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Source code changes report for "wvWare" between the packages
wv2-0.4.2.tar.gz and wv-1.2.9.tar.gz

About: wvWare (formerly MSWordView) converts Microsoft’s Word 2000,97,95 and 6 (known internally as word 9,8,7 and 6) into HTML.


The "wvWare" source code changed by about 100.0% and now consists of 760 files.

Changes In Files (According File Type):

File TypeTotalAddedRemovedChanged
Header file 55 13 42 0
C program 103 100 3 0
C++ program 48 0 48 0
Perl program 2 0 2 0
Python program 1 0 1 0
Shell program 19 19 0 0
Automake file 14 13 1 0
CMake file 12 0 12 0
M4 macro file 1 1 0 0
Man page 14 14 0 0
Pkg-config file 1 1 0 0
XML document 9 9 0 0
Configure script 1 1 0 0
CVS file 4 0 4 0
Doxygen file 1 0 1 0
DTD file 1 1 0 0
HTML page 4 0 4 0
MS office document 1 0 1 0
Image file 441 438 3 0
Vector Image file 1 0 1 0
Directory 11 5 6 0
Change log 2 1 1 0
Information file 7 0 6 1
License 2 1 1 0
Readme file 1 0 0 1
Text file 4 0 4 0
Total Files7606171412

Header Files (all 55):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
bintree.h added
config.h.in added
crc32.h added
getopt.h added
hdr.h added
md5.h added
plan9.h added
rc4.h added
roman.h added
src/associatedstrings.h removed
src/convert.h removed
src/crc32.h removed
src/dllmagic.h removed
src/fields.h removed
src/fonts.h removed
src/footnotes97.h removed
src/functor.h removed
src/functordata.h removed
src/generator/template-conv.h removed
src/generator/template-Word95.h removed
src/generator/template-Word97.h removed
src/global.h removed
src/graphics.h removed
src/handlers.h removed
src/headers.h removed
src/headers95.h removed
src/headers97.h removed
src/lists.h removed
src/olestorage.h removed
src/olestream.h removed
src/paragraphproperties.h removed
src/parser.h removed
src/parser95.h removed
src/parser97.h removed
src/parser9x.h removed
src/parserfactory.h removed
src/properties97.h removed
src/sharedptr.h removed
src/styles.h removed
src/textconverter.h removed
src/ustring.h removed
src/utilities.h removed
src/word95_generated.h removed
src/word95_helper.h removed
src/word97_generated.h removed
src/word97_helper.h removed
src/word_helper.h removed
src/wv2version.h removed
src/wvlog.h removed
src/zcodec.hxx removed
tests/test.h removed
utf.h added
winmmap.h added
wv.h added
wvinternal.h added

C Programs (all 103):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
anld.c added
anlv.c added
asumy.c added
asumyi.c added
atrd.c added
basename.c added
bintree.c added
bkd.c added
bkf.c added
bkl.c added
blip.c added
brc.c added
bte.c added
bx.c added
chp.c added
clx.c added
cmake/TestModernIconv.c removed
cmake/TestModernZlib.c removed
dcs.c added
decode_complex.c added
decode_simple.c added
decompresswmf.c added
decrypt95.c added
decrypt97.c added
dogrid.c added
dop.c added
doptypography.c added
dttm.c added
error.c added
escher.c added
fbse.c added
fdoa.c added
ffn.c added
fib.c added
field.c added
filetime.c added
fkp.c added
fld.c added
font.c added
fopt.c added
frd.c added
fspa.c added
ftxbxs.c added
generic.c added
getopt.c added
getopt1.c added
isbidi.c added
laolareplace.c added
lfo.c added
list.c added
lspd.c added
lst.c added
lvl.c added
md5.c added
mtextra.c added
numrm.c added
olst.c added
pap.c added
pcd.c added
pgd.c added
phe.c added
picf.c added
plcf.c added
prm.c added
rc4.c added
reasons.c added
roman.c added
rr.c added
rs.c added
sed.c added
sep.c added
shd.c added
sprm.c added
src/crc32.c moved 73.8% diff
strcasecmp.c added
sttbf.c added
stylesheet.c added
support.c added
symbol.c added
table.c added
tap.c added
tbd.c added
tc.c added
text.c added
tlp.c added
twips.c added
unicode.c added
utf.c added
version.c added
version.c.in added
winmmap.c added
wkb.c added
wvConfig.c added
wvConvert.c added
wvHtmlEngine.c added
wvparse.c added
wvRTF.c added
wvSummary.c added
wvTextEngine.c added
wvVersion.c added
wvWare.c added
xst.c added

C++ Programs (all 48):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/associatedstrings.cpp removed
src/convert.cpp removed
src/fields.cpp removed
src/fonts.cpp removed
src/footnotes97.cpp removed
src/functor.cpp removed
src/functordata.cpp removed
src/generator/template-conv.cpp removed
src/generator/template-Word95.cpp removed
src/generator/template-Word97.cpp removed
src/global.cpp removed
src/graphics.cpp removed
src/handlers.cpp removed
src/headers.cpp removed
src/headers95.cpp removed
src/headers97.cpp removed
src/lists.cpp removed
src/olestorage.cpp removed
src/olestream.cpp removed
src/paragraphproperties.cpp removed
src/parser.cpp removed
src/parser95.cpp removed
src/parser97.cpp removed
src/parser9x.cpp removed
src/parserfactory.cpp removed
src/properties97.cpp removed
src/styles.cpp removed
src/textconverter.cpp removed
src/ustring.cpp removed
src/utilities.cpp removed
src/word95_generated.cpp removed
src/word95_helper.cpp removed
src/word97_generated.cpp removed
src/word97_helper.cpp removed
src/word_helper.cpp removed
src/wv2version.cpp removed
src/wvlog.cpp removed
src/zcodec.cxx removed
tests/handlertest.cpp removed
tests/helpertest.cpp removed
tests/iconvtest.cpp removed
tests/oletest.cpp removed
tests/parsertest.cpp removed
tests/parsertest_mem.cpp removed
tests/sharedptrtest.cpp removed
tests/ustringtest.cpp removed
tests/word95_test.cpp removed
tests/word97_test.cpp removed

Perl Programs (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
src/generator/converter.pl removed
src/generator/generate.pl removed

Python Programs (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
tests/regression removed

Shell Programs (all 19):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
autogen.sh added
config.guess added
config.sub added
depcomp added
install-sh added
ltmain.sh added
missing added
mkinstalldirs added
wvAbw.in added
wvCleanLatex.in added
wvDocBook.in added
wvDVI.in added
wvHtml.in added
wvLatex.in added
wvMime added
wvPDF.in added
wvPS.in added
wvText.in added
wvWml.in added

Automake Files (all 14):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure.ac added
GNUmakefile.am added
GNUmakefile.in added
help/GNUmakefile.am added
help/GNUmakefile.in added
help/man/GNUmakefile.am added
help/man/GNUmakefile.in added
patterns/GNUmakefile.am added
patterns/GNUmakefile.in added
src/generator/Makefile.am removed
wingdingfont/GNUmakefile.am added
wingdingfont/GNUmakefile.in added
xml/GNUmakefile.am added
xml/GNUmakefile.in added

CMake Files (all 12):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
cmake/FindGLIB2.cmake removed
cmake/FindIconv.cmake removed
cmake/FindLIBGSF.cmake removed
cmake/generate_converter.cmake removed
cmake/generate_scanner.cmake removed
cmake/MacroCreateLibtoolFile.cmake removed
CMakeLists.txt removed
config.h.cmake removed
src/CMakeLists.txt removed
src/generator/CMakeLists.txt removed
tests/CMakeLists.txt removed
wv2-config.cmake removed

M4 Macro Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
aclocal.m4 added

Man Pages (all 14):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
help/man/wvAbw.1 added
help/man/wvCleanLatex.1 added
help/man/wvDVI.1 added
help/man/wvHtml.1 added
help/man/wvLatex.1 added
help/man/wvMime.1 added
help/man/wvPDF.1 added
help/man/wvPS.1 added
help/man/wvRTF.1 added
help/man/wvSummary.1 added
help/man/wvText.1 added
help/man/wvVersion.1 added
help/man/wvWare.1 added
help/man/wvWml.1 added

Pkg-config Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
wv-1.0.pc.in added

XML Documents (all 9):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
xml/wvAbw.xml added
xml/wvCleanLaTeX.xml added
xml/wvConfig.xml added
xml/wvDocbook.xml added
xml/wvHtml.xml added
xml/wvLaTeX.xml added
xml/wvText.xml added
xml/wvWml.xml added
xml/wvXml.xml added

Configure Scripts (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
configure added

CVS Files (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/.cvsignore removed
src/.cvsignore removed
src/generator/.cvsignore removed
tests/.cvsignore removed

Doxygen Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/doxyfile removed

DTD Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
xml/wvXml.dtd added

HTML Pages (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/DESIGN.html removed
doc/escher/escher.html removed
src/generator/generator_wword6.htm removed
src/generator/generator_wword8.htm removed

MS Office Documents (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
tests/testole.doc removed

Image Files (all 441):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/arch.png removed
doc/escher/121819.gif removed
doc/parsers.png removed
patterns/100.gif added
patterns/101.gif added
patterns/102.gif added
patterns/103.gif added
patterns/104.gif added
patterns/105.gif added
patterns/106.gif added
patterns/107.gif added
patterns/108.gif added
patterns/109.gif added
patterns/110.gif added
patterns/111.gif added
patterns/112.gif added
patterns/113.gif added
patterns/114.gif added
patterns/115.gif added
patterns/116.gif added
patterns/117.gif added
patterns/118.gif added
patterns/119.gif added
patterns/120.gif added
patterns/121.gif added
patterns/122.gif added
patterns/123.gif added
patterns/124.gif added
patterns/125.gif added
patterns/126.gif added
patterns/127.gif added
patterns/128.gif added
patterns/129.gif added
patterns/130.gif added
patterns/131.gif added
patterns/132.gif added
patterns/133.gif added
patterns/134.gif added
patterns/135.gif added
patterns/136.gif added
patterns/137.gif added
patterns/138.gif added
patterns/139.gif added
patterns/14.gif added
patterns/140.gif added
patterns/141.gif added
patterns/142.gif added
patterns/143.gif added
patterns/144.gif added
patterns/145.gif added
patterns/146.gif added
patterns/147.gif added
patterns/148.gif added
patterns/149.gif added
patterns/15.gif added
patterns/150.gif added
patterns/151.gif added
patterns/152.gif added
patterns/153.gif added
patterns/154.gif added
patterns/155.gif added
patterns/156.gif added
patterns/157.gif added
patterns/158.gif added
patterns/159.gif added
patterns/16.gif added
patterns/160.gif added
patterns/161.gif added
patterns/162.gif added
patterns/163.gif added
patterns/164.gif added
patterns/165.gif added
patterns/166.gif added
patterns/167.gif added
patterns/168.gif added
patterns/169.gif added
patterns/17.gif added
patterns/170.gif added
patterns/171.gif added
patterns/172.gif added
patterns/173.gif added
patterns/174.gif added
patterns/175.gif added
patterns/176.gif added
patterns/177.gif added
patterns/178.gif added
patterns/179.gif added
patterns/18.gif added
patterns/180.gif added
patterns/181.gif added
patterns/182.gif added
patterns/183.gif added
patterns/184.gif added
patterns/185.gif added
patterns/186.gif added
patterns/187.gif added
patterns/188.gif added
patterns/189.gif added
patterns/19.gif added
patterns/190.gif added
patterns/191.gif added
patterns/192.gif added
patterns/193.gif added
patterns/194.gif added
patterns/195.gif added
patterns/196.gif added
patterns/197.gif added
patterns/198.gif added
patterns/199.gif added
patterns/20.gif added
patterns/200.gif added
patterns/201.gif added
patterns/202.gif added
patterns/203.gif added
patterns/204.gif added
patterns/205.gif added
patterns/21.gif added
patterns/22.gif added
patterns/23.gif added
patterns/24.gif added
patterns/25.gif added
patterns/26.gif added
patterns/27.gif added
patterns/28.gif added
patterns/29.gif added
patterns/30.gif added
patterns/31.gif added
patterns/32.gif added
patterns/33.gif added
patterns/34.gif added
patterns/35.gif added
patterns/36.gif added
patterns/37.gif added
patterns/38.gif added
patterns/39.gif added
patterns/40.gif added
patterns/41.gif added
patterns/42.gif added
patterns/43.gif added
patterns/44.gif added
patterns/45.gif added
patterns/46.gif added
patterns/47.gif added
patterns/48.gif added
patterns/49.gif added
patterns/50.gif added
patterns/51.gif added
patterns/52.gif added
patterns/53.gif added
patterns/54.gif added
patterns/55.gif added
patterns/56.gif added
patterns/57.gif added
patterns/58.gif added
patterns/59.gif added
patterns/60.gif added
patterns/61.gif added
patterns/62.gif added
patterns/63.gif added
patterns/64.gif added
patterns/65.gif added
patterns/66.gif added
patterns/67.gif added
patterns/68.gif added
patterns/69.gif added
patterns/70.gif added
patterns/71.gif added
patterns/72.gif added
patterns/73.gif added
patterns/74.gif added
patterns/75.gif added
patterns/76.gif added
patterns/77.gif added
patterns/78.gif added
patterns/79.gif added
patterns/80.gif added
patterns/81.gif added
patterns/82.gif added
patterns/83.gif added
patterns/84.gif added
patterns/85.gif added
patterns/86.gif added
patterns/87.gif added
patterns/88.gif added
patterns/89.gif added
patterns/90.gif added
patterns/91.gif added
patterns/92.gif added
patterns/93.gif added
patterns/94.gif added
patterns/95.gif added
patterns/96.gif added
patterns/97.gif added
patterns/98.gif added
patterns/99.gif added
patterns/battributes.jpg added
patterns/bdeleted.jpg added
patterns/bnewlytyped.jpg added
patterns/clear.gif added
patterns/columnbreak.gif added
patterns/commentbegin.gif added
patterns/commentend.gif added
patterns/deleted.jpg added
patterns/doccommentb.jpg added
patterns/doccommente.jpg added
patterns/documentend.gif added
patterns/eattributes.jpg added
patterns/edeleted.jpg added
patterns/endnotebegin.gif added
patterns/endnoteend.gif added
patterns/enewlytyped.jpg added
patterns/footnotebegin.gif added
patterns/footnoteend.gif added
patterns/pagebreak.gif added
patterns/sectionendcolumn.gif added
patterns/sectionendcontinous.gif added
patterns/sectionendeven.gif added
patterns/sectionendnewpage.gif added
patterns/sectionendodd.gif added
patterns/wmf.jpg added
wingdingfont/100.gif added
wingdingfont/101.gif added
wingdingfont/102.gif added
wingdingfont/103.gif added
wingdingfont/104.gif added
wingdingfont/105.gif added
wingdingfont/106.gif added
wingdingfont/107.gif added
wingdingfont/108.gif added
wingdingfont/109.gif added
wingdingfont/110.gif added
wingdingfont/111.gif added
wingdingfont/112.gif added
wingdingfont/113.gif added
wingdingfont/114.gif added
wingdingfont/115.gif added
wingdingfont/116.gif added
wingdingfont/117.gif added
wingdingfont/118.gif added
wingdingfont/119.gif added
wingdingfont/120.gif added
wingdingfont/121.gif added
wingdingfont/122.gif added
wingdingfont/123.gif added
wingdingfont/124.gif added
wingdingfont/125.gif added
wingdingfont/126.gif added
wingdingfont/127.gif added
wingdingfont/128.gif added
wingdingfont/129.gif added
wingdingfont/130.gif added
wingdingfont/131.gif added
wingdingfont/132.gif added
wingdingfont/133.gif added
wingdingfont/134.gif added
wingdingfont/135.gif added
wingdingfont/136.gif added
wingdingfont/137.gif added
wingdingfont/138.gif added
wingdingfont/139.gif added
wingdingfont/140.gif added
wingdingfont/141.gif added
wingdingfont/142.gif added
wingdingfont/143.gif added
wingdingfont/144.gif added
wingdingfont/145.gif added
wingdingfont/146.gif added
wingdingfont/147.gif added
wingdingfont/148.gif added
wingdingfont/149.gif added
wingdingfont/150.gif added
wingdingfont/151.gif added
wingdingfont/152.gif added
wingdingfont/153.gif added
wingdingfont/154.gif added
wingdingfont/155.gif added
wingdingfont/156.gif added
wingdingfont/157.gif added
wingdingfont/158.gif added
wingdingfont/159.gif added
wingdingfont/160.gif added
wingdingfont/161.gif added
wingdingfont/162.gif added
wingdingfont/163.gif added
wingdingfont/164.gif added
wingdingfont/165.gif added
wingdingfont/166.gif added
wingdingfont/167.gif added
wingdingfont/168.gif added
wingdingfont/169.gif added
wingdingfont/170.gif added
wingdingfont/171.gif added
wingdingfont/172.gif added
wingdingfont/173.gif added
wingdingfont/174.gif added
wingdingfont/175.gif added
wingdingfont/176.gif added
wingdingfont/177.gif added
wingdingfont/178.gif added
wingdingfont/179.gif added
wingdingfont/180.gif added
wingdingfont/181.gif added
wingdingfont/182.gif added
wingdingfont/183.gif added
wingdingfont/184.gif added
wingdingfont/185.gif added
wingdingfont/186.gif added
wingdingfont/187.gif added
wingdingfont/188.gif added
wingdingfont/189.gif added
wingdingfont/190.gif added
wingdingfont/191.gif added
wingdingfont/192.gif added
wingdingfont/193.gif added
wingdingfont/194.gif added
wingdingfont/195.gif added
wingdingfont/196.gif added
wingdingfont/197.gif added
wingdingfont/198.gif added
wingdingfont/199.gif added
wingdingfont/200.gif added
wingdingfont/201.gif added
wingdingfont/202.gif added
wingdingfont/203.gif added
wingdingfont/204.gif added
wingdingfont/205.gif added
wingdingfont/206.gif added
wingdingfont/207.gif added
wingdingfont/208.gif added
wingdingfont/209.gif added
wingdingfont/210.gif added
wingdingfont/211.gif added
wingdingfont/212.gif added
wingdingfont/213.gif added
wingdingfont/214.gif added
wingdingfont/215.gif added
wingdingfont/216.gif added
wingdingfont/217.gif added
wingdingfont/218.gif added
wingdingfont/219.gif added
wingdingfont/220.gif added
wingdingfont/221.gif added
wingdingfont/222.gif added
wingdingfont/223.gif added
wingdingfont/224.gif added
wingdingfont/225.gif added
wingdingfont/226.gif added
wingdingfont/227.gif added
wingdingfont/228.gif added
wingdingfont/229.gif added
wingdingfont/230.gif added
wingdingfont/231.gif added
wingdingfont/232.gif added
wingdingfont/233.gif added
wingdingfont/234.gif added
wingdingfont/235.gif added
wingdingfont/236.gif added
wingdingfont/237.gif added
wingdingfont/238.gif added
wingdingfont/239.gif added
wingdingfont/240.gif added
wingdingfont/241.gif added
wingdingfont/242.gif added
wingdingfont/243.gif added
wingdingfont/244.gif added
wingdingfont/245.gif added
wingdingfont/246.gif added
wingdingfont/247.gif added
wingdingfont/248.gif added
wingdingfont/249.gif added
wingdingfont/250.gif added
wingdingfont/251.gif added
wingdingfont/252.gif added
wingdingfont/253.gif added
wingdingfont/254.gif added
wingdingfont/255.gif added
wingdingfont/35.gif added
wingdingfont/36.gif added
wingdingfont/37.gif added
wingdingfont/38.gif added
wingdingfont/39.gif added
wingdingfont/40.gif added
wingdingfont/41.gif added
wingdingfont/42.gif added
wingdingfont/43.gif added
wingdingfont/44.gif added
wingdingfont/45.gif added
wingdingfont/46.gif added
wingdingfont/47.gif added
wingdingfont/48.gif added
wingdingfont/49.gif added
wingdingfont/50.gif added
wingdingfont/51.gif added
wingdingfont/52.gif added
wingdingfont/53.gif added
wingdingfont/54.gif added
wingdingfont/55.gif added
wingdingfont/56.gif added
wingdingfont/57.gif added
wingdingfont/58.gif added
wingdingfont/59.gif added
wingdingfont/60.gif added
wingdingfont/61.gif added
wingdingfont/62.gif added
wingdingfont/63.gif added
wingdingfont/64.gif added
wingdingfont/65.gif added
wingdingfont/66.gif added
wingdingfont/67.gif added
wingdingfont/68.gif added
wingdingfont/69.gif added
wingdingfont/70.gif added
wingdingfont/71.gif added
wingdingfont/72.gif added
wingdingfont/73.gif added
wingdingfont/74.gif added
wingdingfont/75.gif added
wingdingfont/76.gif added
wingdingfont/77.gif added
wingdingfont/78.gif added
wingdingfont/79.gif added
wingdingfont/80.gif added
wingdingfont/81.gif added
wingdingfont/82.gif added
wingdingfont/83.gif added
wingdingfont/84.gif added
wingdingfont/85.gif added
wingdingfont/86.gif added
wingdingfont/87.gif added
wingdingfont/88.gif added
wingdingfont/89.gif added
wingdingfont/90.gif added
wingdingfont/91.gif added
wingdingfont/92.gif added
wingdingfont/93.gif added
wingdingfont/94.gif added
wingdingfont/95.gif added
wingdingfont/96.gif added
wingdingfont/97.gif added
wingdingfont/98.gif added
wingdingfont/99.gif added

Vector Image Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/arch.fig removed

Directories (all 11):

cmake removed
doc removed
doc/escher removed
help added
help/man added
patterns added
src removed
src/generator removed
tests removed
wingdingfont added
xml added

Change Logs (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
ChangeLog removed
NEWS added

Information Files (all 7):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
AUTHORS removed
doc/HACKING removed
doc/LINKS removed
INSTALL changed 100.0% diff
RELEASE removed
THANKS removed
TODO removed

Licenses (all 2):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
COPYING.LIB renamed 85.0% diff

Readme Files (all 1):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
README changed 100.0% diff

Text Files (all 4):

NameStatusDeltaVisual Diff
doc/ole_ff.txt removed
doc/openoffice removed
doc/Steely removed
src/generator/spec_defects removed

Packages Compared:


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