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Source code changes of the file "libsn/sn-internals.h" between
xfe-1.42.tar.gz and xfe-1.43.tar.gz

About: Xfe (X File Explorer) is a file manager and browser (using the FOX toolkit).

sn-internals.h  (xfe-1.42):sn-internals.h  (xfe-1.43)
skipping to change at line 51 skipping to change at line 51
#endif #endif
#ifndef FALSE #ifndef FALSE
#define FALSE 0 #define FALSE 0
#endif #endif
#ifndef NULL #ifndef NULL
#define NULL ((void*) 0) #define NULL ((void*) 0)
#endif #endif
enum SnDisplayType
/* --- From sn-common.c --- */ /* --- From sn-common.c --- */
Screen* sn_internal_display_get_x_screen (SnDisplay *display, xcb_screen_t* sn_internal_display_get_x_screen (SnDisplay *display,
int number); int number);
xcb_window_t sn_internal_display_get_root_window (SnDisplay *displa
int number
Window sn_internal_display_get_root_window (SnDisplay *display,
int number);
int sn_internal_display_get_screen_number (SnDisplay *display); int sn_internal_display_get_screen_number (SnDisplay *display);
void* sn_internal_display_get_id (SnDisplay *display); void* sn_internal_display_get_id (SnDisplay *display);
enum SnDisplayType sn_internal_display_get_type (SnDisplay *display);
void sn_internal_display_get_xmessage_data (SnDisplay *displa y, void sn_internal_display_get_xmessage_data (SnDisplay *displa y,
SnList **funcs, SnList **funcs,
SnList **pending); SnList **pendin
xcb_atom_t sn_internal_get_utf8_string_atom(SnDisplay *display);
xcb_atom_t sn_internal_get_net_startup_id_atom(SnDisplay *display);
xcb_atom_t sn_internal_get_net_startup_info_atom(SnDisplay *display);
xcb_atom_t sn_internal_get_net_startup_info_begin_atom(SnDisplay *display);
/* --- From sn-monitor.c --- */ /* --- From sn-monitor.c --- */
sn_bool_t sn_internal_monitor_process_event (SnDisplay *display); sn_bool_t sn_internal_monitor_process_event (SnDisplay *display);
/* --- From sn-util.c --- */ /* --- From sn-util.c --- */
sn_bool_t sn_internal_utf8_validate (const char *str, sn_bool_t sn_internal_utf8_validate (const char *str,
int max_len); int max_len);
char* sn_internal_strdup (const char *str); char* sn_internal_strdup (const char *str);
char* sn_internal_strndup (const char *str, char* sn_internal_strndup (const char *str,
int n); int n);
void sn_internal_strfreev (char **strings); void sn_internal_strfreev (char **strings);
unsigned long sn_internal_string_to_ulong (const char* str); unsigned long sn_internal_string_to_ulong (const char* str);
char* sn_internal_find_last_occurrence (const char* haystack, char* sn_internal_find_last_occurrence (const char* haystack,
const char* needle); const char* needle);
void sn_internal_append_to_string (char **append_to, void sn_internal_append_to_string (char **append_to,
int *current_len, int *current_len,
const char *append); const char *append);
/* --- From sn-xmessages.c --- */ /* --- From sn-xmessages.c --- */
sn_bool_t sn_internal_xmessage_process_event (SnDisplay *display, sn_bool_t sn_internal_xmessage_process_client_message (SnDisplay *display,
XEvent *xevent); xcb_window_t window,
xcb_atom_t type,
const char *data);
#endif /* __SN_INTERNALS_H__ */ #endif /* __SN_INTERNALS_H__ */
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16 lines changed or deleted 23 lines changed or added

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