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Source code changes of the file "COPYRIGHT.OTHER" between
wml-2.28.0.tar.xz and wml-2.30.0.tar.xz

About: WML (Website META Language) is an extensible Webdesigner’s off-line HTML generation toolkit.

COPYRIGHT.OTHER  (wml-2.28.0.tar.xz):COPYRIGHT.OTHER  (wml-2.30.0.tar.xz)
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linklint 2.3.5 [wml_aux/linklint/] linklint 2.3.5 [wml_aux/linklint/]
Copyright (c) James B. Bowlin <jbowlin@linklint.org> Copyright (c) James B. Bowlin <jbowlin@linklint.org>
http://www.linklint.org/ http://www.linklint.org/
weblint 1.020 [wml_aux/weblint/] weblint 1.020 [wml_aux/weblint/]
Copyright (c) Neil Bowers <neilb@cre.canon.co.uk> Copyright (c) Neil Bowers <neilb@cre.canon.co.uk>
http://www.cre.canon.co.uk/~neilb/weblint/ http://www.cre.canon.co.uk/~neilb/weblint/
freetable 0.11 [wml_aux/freetable/] freetable 0.11 [wml_aux/freetable/]
Copyright (c) Tomasz Wgrzanowski <maniek@beer.com> Copyright (c) Tomasz Węgrzanowski <maniek@beer.com>
htmlclean 1.25 [wml_aux/htmlclean/] htmlclean 1.25 [wml_aux/htmlclean/]
Copyright (c) Paul Lindner <paul.lindner@itu.int> Copyright (c) Paul Lindner <paul.lindner@itu.int>
http://people.itu.int/~lindner/ http://people.itu.int/~lindner/
tidy 04th August 2000 [wml_aux/tidy/] tidy 04th August 2000 [wml_aux/tidy/]
Copyright (c) Dave Raggett <dsr@w3.org> Copyright (c) Dave Raggett <dsr@w3.org>
http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/ http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/
PCRE 3.2 [wml_backend/p2_mp4h/pcre/] PCRE 3.2 [wml_backend/p2_mp4h/pcre/]
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