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About: xterm is a terminal emulator for X with ISO/ANSI color and vt220 enhancements.

NEWS  (xterm-367.tgz):NEWS  (xterm-368.tgz)
The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog
for xterm. for xterm.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Patch #367 - 2021/03/26 Patch #368 - 2021/06/07
* add OSC 22 to allow programs to select different pointer cursor at * add DefaultOff option to RenderFont resource, as part of the
runtime. session-management feature.
* change configuration for no-return functions to use _Noreturn when * add auto-scroll-lock feature (patch by add Stelios Bounanos).
it is available, because clang --analyze does not properly handle * update the window-size information returned via TIOCGWINSZ when
the gcc noreturn attribute. rows/columns are unchanged but the font-size changes (report by
* add cursorTheme resource to provide a way to enable or disable the Nick Black).
cursor theme feature. * improve session-management feature by saving/restoring the font
* modified CopyWait event retries to use shorter sleeps, to improve settings.
responsiveness (tmux #2556). * update config.guess, config.sub
* improve quoting/escaping in demo-scripts per shellcheck.
* add resizeByPixel resource, to permit disabling window manager
resizing-hints (patch by Tim Oehl).
* corrected printOptsImmediate handling of alternate-screen (report
by Abhijit Dasgupta).
* update sample terminfo to more closely match ncurses.
* add/improve limit-checks for Xlib calls (report by Roman Fiedler).
* fix a typo in the help-message (report by Tomas Korbar).
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