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Source code changes report for "XEmacs" between the packages
xemacs-21.4.24.tar.bz2 and xemacs-21.5.34.tar.gz

About: XEmacs (an alternative to GNU Emacs) is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system (beta version).


The "XEmacs" source code changed by about 71.9% and now consists of 1854 regular files (+175) and 49 directories (+5).

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Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 456 56 237 161
C program 341 46 55 240
C++ program 35 0 35 0
Patch 2 0 1 0
Assembler program 3 0 2 1
Objective-C program 1 0 1 0
Perl program 8 3 2 2
Python program 6 0 6 0
Sed program 1 0 1 0
Shell program 33 9 5 18
C# program 1 0 0 0
Automake file 20 12 3 5
Lex program 2 0 1 0
Lisp program 625 330 23 259
M4 macro file 1 0 0 1
Makefile 14 1 3 9
Man page 7 0 0 3
Module-Definition file 2 0 1 1
Yacc program 1 0 1 0
Configure script 4 3 0 1
Glade interface 1 0 0 1
GNU GPG file 1 0 0 1
HTML page 2 2 0 0
Info document 40 40 0 0
Mercurial file 2 2 0 0
MS office document 1 0 0 1
MS Visual Studio file 4 0 2 2
Registry file 1 0 1 0
Resource file 2 0 1 1
TeX document 2 0 0 2
Texinfo file 140 5 4 96
UCM file 25 25 0 0
Data file 1 0 0 1
Icon 5 1 0 0
Image file 118 12 7 0
X Pixmap file 205 0 4 201
Directory 58 14 9 0
Archive 1 0 0 0
Change log 20 3 6 11
Information file 35 5 22 7
License 6 3 1 2
Readme file 29 6 8 11
Text file 100 63 18 7
Other 2 0 1 0
Total Files23646414611045

Header Files (454 of 456):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dynodump/_dynodump.h removed
dynodump/i386/machdep.h removed
dynodump/ppc/machdep.h removed
dynodump/sparc/machdep.h removed
lib-src/ellcc.h.in changed 62.3% diff
lib-src/getopt.h changed 13.9% diff
lib-src/gnuserv.h changed 12.7% diff
lib-src/pop.h changed 22.8% diff
lwlib/config.h.in changed 26.6% diff
lwlib/lwlib-colors.h added
lwlib/lwlib-fonts.h added
lwlib/lwlib-internal.h changed 46.4% diff
lwlib/lwlib-utils.h changed 100.0% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xaw.h changed 100.0% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xlw.h changed 100.0% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xm.h changed 100.0% diff
lwlib/lwlib.h changed 11.6% diff
lwlib/xlwcheckbox.h changed 10.5% diff
lwlib/xlwcheckboxP.h changed 12.9% diff
lwlib/xlwgauge.h changed 6.4% diff
lwlib/xlwgaugeP.h changed 10.7% diff
lwlib/xlwgcs.h changed 20.9% diff
lwlib/xlwmenu.h changed 28.2% diff
lwlib/xlwmenuP.h changed 42.3% diff
lwlib/xlwradio.h changed 10.9% diff
lwlib/xlwradioP.h changed 10.4% diff
lwlib/xlwscrollbar.h changed 14.3% diff
lwlib/xlwscrollbarP.h changed 24.0% diff
lwlib/xlwtabs.h changed 22.6% diff
lwlib/xlwtabsP.h changed 10.8% diff
lwlib/xt-wrappers.h added
modules/ldap/eldap.h changed 100.0% diff
netinstall/concat.h removed
netinstall/desktop.h removed
netinstall/dialog.h removed
netinstall/diskfull.h removed
netinstall/find.h removed
netinstall/geturl.h removed
netinstall/hash.h removed
netinstall/ini.h removed
netinstall/iniparse.h removed
netinstall/log.h removed
netinstall/mkdir.h removed
netinstall/msg.h removed
netinstall/netio.h removed
netinstall/nio-file.h removed
netinstall/nio-ftp.h removed
netinstall/nio-http.h removed
netinstall/nio-ie5.h removed
netinstall/port.h removed
netinstall/regedit.h removed
netinstall/reginfo.h removed
netinstall/resource.h removed
netinstall/simpsock.h removed
netinstall/state.h removed
netinstall/tar.h removed
netinstall/version.h removed
netinstall/win32.h removed
nt/config.h removed
nt/Emacs.ad.h changed 20.0% diff
src/array.h added
src/backtrace.h changed 53.4% diff
src/balloon_help.h changed 25.7% diff
src/bitmaps.h changed 5.7% diff
src/blocktype.h changed 28.1% diff
src/broken-sun.h removed
src/buffer.h changed 78.3% diff
src/bufslots.h changed 27.3% diff
src/bytecode-ops.h added
src/bytecode.h changed 61.5% diff
src/casetab.h changed 49.6% diff
src/chartab.h changed 36.6% diff
src/cm.h changed 5.3% diff
src/coding-system-slots.h added
src/commands.h changed 8.8% diff
src/compiler.h added
src/config.h.in changed 78.4% diff
src/conslots.h changed 37.8% diff
src/console-gtk-impl.h added
src/console-gtk.h changed 78.4% diff
src/console-impl.h added
src/console-msw-impl.h added
src/console-msw.h changed 72.6% diff
src/console-stream-impl.h added
src/console-stream.h changed 51.5% diff
src/console-tty-impl.h added
src/console-tty.h changed 78.1% diff
src/console-x-impl.h added
src/console-x.h changed 74.9% diff
src/console-xlike-inc.h added
src/console.h changed 89.9% diff
src/database.h changed 33.9% diff
src/debug.h changed 26.4% diff
src/device-impl.h added
src/device.h changed 86.5% diff
src/devslots.h added
src/dragdrop.h changed 28.2% diff
src/dump-data.h added
src/dumper.h changed 46.2% diff
src/eldap.h removed
src/elhash.h changed 97.4% diff
src/EmacsFrame.h changed 3.7% diff
src/EmacsFrameP.h changed 15.6% diff
src/EmacsManager.h changed 17.7% diff
src/EmacsManagerP.h changed 15.3% diff
src/EmacsShell.h changed 14.0% diff
src/EmacsShellP.h changed 9.8% diff
src/emodules.h changed 58.2% diff
src/events-mod.h removed
src/events.h changed 100.0% diff
src/extents-impl.h added
src/extents.h changed 83.4% diff
src/ExternalClient.h changed 34.4% diff
src/ExternalClientP.h changed 33.5% diff
src/ExternalShell.h changed 41.0% diff
src/ExternalShellP.h changed 35.7% diff
src/extw-Xlib.h changed 47.2% diff
src/extw-Xt.h changed 48.9% diff
src/faces.h changed 25.1% diff
src/file-coding.h changed 100.0% diff
src/font-mgr.h added
src/fontcolor-gtk-impl.h added
src/fontcolor-gtk.h added
src/fontcolor-impl.h added
src/fontcolor-msw-impl.h added
src/fontcolor-msw.h added
src/fontcolor-tty-impl.h added
src/fontcolor-tty.h added
src/fontcolor-x-impl.h added
src/fontcolor-x.h added
src/fontcolor.h added
src/frame-impl.h added
src/frame.h changed 85.6% diff
src/frameslots.h changed 37.7% diff
src/gc.h added
src/gccache-gtk.h changed 40.2% diff
src/gccache-x.h added
src/general-slots.h changed 41.3% diff
src/getpagesize.h changed 22.2% diff
src/gifrlib.h removed
src/glyphs-gtk.h changed 7.1% diff
src/glyphs-msw.h changed 25.1% diff
src/glyphs-x.h changed 5.4% diff
src/glyphs.h changed 15.1% diff
src/gpmevent.h changed 29.5% diff
src/gtk-xemacs.h changed 95.4% diff
src/gui-gtk.h renamed 65.7% diff
src/gui-x.h removed
src/gui.h changed 26.2% diff
src/gutter.h changed 31.6% diff
src/hash.h changed 40.4% diff
src/imgproc.h changed 15.3% diff
src/insdel.h changed 28.4% diff
src/intl-auto-encap-win32.h added
src/iso-wide.h removed
src/keymap-buttons.h added
src/keymap-slots.h added
src/keymap.h changed 23.0% diff
src/libinterface.h added
src/libsst.h changed 23.4% diff
src/line-number.h changed 46.9% diff
src/lisp-disunion.h changed 43.4% diff
src/lisp-union.h changed 57.2% diff
src/lisp.h changed 100.0% diff
src/lrecord.h changed 100.0% diff
src/lstream.h changed 57.1% diff
src/m/7300.h removed
src/m/acorn.h removed
src/m/alliant-2800.h removed
src/m/alliant.h removed
src/m/alliant1.h removed
src/m/alliant4.h removed
src/m/alpha.h changed 61.4% diff
src/m/altos.h removed
src/m/amdahl.h removed
src/m/apollo.h removed
src/m/arm.h changed 42.4% diff
src/m/att3b.h removed
src/m/aviion.h removed
src/m/celerity.h removed
src/m/clipper.h removed
src/m/cnvrgnt.h removed
src/m/convex.h removed
src/m/cydra5.h removed
src/m/delta.h removed
src/m/delta88k.h removed
src/m/dpx2.h removed
src/m/dual.h removed
src/m/elxsi.h removed
src/m/ews4800r.h removed
src/m/gec63.h removed
src/m/gould-np1.h removed
src/m/gould.h removed
src/m/hp300bsd.h removed
src/m/hp800.h changed 53.8% diff
src/m/hp9000s300.h removed
src/m/i860.h removed
src/m/ibm370aix.h removed
src/m/ibmps2-aix.h removed
src/m/ibmrs6000.h changed 42.4% diff
src/m/ibmrt-aix.h removed
src/m/ibmrt.h removed
src/m/intel386.h changed 58.3% diff
src/m/iris4d.h removed
src/m/iris5d.h removed
src/m/iris6d.h removed
src/m/irist.h removed
src/m/is386.h removed
src/m/isi-ov.h removed
src/m/luna88k.h removed
src/m/m68k.h changed 69.8% diff
src/m/masscomp.h removed
src/m/mega68.h removed
src/m/mg1.h removed
src/m/mips-nec.h removed
src/m/mips-siemens.h removed
src/m/mips.h changed 36.2% diff
src/m/mips4.h removed
src/m/ncr386.h removed
src/m/news-risc.h removed
src/m/news.h removed
src/m/next.h removed
src/m/nh3000.h removed
src/m/nh4000.h removed
src/m/ns16000.h removed
src/m/ns32000.h removed
src/m/nu.h removed
src/m/orion.h removed
src/m/orion105.h removed
src/m/paragon.h removed
src/m/pfa50.h removed
src/m/plexus.h removed
src/m/pmax.h removed
src/m/powerpc.h changed 45.0% diff
src/m/pyramid.h removed
src/m/pyrmips.h removed
src/m/sequent-ptx.h removed
src/m/sequent.h removed
src/m/sgi-challenge.h removed
src/m/sgi3000.h removed
src/m/sparc.h changed 30.3% diff
src/m/sps7.h removed
src/m/stride.h removed
src/m/sun1.h removed
src/m/sun2.h removed
src/m/sun3-68881.h removed
src/m/sun3-fpa.h removed
src/m/sun3-soft.h removed
src/m/sun3.h removed
src/m/sun386.h removed
src/m/symmetry.h removed
src/m/tad68k.h removed
src/m/tahoe.h removed
src/m/tandem-s2.h removed
src/m/targon31.h removed
src/m/tek4300.h removed
src/m/tekxd88.h removed
src/m/template.h changed 45.7% diff
src/m/tower32.h removed
src/m/tower32v3.h removed
src/m/ustation.h removed
src/m/vax.h removed
src/m/wicat.h removed
src/m/windowsnt.h changed 83.0% diff
src/m/xps100.h removed
src/macros.h changed 24.8% diff
src/mc-alloc.h added
src/mem-limits.h changed 47.8% diff
src/menubar-msw.h removed
src/menubar.h changed 20.0% diff
src/miscplay.h changed 5.0% diff
src/mule-ccl.h changed 40.2% diff
src/mule-charset.h renamed 74.3% diff
src/nativesound.h removed
src/ndir.h changed 31.3% diff
src/nt.h removed
src/ntheap.h removed
src/number-gmp.h added
src/number-mp.h added
src/number.h added
src/objects-gtk.h removed
src/objects-msw.h removed
src/objects-tty.h removed
src/objects-x.h removed
src/objects.h removed
src/offix-cursors.h removed
src/offix-types.h removed
src/offix.h removed
src/opaque.h changed 31.7% diff
src/paths.h.in changed 17.8% diff
src/postgresql.h moved 55.1% diff
src/process-slots.h added
src/process.h changed 38.3% diff
src/procimpl.h changed 32.6% diff
src/profile.h added
src/rangetab.h changed 53.4% diff
src/redisplay.h changed 22.1% diff
src/regex.h changed 33.1% diff
src/s/3700.h removed
src/s/386-ix.h removed
src/s/386bsd.h removed
src/s/aix3-1.h removed
src/s/aix3-2-5.h removed
src/s/aix3-2.h removed
src/s/aix4-1.h removed
src/s/aix4-2.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/aix4.h removed
src/s/alliant-2800.h removed
src/s/alliant.h removed
src/s/altos.h removed
src/s/amdahl.h removed
src/s/bsd-common.h added
src/s/bsd386.h removed
src/s/bsd4-1.h removed
src/s/bsd4-2.h removed
src/s/bsd4-3.h removed
src/s/bsdos2-1.h removed
src/s/bsdos2.h removed
src/s/bsdos3.h removed
src/s/bsdos4.h removed
src/s/cxux.h removed
src/s/cxux7.h removed
src/s/cygwin32.h changed 80.7% diff
src/s/darwin.h removed
src/s/decosf1-2.h removed
src/s/decosf1-3.h removed
src/s/decosf3-1.h removed
src/s/decosf3-2.h removed
src/s/decosf4-0.h removed
src/s/dgux.h removed
src/s/dgux5-4r2.h removed
src/s/dgux5-4r3.h removed
src/s/dgux5-4r4.h removed
src/s/domain.h removed
src/s/esix.h removed
src/s/esix5r4.h removed
src/s/ewsux5r4.h removed
src/s/freebsd.h removed
src/s/gnu.h changed 57.9% diff
src/s/hpux.h removed
src/s/hpux10-shr.h removed
src/s/hpux10.h removed
src/s/hpux11-shr.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/hpux11.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/hpux8-shr.h removed
src/s/hpux8.h removed
src/s/hpux9-shr.h removed
src/s/hpux9-x11r4.h removed
src/s/hpux9.h removed
src/s/hpux9shxr4.h removed
src/s/iris3-5.h removed
src/s/iris3-6.h removed
src/s/irix3-3.h removed
src/s/irix4-0.h removed
src/s/irix5-0.h removed
src/s/irix5-1.h removed
src/s/irix5-2.h removed
src/s/irix5-3.h removed
src/s/irix6-0.h removed
src/s/irix6-5.h added
src/s/isc2-2.h removed
src/s/isc3-0.h removed
src/s/isc4-0.h removed
src/s/isc4-1.h removed
src/s/linux.h changed 68.3% diff
src/s/mach-bsd4-3.h changed 96.7% diff
src/s/mingw32.h changed 78.0% diff
src/s/netbsd.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/newsos5.h removed
src/s/nextstep.h removed
src/s/openbsd.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/osf1.h removed
src/s/ptx.h removed
src/s/riscix1-1.h removed
src/s/riscix1-2.h removed
src/s/riscos5.h removed
src/s/rtu.h removed
src/s/sco4.h removed
src/s/sco5-shr.h removed
src/s/sco5.h removed
src/s/sco7.h removed
src/s/sol2.h changed 54.4% diff
src/s/sunos4-0-shr.h removed
src/s/sunos4-0.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-1.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-2-shr.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-2.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-3-shr.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-3.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-4-shr.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-4.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1-shr.h removed
src/s/sunos4-1.h removed
src/s/template.h removed
src/s/ultrix.h removed
src/s/ultrix4-3.h removed
src/s/umax.h removed
src/s/umips.h removed
src/s/unipl5-0.h removed
src/s/unipl5-2.h removed
src/s/usg5-0.h removed
src/s/usg5-2-2.h removed
src/s/usg5-2.h removed
src/s/usg5-3.h removed
src/s/usg5-4-2.h changed 100.0% diff
src/s/usg5-4.h changed 59.0% diff
src/s/win32-common.h added
src/s/win32-native.h added
src/s/windowsnt.h changed 93.7% diff
src/s/xenix.h removed
src/scrollbar-gtk.h changed 13.1% diff
src/scrollbar-msw.h changed 13.9% diff
src/scrollbar-x.h changed 13.4% diff
src/scrollbar.h changed 30.1% diff
src/select.h changed 14.6% diff
src/sound.h added
src/specifier.h changed 19.1% diff
src/symeval.h changed 59.9% diff
src/symsinit.h changed 68.5% diff
src/syntax.h changed 73.8% diff
src/syscommctrl.h removed
src/sysdep.h changed 28.0% diff
src/sysdir.h changed 54.2% diff
src/sysdll.h changed 56.6% diff
src/sysfile.h changed 94.4% diff
src/sysfloat.h changed 35.2% diff
src/sysgdkx.h added
src/sysproc.h changed 38.5% diff
src/syspwd.h changed 81.1% diff
src/syssignal.h changed 39.0% diff
src/systime.h changed 20.5% diff
src/systty.h changed 18.5% diff
src/syswait.h changed 33.1% diff
src/syswindows.h changed 100.0% diff
src/text.h added
src/toolbar-xlike.h added
src/toolbar.h changed 19.5% diff
src/tooltalk.h changed 27.7% diff
src/ui-gtk.h changed 64.2% diff
src/universe.h changed 33.7% diff
src/vdb.h added
src/window-impl.h added
src/window.h changed 76.0% diff
src/winslots.h changed 100.0% diff
src/xgccache.h removed
src/xintrinsic.h changed 34.7% diff
src/xintrinsicp.h changed 29.1% diff
src/xmmanagerp.h changed 32.2% diff
src/xmotif.h added
src/xmprimitivep.h changed 30.2% diff
src/xmu.h removed

C Programs (all 341):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dynodump/dynodump.c removed
dynodump/i386/_relocate.c removed
dynodump/i386/uninit.c removed
dynodump/ppc/_relocate.c removed
dynodump/ppc/uninit.c removed
dynodump/sparc/_relocate.c removed
dynodump/sparc/uninit.c removed
dynodump/syms.c removed
etc/tests/external-widget/test-ew-motif.c changed 19.3% diff
etc/tests/external-widget/test-ew-xlib.c changed 7.2% diff
lib-src/b2m.c changed 44.8% diff
lib-src/cvtmail.c changed 17.9% diff
lib-src/digest-doc.c changed 100.0% diff
lib-src/ellcc.c changed 62.7% diff
lib-src/etags.c changed 0.3% diff
lib-src/fakemail.c changed 5.2% diff
lib-src/getopt.c changed 1.8% diff
lib-src/getopt1.c changed 12.9% diff
lib-src/gnuclient.c changed 11.6% diff
lib-src/gnuserv.c changed 7.8% diff
lib-src/gnuslib.c changed 20.0% diff
lib-src/hexl.c changed 44.6% diff
lib-src/i.c changed 80.8% diff
lib-src/insert-data-in-exec.c added
lib-src/leditcfns.c removed
lib-src/make-docfile.c changed 64.3% diff
lib-src/make-dump-id.c changed 24.4% diff
lib-src/make-msgfile.c removed
lib-src/make-path.c changed 30.2% diff
lib-src/make-po.c removed
lib-src/mmencode.c changed 0.3% diff
lib-src/movemail.c changed 1.9% diff
lib-src/ootags.c changed 0.5% diff
lib-src/pop.c changed 2.3% diff
lib-src/profile.c changed 26.5% diff
lib-src/qsort.c changed 7.4% diff
lib-src/sorted-doc.c changed 36.2% diff
lib-src/tcp.c changed 13.5% diff
lib-src/wakeup.c removed
lib-src/winclient.c changed 17.9% diff
lib-src/yow.c removed
lwlib/lwlib-colors.c added
lwlib/lwlib-config.c removed
lwlib/lwlib-fonts.c added
lwlib/lwlib-utils.c changed 21.4% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xaw.c changed 33.6% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xlw.c changed 17.9% diff
lwlib/lwlib-Xm.c changed 23.5% diff
lwlib/lwlib.c changed 5.4% diff
lwlib/xlwcheckbox.c changed 9.3% diff
lwlib/xlwgauge.c changed 12.6% diff
lwlib/xlwgcs.c changed 8.5% diff
lwlib/xlwmenu.c changed 16.0% diff
lwlib/xlwradio.c changed 12.2% diff
lwlib/xlwscrollbar.c changed 14.4% diff
lwlib/xlwtabs.c changed 43.5% diff
modules/base64/base64.c changed 84.7% diff
modules/canna/canna_api.c added
modules/ldap/eldap.c changed 100.0% diff
modules/sample/external/sample.c added
modules/sample/internal/sample.c added
modules/sample/sample.c removed
modules/zlib/zlib.c changed 13.3% diff
netinstall/autoload.c removed
netinstall/mklink2.c removed
nt/minitar.c changed 1.0% diff
nt/Win32.cf removed
nt/XEmacs.iss removed
src/.dbxrc.in added
src/.gdbinit.in.in added
src/abbrev.c changed 42.8% diff
src/alloc.c changed 100.0% diff
src/alloca.c changed 18.0% diff
src/alsaplay.c added
src/array.c added
src/balloon-x.c changed 13.8% diff
src/balloon_help.c changed 3.5% diff
src/blocktype.c changed 14.2% diff
src/buffer.c changed 23.5% diff
src/bytecode.c changed 64.6% diff
src/callint.c changed 17.8% diff
src/callproc.c removed
src/casefiddle.c changed 20.4% diff
src/casetab.c changed 78.7% diff
src/chartab.c changed 56.4% diff
src/cm.c changed 3.8% diff
src/cmdloop.c changed 26.4% diff
src/cmds.c changed 16.4% diff
src/console-gtk.c changed 100.0% diff
src/console-msw.c changed 40.3% diff
src/console-stream.c changed 53.5% diff
src/console-tty.c changed 53.7% diff
src/console-x.c changed 64.1% diff
src/console.c changed 26.1% diff
src/data.c changed 86.4% diff
src/database.c changed 28.5% diff
src/debug.c changed 39.6% diff
src/device-gtk.c changed 16.4% diff
src/device-msw.c changed 40.0% diff
src/device-tty.c changed 40.6% diff
src/device-x.c changed 29.8% diff
src/device.c changed 29.6% diff
src/dgif_lib.c removed
src/dialog-gtk.c changed 29.9% diff
src/dialog-msw.c changed 35.8% diff
src/dialog-x.c changed 16.6% diff
src/dialog.c changed 28.9% diff
src/dired-msw.c changed 64.2% diff
src/dired.c changed 31.1% diff
src/doc.c changed 61.9% diff
src/doprnt.c changed 71.2% diff
src/dragdrop.c changed 30.6% diff
src/dump-data.c added
src/dumper.c changed 100.0% diff
src/dynarr.c removed
src/ecrt0.c changed 57.3% diff
src/editfns.c changed 22.0% diff
src/eldap.c removed
src/elhash.c changed 100.0% diff
src/emacs-marshals.c changed 8.9% diff
src/emacs-widget-accessors.c changed 10.9% diff
src/emacs.c changed 71.8% diff
src/EmacsFrame.c changed 41.9% diff
src/EmacsManager.c changed 16.3% diff
src/EmacsShell-sub.c changed 11.8% diff
src/EmacsShell.c changed 7.4% diff
src/emodules.c changed 54.6% diff
src/esd.c changed 38.2% diff
src/eval.c changed 80.8% diff
src/event-gtk.c changed 26.8% diff
src/event-msw.c changed 48.3% diff
src/event-stream.c changed 32.6% diff
src/event-tty.c changed 67.8% diff
src/event-unixoid.c changed 53.8% diff
src/event-xlike-inc.c added
src/event-Xt.c changed 35.6% diff
src/events.c changed 46.3% diff
src/extents.c changed 26.9% diff
src/ExternalClient-Xlib.c changed 19.7% diff
src/ExternalClient.c changed 13.1% diff
src/ExternalShell.c changed 6.9% diff
src/extw-Xlib.c changed 28.8% diff
src/extw-Xt.c changed 45.1% diff
src/faces.c changed 55.1% diff
src/file-coding.c changed 93.4% diff
src/fileio.c changed 29.7% diff
src/filelock.c changed 26.9% diff
src/filemode.c changed 11.3% diff
src/floatfns.c changed 100.0% diff
src/fns.c changed 45.0% diff
src/font-lock.c changed 13.2% diff
src/font-mgr.c added
src/fontcolor-gtk.c added
src/fontcolor-msw.c added
src/fontcolor-tty.c added
src/fontcolor-x.c added
src/fontcolor-xlike-inc.c added
src/fontcolor.c added
src/frame-gtk.c changed 15.3% diff
src/frame-msw.c changed 36.2% diff
src/frame-tty.c changed 36.8% diff
src/frame-x.c changed 25.8% diff
src/frame.c changed 62.9% diff
src/free-hook.c changed 8.6% diff
src/gc.c added
src/gccache-gtk.c changed 12.7% diff
src/gccache-x.c added
src/general.c changed 45.5% diff
src/getloadavg.c changed 69.6% diff
src/gif_io.c removed
src/glade.c changed 32.8% diff
src/glyphs-eimage.c changed 28.7% diff
src/glyphs-gtk.c changed 19.0% diff
src/glyphs-msw.c changed 32.1% diff
src/glyphs-shared.c added
src/glyphs-widget.c changed 13.0% diff
src/glyphs-x.c changed 23.6% diff
src/glyphs.c changed 22.3% diff
src/gmalloc.c changed 16.9% diff
src/gpmevent.c changed 93.4% diff
src/gtk-glue.c changed 49.7% diff
src/gtk-xemacs.c changed 28.5% diff
src/gui-gtk.c changed 37.3% diff
src/gui-msw.c changed 95.6% diff
src/gui-x.c changed 34.5% diff
src/gui.c changed 31.0% diff
src/gutter.c changed 29.0% diff
src/hash.c changed 27.8% diff
src/hftctl.c removed
src/hpplay.c changed 67.4% diff
src/imgproc.c changed 8.5% diff
src/indent.c changed 20.2% diff
src/inline.c changed 63.7% diff
src/input-method-motif.c changed 39.6% diff
src/input-method-xlib.c changed 12.6% diff
src/insdel.c changed 63.7% diff
src/intl-auto-encap-win32.c added
src/intl-encap-win32.c added
src/intl-win32.c added
src/intl-x.c added
src/intl.c changed 71.7% diff
src/keymap.c changed 31.7% diff
src/lastfile.c changed 18.0% diff
src/libinterface.c added
src/libsst.c changed 17.1% diff
src/line-number.c changed 13.5% diff
src/linuxplay.c changed 15.2% diff
src/lread.c changed 31.3% diff
src/lstream.c changed 45.7% diff
src/macros.c changed 18.5% diff
src/malloc.c removed
src/marker.c changed 27.5% diff
src/mc-alloc.c added
src/md5.c changed 12.4% diff
src/menubar-gtk.c changed 17.1% diff
src/menubar-msw.c changed 28.3% diff
src/menubar-x.c changed 19.5% diff
src/menubar.c changed 14.3% diff
src/minibuf.c changed 61.7% diff
src/miscplay.c changed 12.6% diff
src/mule-canna.c removed
src/mule-ccl.c changed 25.5% diff
src/mule-charset.c changed 56.6% diff
src/mule-coding.c added
src/mule-wnnfns.c changed 31.1% diff
src/mule.c removed
src/nas.c changed 32.1% diff
src/native-gtk-toolbar.c changed 29.0% diff
src/nt.c changed 68.8% diff
src/ntheap.c changed 23.1% diff
src/ntplay.c changed 53.8% diff
src/ntproc.c removed
src/number-gmp.c added
src/number-mp.c added
src/number.c added
src/objects-gtk.c removed
src/objects-msw.c removed
src/objects-tty.c removed
src/objects-x.c removed
src/objects.c removed
src/offix.c removed
src/opaque.c changed 55.3% diff
src/postgresql.c moved 26.2% diff
src/pre-crt0.c changed 27.4% diff
src/print.c changed 100.0% diff
src/process-nt.c changed 36.4% diff
src/process-unix.c changed 34.1% diff
src/process.c changed 53.2% diff
src/profile.c changed 100.0% diff
src/ralloc.c changed 3.4% diff
src/rangetab.c changed 84.1% diff
src/realpath.c changed 86.6% diff
src/redisplay-gtk.c changed 96.6% diff
src/redisplay-msw.c changed 31.9% diff
src/redisplay-output.c changed 24.5% diff
src/redisplay-tty.c changed 10.8% diff
src/redisplay-x.c changed 85.8% diff
src/redisplay-xlike-inc.c added
src/redisplay.c changed 27.5% diff
src/regex.c changed 32.3% diff
src/scrollbar-gtk.c changed 13.5% diff
src/scrollbar-msw.c changed 33.3% diff
src/scrollbar-x.c changed 7.2% diff
src/scrollbar.c changed 17.0% diff
src/search.c changed 51.3% diff
src/select-gtk.c changed 62.0% diff
src/select-msw.c changed 27.2% diff
src/select-x.c changed 27.1% diff
src/select-xlike-inc.c added
src/select.c changed 13.1% diff
src/sequence.c added
src/sgiplay.c changed 13.3% diff
src/sheap.c changed 37.3% diff
src/signal.c changed 71.1% diff
src/sound.c changed 48.8% diff
src/specifier.c changed 39.4% diff
src/strcat.c changed 44.2% diff
src/strcmp.c removed
src/strcpy.c removed
src/strftime.c changed 58.5% diff
src/sunOS-fix.c removed
src/sunplay.c changed 32.4% diff
src/sunpro.c changed 22.5% diff
src/symbols.c changed 27.1% diff
src/syntax.c changed 53.0% diff
src/sysdep.c changed 37.5% diff
src/sysdll.c changed 70.8% diff
src/termcap.c changed 4.9% diff
src/terminfo.c changed 12.8% diff
src/tests.c changed 100.0% diff
src/text.c added
src/toolbar-gtk.c changed 95.5% diff
src/toolbar-msw.c changed 36.7% diff
src/toolbar-x.c changed 95.1% diff
src/toolbar-xlike.c added
src/toolbar.c changed 25.4% diff
src/tooltalk.c changed 17.9% diff
src/tparam.c changed 15.8% diff
src/ui-byhand.c changed 21.8% diff
src/ui-gtk.c changed 24.2% diff
src/undo.c changed 16.0% diff
src/unexaix.c changed 15.4% diff
src/unexalpha.c changed 11.7% diff
src/unexapollo.c removed
src/unexconvex.c removed
src/unexcw.c changed 43.6% diff
src/unexec.c changed 32.2% diff
src/unexelf.c changed 3.1% diff
src/unexelfsgi.c removed
src/unexencap.c removed
src/unexenix.c removed
src/unexfreebsd.c removed
src/unexfx2800.c removed
src/unexhp9k3.c removed
src/unexhp9k800.c changed 10.3% diff
src/unexmips.c removed
src/unexnext.c removed
src/unexnt.c changed 29.0% diff
src/unexsni.c removed
src/unexsol2-6.c changed 33.2% diff
src/unexsol2.c removed
src/unexsunos4.c removed
src/unicode.c added
src/vdb-fake.c added
src/vdb-mach.c added
src/vdb-posix.c added
src/vdb-win32.c added
src/vdb.c added
src/vm-limit.c changed 13.0% diff
src/widget.c changed 11.5% diff
src/win32.c changed 100.0% diff
src/window.c changed 31.3% diff
src/xemacs.def.in.in added
src/xgccache.c removed
src/xmu.c removed
tests/DLL/dltest.c removed
tests/sigpipe.c added
tests/tooltalk/emacs-eval.c changed 40.1% diff
tests/tooltalk/load-file.c changed 40.3% diff
tests/tooltalk/make-client-frame.c changed 36.0% diff

C++ Programs (all 35):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
netinstall/choose.cc removed
netinstall/concat.cc removed
netinstall/desktop.cc removed
netinstall/dialog.cc removed
netinstall/diskfull.cc removed
netinstall/download.cc removed
netinstall/find.cc removed
netinstall/fromcwd.cc removed
netinstall/geturl.cc removed
netinstall/hash.cc removed
netinstall/ini.cc removed
netinstall/init.cc removed
netinstall/install.cc removed
netinstall/localdir.cc removed
netinstall/log.cc removed
netinstall/main.cc removed
netinstall/mkdir.cc removed
netinstall/msg.cc removed
netinstall/net.cc removed
netinstall/netio.cc removed
netinstall/nio-file.cc removed
netinstall/nio-ftp.cc removed
netinstall/nio-http.cc removed
netinstall/nio-ie5.cc removed
netinstall/other.cc removed
netinstall/postinstall.cc removed
netinstall/regedit.cc removed
netinstall/root.cc removed
netinstall/simpsock.cc removed
netinstall/site.cc removed
netinstall/source.cc removed
netinstall/splash.cc removed
netinstall/state.cc removed
netinstall/tar.cc removed
netinstall/uninstall.cc removed

Patches (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/x11.patch removed

Assembler Programs (all 3):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/alloca.s changed 81.2% diff
src/ppc.ldscript removed
src/s/cygwin.sc removed

Objective-C Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/nsselect.m removed

Perl Programs (7 of 8):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
lib-src/gnudepend.pl removed
lib-src/make-mswin-unicode.pl added
netinstall/version.pl removed
nt/make-build-dir added
src/make-src-depend changed 46.2% diff
src/src-headers changed 5.4% diff
tests/autoconf/regressiontest.pl added

Python Programs (all 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/installer/Wise/dirs.py removed
nt/installer/Wise/filelist.py removed
nt/installer/Wise/files.py removed
nt/installer/Wise/packages.py removed
nt/installer/Wise/pre_wise.py removed
nt/installer/Wise/version.py removed

Sed Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/ad2c.sed removed

Shell Programs (32 of 33):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
build-msw-release.sh changed 21.0% diff
config.guess changed 61.9% diff
config.sub changed 52.2% diff
etc/aliases.ksh removed
etc/bundled-packages/test.sh added
etc/check_cygwin_setup.sh removed
etc/editclient.sh removed
etc/xemacs-fe.sh changed 6.9% diff
install-sh added
install.sh removed
lib-src/ad2c changed 100.0% diff
lib-src/add-big-package.sh changed 29.8% diff
lib-src/config.values.sh changed 21.1% diff
lib-src/emacs.csh changed 64.5% diff
lib-src/fix-perms.sh added
lib-src/gnuattach changed 38.2% diff
lib-src/gnudoit changed 31.2% diff
lib-src/gzip-el.sh changed 53.3% diff
lib-src/installexe.sh changed 100.0% diff
lib-src/rcs-checkin removed
lib-src/rcs2log changed 3.7% diff
lib-src/update-autoloads.sh changed 16.9% diff
lib-src/update-custom.sh changed 23.6% diff
lib-src/vcdiff changed 84.1% diff
modules/canna/install-sh added
modules/ldap/install-sh added
modules/postgresql/install-sh added
modules/sample/external/install-sh added
modules/sample/internal/install-sh added
tests/Dnd/droptest.sh changed 15.2% diff
version.sh changed 100.0% diff
version.sh.in added

Automake Files (all 20):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.ac changed 100.0% diff
configure.in removed
dynodump/Makefile.in.in removed
lib-src/Makefile.in.in changed 15.3% diff
lwlib/Makefile.in.in changed 42.2% diff
Makefile.in.in changed 38.9% diff
modules/canna/configure.ac added
modules/canna/Makefile.in.in added
modules/common/configure-post.ac added
modules/common/configure-pre.ac added
modules/ldap/configure.ac added
modules/ldap/Makefile.in.in added
modules/postgresql/configure.ac added
modules/postgresql/Makefile.in.in added
modules/sample/external/configure.ac added
modules/sample/external/Makefile.in.in added
modules/sample/internal/configure.ac added
modules/sample/internal/Makefile.in.in added
netinstall/Makefile.in.in removed
src/Makefile.in.in changed 100.0% diff

Lex Programs (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
netinstall/inilex.l removed

Lisp Programs (612 of 625):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/custom/example-themes/europe-theme.el changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/example-themes/example-theme.el changed 100.0% diff
etc/sample.init.el changed 10.1% diff
lisp/abbrev.el changed 35.5% diff
lisp/abbrev.elc added
lisp/about.el changed 24.6% diff
lisp/about.elc added
lisp/alist.el changed 16.9% diff
lisp/alist.elc added
lisp/apropos.el changed 4.4% diff
lisp/apropos.elc added
lisp/auto-autoloads.el changed 70.6% diff
lisp/auto-autoloads.elc added
lisp/auto-save.el changed 18.0% diff
lisp/auto-save.elc added
lisp/auto-show.el changed 9.3% diff
lisp/auto-show.elc added
lisp/autoload.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/autoload.elc added
lisp/backquote.el changed 13.2% diff
lisp/backquote.elc added
lisp/behavior-defs.el added
lisp/behavior-defs.elc added
lisp/behavior.el added
lisp/behavior.elc added
lisp/blessmail.el changed 25.5% diff
lisp/blessmail.elc added
lisp/buff-menu.el changed 48.2% diff
lisp/buff-menu.elc added
lisp/buffer.el changed 16.4% diff
lisp/buffer.elc added
lisp/build-report.el changed 28.9% diff
lisp/build-report.elc added
lisp/byte-optimize.el changed 15.1% diff
lisp/byte-optimize.elc added
lisp/bytecomp-runtime.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/bytecomp-runtime.elc added
lisp/bytecomp.el changed 38.8% diff
lisp/bytecomp.elc added
lisp/callers-of-rpt.el changed 15.5% diff
lisp/callers-of-rpt.elc added
lisp/check-features.el changed 57.6% diff
lisp/check-features.elc added
lisp/cl-compat.el removed
lisp/cl-extra.el changed 77.0% diff
lisp/cl-extra.elc added
lisp/cl-macs.el changed 86.1% diff
lisp/cl-macs.elc added
lisp/cl-seq.el changed 96.6% diff
lisp/cl-seq.elc added
lisp/cl.el changed 47.9% diff
lisp/cl.elc added
lisp/cmdloop.el changed 40.0% diff
lisp/cmdloop.elc added
lisp/code-cmds.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/code-cmds.elc added
lisp/code-files.el changed 54.2% diff
lisp/code-files.elc added
lisp/code-init.el added
lisp/code-init.elc added
lisp/code-process.el changed 92.9% diff
lisp/code-process.elc added
lisp/coding.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/coding.elc added
lisp/compat.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/compat.elc added
lisp/config.el changed 28.8% diff
lisp/config.elc added
lisp/console.el changed 42.8% diff
lisp/console.elc added
lisp/cus-dep.el changed 44.5% diff
lisp/cus-dep.elc added
lisp/cus-edit.el changed 16.4% diff
lisp/cus-edit.elc added
lisp/cus-face.el changed 25.5% diff
lisp/cus-face.elc added
lisp/cus-file.el changed 35.5% diff
lisp/cus-file.elc added
lisp/cus-load.el changed 31.2% diff
lisp/cus-load.elc added
lisp/cus-start.el changed 14.3% diff
lisp/cus-start.elc added
lisp/custom-load.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/custom-load.elc added
lisp/custom.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/custom.elc added
lisp/derived.el changed 7.3% diff
lisp/derived.elc added
lisp/descr-text.el added
lisp/descr-text.elc added
lisp/device.el changed 20.8% diff
lisp/device.elc added
lisp/diagnose.el added
lisp/diagnose.elc added
lisp/dialog-gtk.el changed 15.3% diff
lisp/dialog-gtk.elc added
lisp/dialog-items.el changed 16.9% diff
lisp/dialog-items.elc added
lisp/dialog.el changed 38.4% diff
lisp/dialog.elc added
lisp/disass.el changed 7.8% diff
lisp/disass.elc added
lisp/disp-table.el changed 96.3% diff
lisp/disp-table.elc added
lisp/dragdrop.el changed 13.7% diff
lisp/dragdrop.elc added
lisp/dump-paths.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/dump-paths.elc added
lisp/dumped-lisp.el changed 98.5% diff
lisp/easy-mmode.el changed 3.2% diff
lisp/easy-mmode.elc added
lisp/easymenu.el changed 12.3% diff
lisp/easymenu.elc added
lisp/etags.el changed 5.9% diff
lisp/etags.elc added
lisp/events.el changed 39.5% diff
lisp/events.elc added
lisp/extents.el changed 14.3% diff
lisp/extents.elc added
lisp/faces.el changed 58.0% diff
lisp/faces.elc added
lisp/files-nomule.el removed
lisp/files.el changed 71.4% diff
lisp/files.elc added
lisp/fill.el changed 3.2% diff
lisp/fill.elc added
lisp/find-paths.el changed 70.1% diff
lisp/find-paths.elc added
lisp/finder-inf.el added
lisp/finder.el changed 5.9% diff
lisp/finder.elc added
lisp/float-sup.el changed 28.9% diff
lisp/float-sup.elc added
lisp/font-lock.el changed 11.1% diff
lisp/font-lock.elc added
lisp/font-menu.el changed 27.7% diff
lisp/font-menu.elc added
lisp/font-mgr.el added
lisp/font-mgr.elc added
lisp/font.el changed 35.4% diff
lisp/font.elc added
lisp/fontcolor.el added
lisp/fontcolor.elc added
lisp/fontconfig.el added
lisp/fontconfig.elc added
lisp/fontl-hooks.el changed 18.3% diff
lisp/fontl-hooks.elc added
lisp/format.el changed 7.4% diff
lisp/format.elc added
lisp/frame.el changed 83.8% diff
lisp/frame.elc added
lisp/gdk.el changed 12.5% diff
lisp/gdk.elc added
lisp/generic-widgets.el changed 13.2% diff
lisp/generic-widgets.elc added
lisp/glade.el changed 27.7% diff
lisp/glade.elc added
lisp/glyphs.el changed 48.7% diff
lisp/glyphs.elc added
lisp/gnome-widgets.el changed 2.2% diff
lisp/gnome-widgets.elc added
lisp/gnome.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/gnome.elc added
lisp/gnuserv.el changed 4.8% diff
lisp/gnuserv.elc added
lisp/gpm.el changed 57.8% diff
lisp/gpm.elc added
lisp/gtk-compose.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/gtk-compose.elc added
lisp/gtk-extra.el changed 17.1% diff
lisp/gtk-extra.elc added
lisp/gtk-faces.el changed 31.0% diff
lisp/gtk-faces.elc added
lisp/gtk-ffi.el changed 19.9% diff
lisp/gtk-ffi.elc added
lisp/gtk-file-dialog.el changed 19.4% diff
lisp/gtk-file-dialog.elc added
lisp/gtk-font-menu.el changed 16.9% diff
lisp/gtk-font-menu.elc added
lisp/gtk-glyphs.el changed 23.5% diff
lisp/gtk-glyphs.elc added
lisp/gtk-init.el changed 82.1% diff
lisp/gtk-init.elc added
lisp/gtk-iso8859-1.el removed
lisp/gtk-marshal.el changed 13.8% diff
lisp/gtk-marshal.elc added
lisp/gtk-mouse.el changed 26.0% diff
lisp/gtk-mouse.elc added
lisp/gtk-package.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/gtk-package.elc added
lisp/gtk-password-dialog.el changed 23.6% diff
lisp/gtk-password-dialog.elc added
lisp/gtk-select.el changed 26.0% diff
lisp/gtk-select.elc added
lisp/gtk-widget-accessors.el changed 14.5% diff
lisp/gtk-widget-accessors.elc added
lisp/gtk-widgets.el changed 1.2% diff
lisp/gtk-widgets.elc added
lisp/gtk.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/gtk.elc added
lisp/gui.el changed 32.6% diff
lisp/gui.elc added
lisp/gutter-items.el changed 13.2% diff
lisp/gutter-items.elc added
lisp/gutter.el changed 9.5% diff
lisp/gutter.elc added
lisp/hash-table.el added
lisp/hash-table.elc added
lisp/help-macro.el changed 31.0% diff
lisp/help-macro.elc added
lisp/help-nomule.el removed
lisp/help.el changed 41.7% diff
lisp/help.elc added
lisp/hyper-apropos.el changed 12.6% diff
lisp/hyper-apropos.elc added
lisp/indent.el changed 14.0% diff
lisp/indent.elc added
lisp/info.el changed 6.7% diff
lisp/info.elc added
lisp/isearch-mode.el changed 12.1% diff
lisp/isearch-mode.elc added
lisp/iso8859-1.el changed 98.3% diff
lisp/iso8859-1.elc added
lisp/itimer-autosave.el changed 14.5% diff
lisp/itimer-autosave.elc added
lisp/itimer.el changed 12.0% diff
lisp/itimer.elc added
lisp/keydefs.el changed 10.5% diff
lisp/keydefs.elc added
lisp/keymap.el changed 55.7% diff
lisp/keymap.elc added
lisp/ldap.el changed 6.9% diff
lisp/ldap.elc added
lisp/lib-complete.el changed 43.6% diff
lisp/lib-complete.elc added
lisp/lisp-mnt.el changed 26.8% diff
lisp/lisp-mnt.elc added
lisp/lisp-mode.el changed 26.8% diff
lisp/lisp-mode.elc added
lisp/lisp.el changed 59.7% diff
lisp/lisp.elc added
lisp/list-mode.el changed 31.8% diff
lisp/list-mode.elc added
lisp/loaddefs.el changed 10.0% diff
lisp/loaddefs.elc added
lisp/loadhist.el changed 81.7% diff
lisp/loadhist.elc added
lisp/loadup-el.el changed 67.9% diff
lisp/loadup.el changed 47.4% diff
lisp/make-docfile.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/map-ynp.el changed 14.0% diff
lisp/map-ynp.elc added
lisp/menubar-items.el changed 77.7% diff
lisp/menubar-items.elc added
lisp/menubar.el changed 33.9% diff
lisp/menubar.elc added
lisp/minibuf.el changed 13.0% diff
lisp/minibuf.elc added
lisp/misc.el changed 28.1% diff
lisp/misc.elc added
lisp/mode-motion.el changed 10.9% diff
lisp/mode-motion.elc added
lisp/modeline.el changed 58.5% diff
lisp/modeline.elc added
lisp/mouse.el changed 19.3% diff
lisp/mouse.elc added
lisp/movemail.el changed 32.3% diff
lisp/movemail.elc added
lisp/msw-faces.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/msw-faces.elc added
lisp/msw-font-menu.el changed 25.5% diff
lisp/msw-font-menu.elc added
lisp/msw-glyphs.el changed 18.0% diff
lisp/msw-glyphs.elc added
lisp/msw-init.el changed 73.9% diff
lisp/msw-init.elc added
lisp/msw-mouse.el changed 35.7% diff
lisp/msw-mouse.elc added
lisp/msw-select.el changed 37.4% diff
lisp/msw-select.elc added
lisp/mule/arabic.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/arabic.elc added
lisp/mule/auto-autoloads.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/auto-autoloads.elc added
lisp/mule/canna-leim.el changed 85.3% diff
lisp/mule/canna-leim.elc added
lisp/mule/ccl.el added
lisp/mule/ccl.elc added
lisp/mule/china-util.el added
lisp/mule/china-util.elc added
lisp/mule/chinese.el changed 43.5% diff
lisp/mule/chinese.elc added
lisp/mule/custom-load.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/custom-load.elc added
lisp/mule/cyrillic.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/cyrillic.elc added
lisp/mule/devan-util.el added
lisp/mule/devan-util.elc added
lisp/mule/devanagari.el added
lisp/mule/devanagari.elc added
lisp/mule/english.el changed 51.1% diff
lisp/mule/english.elc added
lisp/mule/ethio-util.el added
lisp/mule/ethio-util.elc added
lisp/mule/ethiopic.el changed 42.8% diff
lisp/mule/ethiopic.elc added
lisp/mule/european.el removed
lisp/mule/general-late.el added
lisp/mule/general-late.elc added
lisp/mule/greek.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/greek.elc added
lisp/mule/hebrew.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/hebrew.elc added
lisp/mule/indian.el added
lisp/mule/indian.elc added
lisp/mule/iso-with-esc.el added
lisp/mule/iso-with-esc.elc added
lisp/mule/japan-util.el added
lisp/mule/japan-util.elc added
lisp/mule/japanese.el changed 97.7% diff
lisp/mule/japanese.elc added
lisp/mule/kinsoku.el changed 12.2% diff
lisp/mule/kinsoku.elc added
lisp/mule/korea-util.el added
lisp/mule/korea-util.elc added
lisp/mule/korean.el changed 48.5% diff
lisp/mule/korean.elc added
lisp/mule/lao-util.el added
lisp/mule/lao-util.elc added
lisp/mule/lao.el added
lisp/mule/lao.elc added
lisp/mule/latin.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/latin.elc added
lisp/mule/make-coding-system.el added
lisp/mule/make-coding-system.elc added
lisp/mule/misc-lang.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/misc-lang.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-category.el changed 21.3% diff
lisp/mule/mule-category.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-ccl.el removed
lisp/mule/mule-charset.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/mule/mule-charset.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-cmds.el changed 97.6% diff
lisp/mule/mule-cmds.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-coding.el changed 59.4% diff
lisp/mule/mule-coding.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-composite-stub.el added
lisp/mule/mule-composite-stub.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-composite.el added
lisp/mule/mule-composite.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-help.el removed
lisp/mule/mule-init.el removed
lisp/mule/mule-misc.el removed
lisp/mule/mule-msw-init-late.el added
lisp/mule/mule-msw-init-late.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-tty-init.el changed 48.1% diff
lisp/mule/mule-tty-init.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-win32-init.el added
lisp/mule/mule-win32-init.elc added
lisp/mule/mule-x-init.el changed 81.8% diff
lisp/mule/mule-x-init.elc added
lisp/mule/thai-xtis-chars.el removed
lisp/mule/thai-xtis.el removed
lisp/mule/thai.el added
lisp/mule/thai.elc added
lisp/mule/tibet-util.el added
lisp/mule/tibet-util.elc added
lisp/mule/tibetan.el added
lisp/mule/tibetan.elc added
lisp/mule/viet-chars.el removed
lisp/mule/viet-util.el added
lisp/mule/viet-util.elc added
lisp/mule/vietnamese.el changed 94.1% diff
lisp/mule/vietnamese.elc added
lisp/multicast.el changed 85.5% diff
lisp/multicast.elc added
lisp/mwheel.el changed 42.4% diff
lisp/mwheel.elc added
lisp/newcomment.el added
lisp/newcomment.elc added
lisp/next-error.el added
lisp/next-error.elc added
lisp/objects.el removed
lisp/obsolete.el changed 67.3% diff
lisp/obsolete.elc added
lisp/occur.el added
lisp/occur.elc added
lisp/package-admin.el changed 30.0% diff
lisp/package-admin.elc added
lisp/package-get.el changed 11.0% diff
lisp/package-get.elc added
lisp/package-info.el changed 15.1% diff
lisp/package-info.elc added
lisp/package-net.el changed 8.9% diff
lisp/package-net.elc added
lisp/package-ui.el changed 9.6% diff
lisp/package-ui.elc added
lisp/packages.el changed 42.0% diff
lisp/packages.elc added
lisp/page.el changed 26.0% diff
lisp/page.elc added
lisp/paragraphs.el changed 73.9% diff
lisp/paragraphs.elc added
lisp/paths.el changed 12.6% diff
lisp/paths.elc added
lisp/picture.el changed 2.9% diff
lisp/picture.elc added
lisp/post-gc.el added
lisp/post-gc.elc added
lisp/printer.el changed 7.5% diff
lisp/printer.elc added
lisp/process.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/process.elc added
lisp/raw-process.el added
lisp/raw-process.elc added
lisp/rect.el changed 5.4% diff
lisp/rect.elc added
lisp/regexp-opt.el added
lisp/regexp-opt.elc added
lisp/register.el changed 32.1% diff
lisp/register.elc added
lisp/replace.el changed 38.2% diff
lisp/replace.elc added
lisp/resize-minibuffer.el added
lisp/resize-minibuffer.elc added
lisp/scrollbar.el changed 14.5% diff
lisp/scrollbar.elc added
lisp/select.el changed 40.4% diff
lisp/select.elc added
lisp/setup-paths.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/setup-paths.elc added
lisp/shadow.el changed 7.3% diff
lisp/shadow.elc added
lisp/simple.el changed 22.7% diff
lisp/simple.elc added
lisp/site-load.el changed 25.7% diff
lisp/sound.el changed 21.8% diff
lisp/sound.elc added
lisp/special-mode.el added
lisp/special-mode.elc added
lisp/specifier.el changed 89.7% diff
lisp/specifier.elc added
lisp/startup.el changed 64.9% diff
lisp/startup.elc added
lisp/subr.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/subr.elc added
lisp/symbol-syntax.el changed 16.1% diff
lisp/symbol-syntax.elc added
lisp/symbols.el changed 11.2% diff
lisp/symbols.elc added
lisp/syntax-ppss.el added
lisp/syntax-ppss.elc added
lisp/syntax.el changed 23.0% diff
lisp/syntax.elc added
lisp/term/apollo.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/term/apollo.elc added
lisp/term/AT386.el changed 29.0% diff
lisp/term/AT386.elc added
lisp/term/bg-mouse.el changed 13.4% diff
lisp/term/bg-mouse.elc added
lisp/term/bobcat.elc added
lisp/term/cygwin.el added
lisp/term/cygwin.elc added
lisp/term/internal.el removed
lisp/term/keyswap.el changed 61.6% diff
lisp/term/keyswap.elc added
lisp/term/linux.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/term/linux.elc added
lisp/term/lk201.el changed 17.9% diff
lisp/term/lk201.elc added
lisp/term/news.el changed 28.3% diff
lisp/term/news.elc added
lisp/term/pc-win.el removed
lisp/term/scoansi.el changed 10.4% diff
lisp/term/scoansi.elc added
lisp/term/sun-mouse.el removed
lisp/term/sun.el removed
lisp/term/sup-mouse.el changed 13.6% diff
lisp/term/sup-mouse.elc added
lisp/term/tvi970.el changed 17.8% diff
lisp/term/tvi970.elc added
lisp/term/vt-control.el changed 19.8% diff
lisp/term/vt-control.elc added
lisp/term/vt100-led.el changed 31.7% diff
lisp/term/vt100-led.elc added
lisp/term/vt100.el changed 41.2% diff
lisp/term/vt100.elc added
lisp/term/vt102.elc added
lisp/term/vt125.elc added
lisp/term/vt200.elc added
lisp/term/vt201.elc added
lisp/term/vt220.elc added
lisp/term/vt240.elc added
lisp/term/vt300.elc added
lisp/term/vt320.elc added
lisp/term/vt400.elc added
lisp/term/vt420.elc added
lisp/term/win32-win.el removed
lisp/term/wyse50.el changed 17.5% diff
lisp/term/wyse50.elc added
lisp/term/xterm.el changed 12.7% diff
lisp/term/xterm.elc added
lisp/test-harness.elc added
lisp/text-mode.el changed 9.9% diff
lisp/text-mode.elc added
lisp/text-props.el changed 3.5% diff
lisp/text-props.elc added
lisp/toolbar-items.el changed 21.1% diff
lisp/toolbar-items.elc added
lisp/toolbar.el changed 23.6% diff
lisp/toolbar.elc added
lisp/tty-init.el changed 60.8% diff
lisp/tty-init.elc added
lisp/undo-stack.el changed 6.5% diff
lisp/undo-stack.elc added
lisp/unicode.el added
lisp/unicode.elc added
lisp/update-elc-2.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/update-elc.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/userlock.el changed 7.5% diff
lisp/userlock.elc added
lisp/version.el changed 56.2% diff
lisp/version.elc added
lisp/very-early-lisp.el removed
lisp/view-less.el changed 6.8% diff
lisp/view-less.elc added
lisp/wid-browse.el changed 7.9% diff
lisp/wid-browse.elc added
lisp/wid-edit.el changed 26.9% diff
lisp/wid-edit.elc added
lisp/widget.el changed 44.3% diff
lisp/widget.elc added
lisp/widgets-gtk.el changed 32.9% diff
lisp/widgets-gtk.elc added
lisp/win32-native.el changed 48.3% diff
lisp/win32-native.elc added
lisp/window-xemacs.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/window-xemacs.elc added
lisp/window.el changed 86.5% diff
lisp/window.elc added
lisp/x-compose.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/x-compose.elc added
lisp/x-faces.el changed 70.5% diff
lisp/x-faces.elc added
lisp/x-font-menu.el changed 79.3% diff
lisp/x-font-menu.elc added
lisp/x-init.el changed 70.0% diff
lisp/x-init.elc added
lisp/x-iso8859-1.el removed
lisp/x-misc.el changed 29.0% diff
lisp/x-misc.elc added
lisp/x-mouse.el changed 11.4% diff
lisp/x-mouse.elc added
lisp/x-scrollbar.el changed 15.9% diff
lisp/x-scrollbar.elc added
lisp/x-select.el changed 14.6% diff
lisp/x-select.elc added
lisp/x-win-sun.el changed 33.7% diff
lisp/x-win-sun.elc added
lisp/x-win-xfree86.el changed 100.0% diff
lisp/x-win-xfree86.elc added
modules/auto-autoloads.el added
modules/auto-autoloads.elc added
tests/automated/base64-tests.el changed 7.2% diff
tests/automated/byte-compiler-tests.el changed 14.9% diff
tests/automated/c-tests.el changed 57.8% diff
tests/automated/case-tests.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/automated/ccl-tests.el changed 5.8% diff
tests/automated/completion-tests.el added
tests/automated/database-tests.el changed 42.6% diff
tests/automated/dired-tests.el added
tests/automated/extent-tests.el changed 6.4% diff
tests/automated/file-tests.el added
tests/automated/hash-table-tests.el changed 65.5% diff
tests/automated/iso-ir-196-test.el added
tests/automated/keymap-tests.el added
tests/automated/lisp-reader-tests.el added
tests/automated/lisp-tests.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/automated/md5-tests.el changed 20.0% diff
tests/automated/mule-tests.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/automated/os-tests.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/automated/process-tests.el added
tests/automated/query-coding-tests.el added
tests/automated/regexp-tests.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/automated/region-tests.el added
tests/automated/register-tests.el added
tests/automated/search-tests.el added
tests/automated/symbol-tests.el changed 25.1% diff
tests/automated/syntax-ppss-tests.el added
tests/automated/syntax-tests.el changed 92.7% diff
tests/automated/tag-tests.el changed 25.3% diff
tests/automated/test-harness.el moved 67.4% diff
tests/automated/weak-tests.el added
tests/Dnd/dragtest.el removed
tests/Dnd/droptest.el changed 15.2% diff
tests/frame.el changed 76.8% diff
tests/glyph-test.el changed 12.8% diff
tests/gtk/event-stream-tests.el changed 41.1% diff
tests/gtk/gnome-test.el changed 8.2% diff
tests/gtk/gtk-embedded-test.el changed 71.2% diff
tests/gtk/gtk-extra-test.el changed 100.0% diff
tests/gtk/gtk-test.el changed 0.9% diff
tests/gtk/statusbar-test.el changed 27.7% diff
tests/gtk/toolbar-test.el changed 69.2% diff
tests/gtk/xemacs-toolbar.el changed 93.8% diff
tests/gutter-test.el changed 78.9% diff
tests/mule/match.el changed 32.4% diff
tests/redisplay-tests.el changed 46.6% diff
tests/reproduce-bugs.el removed
tests/reproduce-crashes.el added
tests/tooltalk/simple.el changed 66.8% diff

M4 Macro Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 changed 19.5% diff

Makefiles (13 of 14):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/tests/external-widget/Makefile changed 91.9% diff
man/Makefile changed 54.2% diff
modules/base64/Makefile changed 71.1% diff
modules/common/Makefile.common added
modules/ldap/Makefile removed
modules/sample/Makefile removed
modules/zlib/Makefile changed 68.6% diff
netinstall/setup.mak removed
nt/compface.mak changed 100.0% diff
nt/tiff.mak changed 19.5% diff
nt/xemacs.mak changed 88.9% diff
nt/xpm.mak changed 68.7% diff
tests/tooltalk/Makefile changed 100.0% diff

Man Pages (3 of 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/etags.1 changed 64.3% diff
etc/gnuserv.1 changed 60.5% diff
etc/xemacs.1 changed 22.8% diff

Module-Definition Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/site.def removed
nt/Xpm.def changed 22.4% diff

Yacc Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
netinstall/iniparse.y removed

Configure Scripts (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure changed 100.0% diff
modules/canna/configure added
modules/ldap/configure added
modules/postgresql/configure added

Glade Interfaces (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
tests/gtk/gtk-test.glade changed 19.6% diff

GNU GPG Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/package-index.LATEST.gpg changed 0.001%

HTML Pages (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/oreilly.html added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/unicode-consortium.html added

Info Documents (all 40):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
info/beta.info added
info/cl.info added
info/emodules.info added
info/external-widget.info added
info/info.info added
info/internals.info added
info/internals.info-1 added
info/internals.info-2 added
info/internals.info-3 added
info/internals.info-4 added
info/internals.info-5 added
info/internals.info-6 added
info/lispref.info added
info/lispref.info-1 added
info/lispref.info-10 added
info/lispref.info-2 added
info/lispref.info-3 added
info/lispref.info-4 added
info/lispref.info-5 added
info/lispref.info-6 added
info/lispref.info-7 added
info/lispref.info-8 added
info/lispref.info-9 added
info/new-users-guide.info added
info/standards.info added
info/termcap.info added
info/texinfo.info added
info/texinfo.info-1 added
info/texinfo.info-2 added
info/texinfo.info-3 added
info/widget.info added
info/xemacs-faq.info added
info/xemacs-faq.info-1 added
info/xemacs-faq.info-2 added
info/xemacs.info added
info/xemacs.info-1 added
info/xemacs.info-2 added
info/xemacs.info-3 added
info/xemacs.info-4 added
info/xemacs.info-5 added

Mercurial Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
.hgignore added
.hgtags added

MS Office Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/tooltalk.doc changed 5.6%

MS Visual Studio Files (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/xemacs-vc50.dsp removed
nt/xemacs-vc50.dsw removed
nt/xemacs.dsp changed 3.2%
nt/xemacs.dsw changed 6.3%

Registry Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
nt/installer/Wise/el.reg removed

Resource Files (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
netinstall/res.rc removed
nt/xemacs.rc changed 100.0% diff

TeX Documents (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/refcard.tex changed 0.005%
man/texinfo.tex changed 61.4%

Texinfo Files (105 of 140):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
man/beta.texi added
man/cl.texi changed 7.3% diff
man/custom.texi removed
man/doclicense.texi added
man/emodules.texi changed 11.9% diff
man/external-widget.texi changed 9.0% diff
man/info.texi changed 100.0% diff
man/internals/index.texi removed
man/internals/internals.texi changed 100.0% diff
man/lispref/abbrevs.texi changed 2.7% diff
man/lispref/annotations.texi changed 3.9% diff
man/lispref/backups.texi changed 1.9% diff
man/lispref/buffers.texi changed 2.0% diff
man/lispref/building.texi changed 17.1% diff
man/lispref/commands.texi changed 4.1% diff
man/lispref/compile.texi changed 2.3% diff
man/lispref/consoles-devices.texi changed 0.5% diff
man/lispref/control.texi changed 5.6% diff
man/lispref/customize.texi changed 30.8% diff
man/lispref/databases.texi changed 1.7% diff
man/lispref/debugging.texi changed 2.8% diff
man/lispref/dialog.texi changed 6.6% diff
man/lispref/display.texi changed 4.2% diff
man/lispref/dragndrop.texi changed 26.8% diff
man/lispref/edebug-inc.texi changed 0.3% diff
man/lispref/eval.texi changed 23.8% diff
man/lispref/extents.texi changed 2.3% diff
man/lispref/faces.texi changed 6.6% diff
man/lispref/files.texi changed 2.6% diff
man/lispref/frames.texi changed 3.5% diff
man/lispref/functions.texi changed 6.4% diff
man/lispref/glyphs.texi changed 5.2% diff
man/lispref/gutter.texi changed 33.4% diff
man/lispref/hash-tables.texi changed 17.2% diff
man/lispref/help.texi changed 2.1% diff
man/lispref/internationalization.texi changed 25.7% diff
man/lispref/intro.texi changed 3.6% diff
man/lispref/keymaps.texi changed 4.7% diff
man/lispref/ldap.texi changed 0.7% diff
man/lispref/lispref.texi changed 1.6% diff
man/lispref/lists.texi changed 24.0% diff
man/lispref/loading.texi changed 1.1% diff
man/lispref/locals.texi changed 3.9% diff
man/lispref/macros.texi changed 10.1% diff
man/lispref/markers.texi changed 1.6% diff
man/lispref/menus.texi changed 2.9% diff
man/lispref/minibuf.texi changed 2.0% diff
man/lispref/modes.texi changed 1.5% diff
man/lispref/mule.texi changed 50.4% diff
man/lispref/numbers.texi changed 80.8% diff
man/lispref/objects.texi changed 11.7% diff
man/lispref/os.texi changed 3.9% diff
man/lispref/packaging.texi changed 8.8% diff
man/lispref/positions.texi changed 4.2% diff
man/lispref/postgresql.texi changed 0.7% diff
man/lispref/processes.texi changed 2.8% diff
man/lispref/range-tables.texi changed 100.0% diff
man/lispref/scrollbars.texi changed 15.9% diff
man/lispref/searching.texi changed 13.4% diff
man/lispref/sequences.texi changed 6.5% diff
man/lispref/specifiers.texi changed 27.8% diff
man/lispref/streams.texi changed 1.6% diff
man/lispref/strings.texi changed 4.9% diff
man/lispref/symbols.texi changed 3.2% diff
man/lispref/syntax.texi changed 2.3% diff
man/lispref/text.texi changed 2.1% diff
man/lispref/tips.texi changed 2.7% diff
man/lispref/toolbar.texi changed 2.5% diff
man/lispref/tooltalk.texi changed 5.0% diff
man/lispref/variables.texi changed 5.1% diff
man/lispref/windows.texi changed 6.0% diff
man/lispref/x-windows.texi changed 2.0% diff
man/make-stds.texi changed 0.2% diff
man/standards.texi changed 0.5% diff
man/term.texi removed
man/termcap.texi changed 0.2% diff
man/texinfo.texi moved 68.6% diff
man/texinfo/fdl.texi added
man/texinfo/version.texi added
man/widget.texi changed 44.3% diff
man/xemacs-faq.texi changed 9.2% diff
man/xemacs/building.texi changed 5.0% diff
man/xemacs/cmdargs.texi changed 7.9% diff
man/xemacs/custom.texi changed 32.1% diff
man/xemacs/display.texi changed 25.9% diff
man/xemacs/entering.texi changed 4.4% diff
man/xemacs/files.texi changed 1.7% diff
man/xemacs/frame.texi changed 0.9% diff
man/xemacs/help.texi changed 3.3% diff
man/xemacs/keystrokes.texi changed 12.4% diff
man/xemacs/major.texi changed 24.4% diff
man/xemacs/menus.texi changed 1.1% diff
man/xemacs/mini.texi changed 1.0% diff
man/xemacs/misc.texi changed 1.6% diff
man/xemacs/mule.texi changed 100.0% diff
man/xemacs/new.texi changed 17.9% diff
man/xemacs/packages.texi changed 4.5% diff
man/xemacs/programs.texi changed 0.4% diff
man/xemacs/search.texi changed 0.6% diff
man/xemacs/sending.texi changed 3.3% diff
man/xemacs/startup.texi changed 18.6% diff
man/xemacs/text.texi changed 1.6% diff
man/xemacs/trouble.texi changed 0.4% diff
man/xemacs/xemacs.texi changed 2.7% diff

UCM Files (all 25):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-BIG5-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-EUC_CN-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-EUC_JP-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-EUC_KR-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-EUC_TW-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_1-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_10-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_11-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_13-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_14-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_15-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_2-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_3-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_4-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_5-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_6-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_7-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_8-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-ISO_8859_9-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-JOHAB-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-KOI8_R-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-KOI8_U-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-KOI_8-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-SJIS-2.1.2.ucm added
etc/unicode/ibm/glibc-TIS_620-2.1.2.ucm added

Data Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
info/dir changed 42.9% diff

Icons (1 of 5):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/xemacs-X.ico added

Image Files (19 of 118):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/chr.png moved 0.0%
etc/chrm.png moved 0.0%
etc/photos/dv.png removed
etc/photos/james.png added
etc/photos/jamesm.png added
etc/photos/jason.png added
etc/photos/jasonm.png added
etc/photos/oscar.png added
etc/photos/oscarm.png added
etc/photos/purvis.png added
etc/photos/purvism.png added
etc/photos/youngs.png removed
etc/photos/youngsm.png removed
etc/xemacs-X-16.png added
etc/xemacs-X-32.png added
nt/installer/Wise/gnu.bmp removed
nt/installer/Wise/xemacs-beta.bmp removed

X Pixmap Files (all 205):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
etc/custom/check0.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/check1.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/down-pushed.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/down.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/face.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/folder.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/option.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/radio0.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/radio1.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/right-pushed.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/custom/right.xpm changed 100.0% diff
etc/eos/eos-build.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-clear-at.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-cont.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-dismiss.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-down.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-evaluate-star.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-evaluate.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-fix.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-intro.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-introB.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-introD.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-introDB.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-run.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-run2.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-step-into.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-step-over.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-stop-in.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-stop.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-type.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/eos/eos-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/gnu.xbm removed
etc/gnu.xpm removed
etc/gray1.xbm changed 100.0% diff
etc/recycle.xpm changed 20.1% diff
etc/recycle2.xpm changed 45.6% diff
etc/sink.xbm removed
etc/sparcworks/SW.Editor.xpm removed
etc/toolbar/compile-cap-up.xpm changed 44.4% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.8% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-up.xpm changed 60.0% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/compile-xx.xpm changed 59.9% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-cap-up.xpm changed 45.4% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.9% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-up.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/copy-xx.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-cap-up.xpm changed 46.1% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.9% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-up.xpm changed 60.4% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/cut-xx.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-cap-up.xpm changed 44.4% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.8% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-up.xpm changed 60.0% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/debug-xx.xpm changed 59.9% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-cap-up.xpm changed 44.9% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-up.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/disk-xx.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/file-cap-up.xpm changed 45.4% diff
etc/toolbar/file-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.9% diff
etc/toolbar/file-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/file-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/file-up.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/file-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/file-xx.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-cap-up.xpm changed 45.3% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.8% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-up.xpm changed 61.7% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/folder-xx.xpm changed 61.6% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-cap-up.xpm changed 47.0% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-cap-xx.xpm changed 47.8% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-up.xpm changed 61.9% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-def-xx.xpm changed 63.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-cap-up.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-dn.xbm changed 85.6% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-up.xbm changed 85.6% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-up.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-xx.xbm changed 85.6% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit.xbm changed 85.6% diff
etc/toolbar/info-exit.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-cap-up.xpm changed 58.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-cap-xx.xpm changed 58.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-up.xpm changed 58.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next-xx.xpm changed 58.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-next.xpm changed 58.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-cap-up.xpm changed 59.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-cap-xx.xpm changed 59.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-up.xpm changed 59.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev-xx.xpm changed 59.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-prev.xpm changed 59.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-cap-up.xpm changed 59.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-cap-xx.xpm changed 59.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-up.xpm changed 59.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up-xx.xpm changed 59.4% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/info-up.xpm changed 59.4% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-cap-up.xpm changed 45.3% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.3% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-up.xpm changed 59.1% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/last-win-xx.xpm changed 59.0% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-cap-up.xpm changed 44.9% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-up.xpm changed 61.0% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/mail-xx.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/news-cap-up.xpm changed 44.9% diff
etc/toolbar/news-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.3% diff
etc/toolbar/news-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/news-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/news-up.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/news-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/news-xx.xpm changed 60.8% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-cap-up.xpm changed 45.3% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.3% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-up.xpm changed 59.0% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/next-win-xx.xpm changed 58.9% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-cap-up.xpm changed 44.9% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-up.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/paste-xx.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-cap-up.xpm changed 44.4% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.8% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-up.xpm changed 60.0% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/printer-xx.xpm changed 59.9% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-cap-up.xpm changed 46.9% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-cap-xx.xpm changed 47.7% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-up.xpm changed 61.8% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/replace-xx.xpm changed 63.2% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-cap-up.xpm changed 44.5% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-cap-xx.xpm changed 45.9% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-up.xpm changed 60.2% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/spell-xx.xpm changed 60.1% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-cap-up.xpm changed 44.9% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-cap-xx.xpm changed 46.4% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-dn.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-up.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-up.xpm changed 61.0% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-xx.xbm changed 96.3% diff
etc/toolbar/undo-xx.xpm changed 60.9% diff
etc/toolbar/workshop-cap-up.xpm changed 41.4% diff
etc/toolbar/workshop-cap-xx.xpm changed 42.6% diff
etc/toolbar/workshop-up.xpm changed 54.9% diff
etc/toolbar/workshop-xx.xpm changed 54.8% diff
etc/trash.xpm changed 32.7% diff
etc/xemacs-beta.xpm changed 1.1% diff
etc/xemacs-icon.xpm changed 22.3% diff
etc/xemacs-icon2.xbm changed 33.7% diff
etc/xemacs-icon2.xpm changed 21.3% diff
etc/xemacs-icon3.xpm changed 22.7% diff
etc/xemacs.xbm changed 5.9% diff
etc/xemacs.xpm changed 1.1% diff

Directories (23 of 58):

dynodump removed
dynodump/i386 removed
dynodump/ppc removed
dynodump/sparc removed
etc/bundled-packages added
etc/idd removed
etc/sparcworks removed
etc/unicode added
etc/unicode/ibm added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs added
etc/unicode/other added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium added
lock added
man/texinfo added
modules/canna added
modules/common added
modules/postgresql added
modules/sample/external added
modules/sample/internal added
nt/installer removed
nt/installer/Wise removed
tests/autoconf added
tests/DLL removed

Change Logs (all 20):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ChangeLog changed 50.2% diff
CHANGES-beta added
CHANGES-msw removed
CHANGES-release removed
etc/ChangeLog added
etc/NEWS changed 8.0% diff
lib-src/ChangeLog changed 56.3% diff
lisp/ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff
lisp/ChangeLog.1 removed
lisp/ChangeLog.GTK changed 7.3% diff
lwlib/ChangeLog changed 68.7% diff
man/ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff
modules/ChangeLog added
netinstall/ChangeLog removed
nt/ChangeLog changed 77.9% diff
src/ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff
src/ChangeLog.1 removed
src/ChangeLog.2 removed
src/ChangeLog.GTK changed 1.9% diff
tests/ChangeLog changed 100.0% diff

Information Files (34 of 35):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
BUGS removed
etc/BETA removed
etc/CHARSETS removed
etc/CODINGS removed
etc/DEBUG removed
etc/DISTRIB removed
etc/ETAGS.EBNF changed 15.7% diff
etc/FTP removed
etc/GNU removed
etc/HELLO changed 100.0% diff
etc/LPF removed
etc/MACHINES removed
etc/MAILINGLISTS removed
etc/MORE.STUFF removed
etc/MOTIVATION removed
etc/ONEWS changed 1.7% diff
etc/OONEWS changed 0.4% diff
etc/ORDERS removed
etc/ORDERS.EUROPE removed
etc/ORDERS.JAPAN removed
etc/OXYMORONS removed
etc/PACKAGES removed
etc/PROBLEMS added
etc/SERVICE removed
etc/TERMS removed
etc/TUTORIAL changed 100.0% diff
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/HANGUL.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/JOHAB.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/SHIFTJIS.TXT added
etc/VEGETABLES added
INSTALL changed 100.0% diff
nt/PROBLEMS removed
PROBLEMS changed 5.2% diff

Licenses (all 6):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
COPYING changed 100.0% diff
etc/COPYING changed 100.0% diff
etc/COPYING.LIB removed
etc/unicode/COPYING added
etc/unicode/ibm/COPYING added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/COPYING added

Readme Files (25 of 29):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
dynodump/README removed
etc/bundled-packages/README added
etc/ETAGS.README changed 27.8% diff
etc/gnuserv.README changed 20.0% diff
etc/README changed 60.2% diff
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/README added
etc/unicode/README added
lisp/README changed 100.0% diff
lisp/term/README changed 39.2% diff
modules/README changed 100.0% diff
netinstall/README removed
netinstall/README.xemacs removed
nt/installer/Wise/README removed
nt/README changed 75.7% diff
README changed 100.0% diff
README.GPLv3 added
README.packages removed
src/README changed 5.1% diff
src/README.global-renaming added
src/README.kkcc added
src/s/README changed 26.2% diff
tests/Dnd/README changed 26.3% diff
tests/Dnd/README.OffiX removed

Text Files (88 of 100):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.usage removed
etc/Emacs.ad changed 13.7% diff
etc/emacskeys.sco removed
etc/emacsstrs.sco removed
etc/gtkrc changed 100.0% diff
etc/idd/drop removed
etc/idd/dropmsk removed
etc/ms-kermit removed
etc/ms-kermit-7bit removed
etc/sample.Xdefaults changed 100.0% diff
etc/sample.Xresources added
etc/sparcworks/sunpro-mailcap removed
etc/TUTORIAL.de changed 100.0% diff
etc/TUTORIAL.es added
etc/TUTORIAL.ja changed 0.2% diff
etc/TUTORIAL.nl added
etc/TUTORIAL.sk added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-1.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-2.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-3.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-4.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-5.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-6.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-cns11643-7.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/chinese-sisheng.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/ethiopic.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/indian-is13194.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/ipa.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/japanese-jisx0213-1.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/japanese-jisx0213-2.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/thai-tis620.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/tibetan.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/vietnamese-viscii-lower.txt added
etc/unicode/mule-ucs/vietnamese-viscii-upper.txt added
etc/unicode/other/lao.txt added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-1.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-10.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-13.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-14.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-15.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-16.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-2.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-3.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-4.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-5.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-6.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-7.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-8.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/8859-9.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/BIG5.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CNS11643.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1250.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1251.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1252.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1253.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1254.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1255.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1256.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1257.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP1258.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP874.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP932.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP936.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP949.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/CP950.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/GB12345.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/GB2312.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/JIS0201.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/JIS0208.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/JIS0212.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/KOI8-R.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/KSC5601.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/KSX1001.TXT added
etc/unicode/unicode-consortium/OLD5601.TXT added
etc/xemacs-ja.1 removed
lisp/mule/mule-locale.txt added
nt/config.inc.samp changed 100.0% diff
nt/installer/Wise/display readme.dlg removed
nt/installer/Wise/libs.dlg removed
nt/installer/Wise/type.dlg removed
nt/installer/Wise/welcome.dlg removed
nt/installer/Wise/xemacs.tmpl removed
nt/make-nt-depend added
src/.dbxrc removed
src/.gdbinit removed
src/depend changed 100.0% diff
tests/auc-tex-test removed

Other Files (1 of 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
lib-src/srcdir-symlink.stamp removed

Packages Compared:


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