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Source code changes of the file "xbmc/cores/VideoPlayer/DVDCodecs/Video/DVDVideoCodecAndroidMediaCodec.h" between
xbmc-18.8-Leia.tar.gz and xbmc-18.9-Leia.tar.gz

About: XBMC is a software media player and entertainment hub for digital media that plays almost all popular audio and video formats around (new name "Kodi").

DVDVideoCodecAndroidMediaCodec.h  (xbmc-18.8-Leia):DVDVideoCodecAndroidMediaCodec.h  (xbmc-18.9-Leia)
skipping to change at line 149 skipping to change at line 149
std::string m_codecname; std::string m_codecname;
int m_colorFormat; int m_colorFormat;
std::string m_formatname; std::string m_formatname;
bool m_opened; bool m_opened;
bool m_needSecureDecoder = false; bool m_needSecureDecoder = false;
int m_codecControlFlags; int m_codecControlFlags;
int m_state; int m_state;
int m_noPictureLoop; int m_noPictureLoop;
std::shared_ptr<CJNIXBMCVideoView> m_jnivideoview; std::shared_ptr<CJNIXBMCVideoView> m_jnivideoview;
CJNISurface* m_jnisurface;
CJNISurface m_jnivideosurface; CJNISurface m_jnivideosurface;
unsigned int m_textureId; unsigned int m_textureId;
std::shared_ptr<CJNIMediaCodec> m_codec; std::shared_ptr<CJNIMediaCodec> m_codec;
CJNIMediaCrypto* m_crypto = nullptr; CJNIMediaCrypto* m_crypto = nullptr;
std::shared_ptr<CJNISurfaceTexture> m_surfaceTexture; std::shared_ptr<CJNISurfaceTexture> m_surfaceTexture;
std::shared_ptr<CDVDMediaCodecOnFrameAvailable> m_frameAvailable; std::shared_ptr<CDVDMediaCodecOnFrameAvailable> m_frameAvailable;
amc_demux m_demux_pkt; amc_demux m_demux_pkt;
std::shared_ptr<CMediaCodecVideoBufferPool> m_videoBufferPool; std::shared_ptr<CMediaCodecVideoBufferPool> m_videoBufferPool;
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1 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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