193
Node: Zsh Line Editor523560 Node: Description of Options321926
Node: Keymaps525539 Node: Option Aliases391778
Node: Zle Builtins529701 Node: Single Letter Options392713
Node: Zle Widgets555721 Node: Shell Builtin Commands394807
Node: Movement573542 Node: Zsh Line Editor528446
Node: History Control577401 Node: Keymaps530470
Node: Modifying Text590871 Node: Zle Builtins534636
Node: Arguments600732 Node: Zle Widgets560822
Node: Completion602794 Node: User-Defined Widgets561904
Node: Miscellaneous604646 Node: Standard Widgets578704
Node: Text Objects619473 Node: Movement579744
Node: Character Highlighting620983 Node: History Control583608
Node: Completion Widgets630029 Node: Modifying Text597083
Node: Completion Special Parameters632078 Node: Arguments606949
Node: Completion Builtin Commands648755 Node: Completion609016
Node: Completion Condition Codes668055 Node: Miscellaneous610873
Node: Completion Matching Control668990 Node: Text Objects625735
Node: Completion Widget Example682036 Node: Character Highlighting627250
Node: Completion System682687 Node: Completion Widgets636301
Node: Initialization686248 Node: Completion Special Parameters638348
Node: Completion System Configuration704977 Node: Completion Builtin Commands655011
Node: Control Functions798946 Node: Completion Condition Codes674223
Node: Bindable Commands818801 Node: Completion Matching Control675158
Node: Completion Functions827800 Node: Completion Widget Example684884
Node: Completion System Variables905871 Node: Completion System685535
Node: Completion Directories907268 Node: Initialization689096
Node: Completion Using compctl909079 Node: Completion System Configuration707855
Node: Command Flags910587 Node: Control Functions803386
Node: Option Flags915079 Node: Bindable Commands823241
Node: Simple Flags915869 Node: Completion Functions832240
Node: Flags with Arguments917548 Node: Completion System Variables915161
Node: Control Flags920538 Node: Completion Directories916556
Node: Alternative Completion930321 Node: Completion Using compctl918367
Node: Extended Completion931021 Node: Command Flags919875
Node: Example935284 Node: Option Flags924367
Node: Zsh Modules935943 Node: Simple Flags925157
Node: The zsh/attr Module939989 Node: Flags with Arguments926836
Node: The zsh/cap Module941347 Node: Control Flags929826
Node: The zsh/clone Module942263 Node: Alternative Completion939609
Node: The zsh/compctl Module944161 Node: Extended Completion940309
Node: The zsh/complete Module944637 Node: Example944572
Node: The zsh/complist Module944984 Node: Zsh Modules945231
Node: The zsh/computil Module961446 Node: The zsh/attr Module949356
Node: The zsh/curses Module965410 Node: The zsh/cap Module950714
Node: The zsh/datetime Module978850 Node: The zsh/clone Module951630
Node: The zsh/db/gdbm Module982271 Node: The zsh/compctl Module953528
Node: The zsh/deltochar Module984725 Node: The zsh/complete Module954004
Node: The zsh/example Module985364 Node: The zsh/complist Module954351
Node: The zsh/files Module985790 Node: The zsh/computil Module970813
Node: The zsh/langinfo Module994262 Node: The zsh/curses Module974777
Node: The zsh/mapfile Module994899 Node: The zsh/datetime Module988217
Node: The zsh/mathfunc Module997680 Node: The zsh/db/gdbm Module991705
Node: The zsh/nearcolor Module1001780 Node: The zsh/deltochar Module994159
Node: The zsh/newuser Module1003674 Node: The zsh/example Module994798
Node: The zsh/parameter Module1006170 Node: The zsh/files Module995224
Node: The zsh/pcre Module1015502 Node: The zsh/langinfo Module1003654
Node: The zsh/param/private Module1018843 Node: The zsh/mapfile Module1004291
Node: The zsh/regex Module1022792 Node: The zsh/mathfunc Module1007074
Node: The zsh/sched Module1023838 Node: The zsh/nearcolor Module1011166
Node: The zsh/net/socket Module1026836 Node: The zsh/newuser Module1013060
Node: The zsh/stat Module1028999 Node: The zsh/parameter Module1015556
Node: The zsh/system Module1035271 Node: The zsh/pcre Module1025137
Node: The zsh/net/tcp Module1046195 Node: The zsh/param/private Module1028478
Node: The zsh/termcap Module1051155 Node: The zsh/regex Module1032734
Node: The zsh/terminfo Module1051682 Node: The zsh/sched Module1034419
Node: The zsh/zftp Module1052221 Node: The zsh/net/socket Module1037417
Node: The zsh/zle Module1072113 Node: The zsh/stat Module1039580
Node: The zsh/zleparameter Module1072376 Node: The zsh/system Module1045946
Node: The zsh/zprof Module1073531 Node: The zsh/net/tcp Module1057334
Node: The zsh/zpty Module1076791 Node: The zsh/termcap Module1062294
Node: The zsh/zselect Module1081344 Node: The zsh/terminfo Module1062821
Node: The zsh/zutil Module1084810 Node: The zsh/watch Module1063361
Node: Calendar Function System1102051 Node: The zsh/zftp Module1067663
Node: Calendar File and Date Formats1103322 Node: The zsh/zle Module1087552
Node: Calendar System User Functions1114757 Node: The zsh/zleparameter Module1087815
Node: Calendar Styles1132733 Node: The zsh/zprof Module1088970
Node: Calendar Utility Functions1135131 Node: The zsh/zpty Module1092230
Node: Calendar Bugs1139561 Node: The zsh/zselect Module1096783
Node: TCP Function System1140535 Node: The zsh/zutil Module1100240
Node: TCP Functions1142149 Node: Calendar Function System1118267
Node: TCP Parameters1166831 Node: Calendar File and Date Formats1119538
Node: TCP Examples1174206 Node: Calendar System User Functions1130973
Node: TCP Bugs1175226 Node: Calendar Styles1148949
Node: Zftp Function System1175721 Node: Calendar Utility Functions1151338
Node: Installation1177378 Node: Calendar Bugs1155768
Node: Zftp Functions1178575 Node: TCP Function System1156742
Node: Miscellaneous Features1198151 Node: TCP Functions1158356
Node: User Contributions1205345 Node: TCP Parameters1183038
Node: Utilities1206147 Node: TCP Examples1190413
Node: Recent Directories1221000 Node: TCP Bugs1191433
Node: Other Directory Functions1233016 Node: Zftp Function System1191928
Node: Version Control Information1240094 Node: Installation1193576
Node: vcs_info Quickstart1241943 Node: Zftp Functions1194773
Node: vcs_info Configuration1244147 Node: Miscellaneous Features1214349
Node: vcs_info Oddities1258974 Node: User Contributions1221410
Node: vcs_info Quilt Support1259977 Node: Utilities1222212
Node: vcs_info API1265246 Node: Recent Directories1237071
Node: vcs_info Variables1267378 Node: Other Directory Functions1249087
Node: vcs_info Hooks1268154 Node: Version Control Information1256166
Node: vcs_info Examples1278044 Node: vcs_info Quickstart1258015
Node: Prompt Themes1282841 Node: vcs_info Configuration1260219
Node: ZLE Functions1288349 Node: vcs_info Oddities1275112
Node: Exception Handling1350604 Node: vcs_info Quilt Support1276115
Node: MIME Functions1353947 Node: vcs_info API1281386
Node: Mathematical Functions1371461 Node: vcs_info Variables1283525
Node: User Configuration Functions1383194 Node: vcs_info Hooks1284301
Node: Other Functions1385581 Node: vcs_info Examples1295071
Node: Concept Index1404532 Node: Prompt Themes1300272
Node: Variables Index1481626 Node: ZLE Functions1305885
Node: Options Index1526942 Node: Exception Handling1368369
Node: Functions Index1632620 Node: MIME Functions1371712
Node: Editor Functions Index1674539 Node: Mathematical Functions1389282
Node: Style and Tag Index1693444 Node: User Configuration Functions1401015
Node: Other Functions1403402
Node: Concept Index1423200
Node: Variables Index1503132
Node: Options Index1551220
Node: Functions Index1659103
Node: Editor Functions Index1701923
Node: Style and Tag Index1721269
End Tag Table End Tag Table
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