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About: xterm is a terminal emulator for X with ISO/ANSI color and vt220 enhancements.

NEWS  (xterm-365.tgz):NEWS  (xterm-366.tgz)
The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog The NEWS file was generated from xterm.log.html, which serves as the changelog
for xterm. for xterm.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Patch #365 - 2021/02/03 Patch #366 - 2021/02/10
* amend fix for “word” selection in patch #364 to limit that to the * correct a compiler-warning fix in patch #352 which allowed
insert-selectable action, which reads data from the screen. This sign-extension of coordinate values (report by "CismonX").
restores the interactive behavior where double-clicking on a “word” * correct upper-limit for selection buffer, accounting for combining
would make subsequent selection extensions by words as well as characters (report/testcase by Tavis Ormandy).
suppressing some boundary-checks (report by David Wolfskill, * with alwaysHighlight true, xterm does not properly track focus. The
FreeBSD #253225). screen->select FOCUS flag remains always on, which prevents
bellIsUrgent from working, as the urgent WM_HINT flag is only set
in setXUrgency() when the window is not focused. Fix this by
updating screen->select in unselectwindow() regardless of the value
of always_highlight (patch by Jiri Bohac).
* improve fix for interaction between SRM and ENQ (report by Grant
* build-fix for --with-Xaw3dxft, needed when --with-toolbar is
omitted (report by Jimmy Olgeni, Emanuel Haupt).
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