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Source code changes of the file "xbmc/network/httprequesthandler/HTTPPythonHandler.cpp" between
xbmc-18.7.1-Leia.tar.gz and xbmc-18.8-Leia.tar.gz

About: XBMC is a software media player and entertainment hub for digital media that plays almost all popular audio and video formats around (new name "Kodi").

HTTPPythonHandler.cpp  (xbmc-18.7.1-Leia):HTTPPythonHandler.cpp  (xbmc-18.8-Leia)
skipping to change at line 115 skipping to change at line 115
return false; return false;
// static webinterfaces aren't allowed to run python scripts // static webinterfaces aren't allowed to run python scripts
ADDON::CWebinterface* webinterface = static_cast<ADDON::CWebinterface*>(addon. get()); ADDON::CWebinterface* webinterface = static_cast<ADDON::CWebinterface*>(addon. get());
if (webinterface->GetType() != ADDON::WebinterfaceTypeWsgi) if (webinterface->GetType() != ADDON::WebinterfaceTypeWsgi)
return false; return false;
return true; return true;
} }
int CHTTPPythonHandler::HandleRequest() MHD_RESULT CHTTPPythonHandler::HandleRequest()
{ {
if (m_response.type == HTTPError || m_response.type == HTTPRedirect) if (m_response.type == HTTPError || m_response.type == HTTPRedirect)
return MHD_YES; return MHD_YES;
std::vector<std::string> args; std::vector<std::string> args;
args.push_back(m_scriptPath); args.push_back(m_scriptPath);
try try
{ {
HTTPPythonRequest* pythonRequest = new HTTPPythonRequest(); HTTPPythonRequest* pythonRequest = new HTTPPythonRequest();
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1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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