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Source code changes of the file "AUTHORS" between
wine-5.12.tar.xz and wine-5.13.tar.xz

About: Wine is an Open Source implementation of the MS Windows API on top of X, OpenGL, and Unix. Think of Wine as a compatibility layer for running Windows programs. Development release.

AUTHORS  (wine-5.12.tar.xz):AUTHORS  (wine-5.13.tar.xz)
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Beren Minor Beren Minor
Bernard Ladenthin Bernard Ladenthin
Bernat Arlandis Bernat Arlandis
Bernd Buschinski Bernd Buschinski
Bernd Fuhrmann Bernd Fuhrmann
Bernd Herd Bernd Herd
Bernd Paysan Bernd Paysan
Bernd Schmidt Bernd Schmidt
Bernhard Loos Bernhard Loos
Bernhard Reiter Bernhard Reiter
Bernhard Rosenkraenzer Bernhard Rosenkränzer
Bernhard Übelacker Bernhard Übelacker
Bertho Stultiens Bertho Stultiens
Bill Currie Bill Currie
Bill Hawes Bill Hawes
Bill Jin Bill Jin
Bill Medland Bill Medland
Biswapriyo Nath Biswapriyo Nath
Björn Bidar Björn Bidar
Blake Leverett Blake Leverett
Boaz Harrosh Boaz Harrosh
skipping to change at line 539 skipping to change at line 539
Gaurav Jain Gaurav Jain
Gautam Jain Gautam Jain
Gavriel State Gavriel State
Gediminas Jakutis Gediminas Jakutis
Geoff Clare Geoff Clare
Geoffrey Hausheer Geoffrey Hausheer
Geoff Thorpe Geoff Thorpe
Georg Beyerle Georg Beyerle
George Gov George Gov
George Stephanos George Stephanos
Georg Lehmann
Gerald Pfeifer Gerald Pfeifer
Gerard Patel Gerard Patel
Gerhard W. Gruber Gerhard W. Gruber
Gerold Jens Wucherpfennig Gerold Jens Wucherpfennig
Gerson Kurz Gerson Kurz
Ge van Geldorp Ge van Geldorp
Gijs Vermeulen Gijs Vermeulen
Giovanni Mascellani Giovanni Mascellani
Giovanni Pancotti Giovanni Pancotti
Giuseppe Bilotta Giuseppe Bilotta
skipping to change at line 1413 skipping to change at line 1414
Robert Pouliot Robert Pouliot
Robert Reif Robert Reif
Robert Riggs Robert Riggs
Robert Shearman Robert Shearman
Robert van Herk Robert van Herk
Robert W Hall Robert W Hall
Robert Wilhelm Robert Wilhelm
Robert Xiao Robert Xiao
Rob Farnum Rob Farnum
Rob Hughes Rob Hughes
Robin Kertels
Rob McClinton Rob McClinton
Rob Walker Rob Walker
Roderick Colenbrander Roderick Colenbrander
Rodrigo Rivas Costa Rodrigo Rivas Costa
Rodrigo Saboya Rodrigo Saboya
Roger Hoang Roger Hoang
Roger Koot Roger Koot
Roger Olson Roger Olson
Roger Zoellner Roger Zoellner
Rok Mandeljc Rok Mandeljc
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