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Source code changes of the file "src/Properties.h" between
xfe-1.42.tar.gz and xfe-1.43.tar.gz

About: Xfe (X File Explorer) is a file manager and browser (using the FOX toolkit).

Properties.h  (xfe-1.42):Properties.h  (xfe-1.43)
#include "TextLabel.h"
#include "DialogBox.h" #include "DialogBox.h"
class PropertiesBox; class PropertiesBox;
class PermFrame : public FXVerticalFrame class PermFrame : public FXVerticalFrame
{ {
friend class PropertiesBox; friend class PropertiesBox;
private: private:
FXCheckButton* ur; FXCheckButton* ur;
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private: private:
int pid; // Proccess ID of child (valid if busy). int pid; // Proccess ID of child (valid if busy).
int pipes[2]; // Pipes to communicate with child process. int pipes[2]; // Pipes to communicate with child process.
FXuint totalnbfiles; FXuint totalnbfiles;
FXuint totalnbsubdirs; FXuint totalnbsubdirs;
FXulong totaldirsize; FXulong totaldirsize;
int nbseldirs; int nbseldirs;
FXLabel* fileSize; FXLabel* fileSize;
FXLabel* fileSizeDetails; FXLabel* fileSizeDetails;
FXLabel* location; TextLabel* location;
FXLabel* origlocation; FXLabel* origlocation;
FXLabel* linkto; FXLabel* linkto;
FXLabel* deletiondate; FXLabel* deletiondate;
FXTextField* ext; FXTextField* ext;
FXString* files; FXString* files;
FXString* paths; FXString* paths;
FXLabel* name_encoding; FXLabel* name_encoding;
FXString source; FXString source;
FXString parentdir; FXString parentdir;
FXString filename; FXString filename;
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