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Source code changes of the file "xbmc/windows/GUIMediaWindow.cpp" between
xbmc-18.7.1-Leia.tar.gz and xbmc-18.8-Leia.tar.gz

About: XBMC is a software media player and entertainment hub for digital media that plays almost all popular audio and video formats around (new name "Kodi").

GUIMediaWindow.cpp  (xbmc-18.7.1-Leia):GUIMediaWindow.cpp  (xbmc-18.8-Leia)
skipping to change at line 557 skipping to change at line 557
// check for network up // check for network up
if (URIUtils::IsRemote(m_vecItems->GetPath()) && !WaitForNetwork()) if (URIUtils::IsRemote(m_vecItems->GetPath()) && !WaitForNetwork())
{ {
m_vecItems->SetPath(""); m_vecItems->SetPath("");
resetHistory = true; resetHistory = true;
} }
if (resetHistory) if (resetHistory)
{ {
m_vecItems->RemoveDiscCache(GetID()); m_vecItems->RemoveDiscCache(GetID());
SetHistoryForPath(m_vecItems->GetPath()); // only compute the history for the provided path if "return" is not d
// (otherwise the root level for the path will be added by default to
the path history
// and we won't be able to move back to the path we came from)
if (!returning)
} }
} }
if (message.GetParam1() != WINDOW_INVALID) if (message.GetParam1() != WINDOW_INVALID)
{ // first time to this window - make sure we set the root path {
m_startDirectory = returning ? dir : GetRootPath(); // if this is the first time to this window - make sure we set the root
// if "return" is defined make sure we set the startDirectory to the dir
ectory we are
// moving to (so that we can move back to where we were onBack). If we a
re activating
// the same window but with a different path, do nothing - we are simply
adding to the
// window history.
if (message.GetParam1() != message.GetParam2())
m_startDirectory = returning ? dir : GetRootPath();
} }
if (message.GetParam2() == PLUGIN_REFRESH_DELAY) if (message.GetParam2() == PLUGIN_REFRESH_DELAY)
{ {
Refresh(); Refresh();
SetInitialVisibility(); SetInitialVisibility();
RestoreControlStates(); RestoreControlStates();
SetInitialVisibility(); SetInitialVisibility();
return true; return true;
} }
} }
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
3 lines changed or deleted 19 lines changed or added

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