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Source code changes of the file "xhtml2pdf.egg-info/requires.txt" between
xhtml2pdf-0.2.6.tar.gz and xhtml2pdf-0.2.7.tar.gz

About: xhtml2pdf is a HTML/CSS to PDF converter written in Python.

requires.txt  (xhtml2pdf-0.2.6):requires.txt  (xhtml2pdf-0.2.7)
html5lib>=1.0.1 html5lib>=1.0.1
PyPDF3>=1.0.5 PyPDF3>=1.0.5
Pillow>=8.1.1 Pillow>=8.1.1
reportlab>=3.5.53 reportlab>=3.5.53
svglib>=1.2.1 svglib>=1.2.1
python-bidi>=0.4.2 python-bidi>=0.4.2
arabic-reshaper>=2.1.0 arabic-reshaper>=2.1.0
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