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Source code changes of the file "framework/console/CConsoleApplication.php" between
yii- and yii-1.1.24.a5ab20.tar.gz

About: Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework for developing large-scale Web applications. Hint: Yii 1.1 is now in maintenance mode.

CConsoleApplication.php  (yii-  (yii-1.1.24.a5ab20)
skipping to change at line 120 skipping to change at line 120
* @param integer $code error code * @param integer $code error code
* @param string $message error message * @param string $message error message
* @param string $file error file * @param string $file error file
* @param string $line error line * @param string $line error line
*/ */
public function displayError($code,$message,$file,$line) public function displayError($code,$message,$file,$line)
{ {
echo "PHP Error[$code]: $message\n"; echo "PHP Error[$code]: $message\n";
echo " in file $file at line $line\n"; echo " in file $file at line $line\n";
$trace=debug_backtrace(); $trace=debug_backtrace();
// skip the first 4 stacks as they do not tell the error position // skip the first 2 stacks as they are always irrelevant
if(count($trace)>4) if(count($trace)>2)
$trace=array_slice($trace,4); $trace=array_slice($trace,2);
foreach($trace as $i=>$t) foreach($trace as $i=>$t)
{ {
if(!isset($t['file'])) if(!isset($t['file']))
$t['file']='unknown'; $t['file']='unknown';
if(!isset($t['line'])) if(!isset($t['line']))
$t['line']=0; $t['line']=0;
if(!isset($t['function'])) if(!isset($t['function']))
$t['function']='unknown'; $t['function']='unknown';
echo "#$i {$t['file']}({$t['line']}): "; echo "#$i {$t['file']}({$t['line']}): ";
if(isset($t['object']) && is_object($t['object'])) if(isset($t['object']) && is_object($t['object']))
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 3 lines changed or added

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