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Source code changes of the file "new_gtlds_list" between
whois_5.5.9.tar.xz and whois_5.5.10.tar.xz

About: whois is an improved whois client (searching in a RFC-3912 database)

new_gtlds_list  (whois_5.5.9.tar.xz):new_gtlds_list  (whois_5.5.10.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 386 skipping to change at line 386
foundation foundation
fox fox
free free
fresenius fresenius
frl frl
frogans frogans
frontdoor frontdoor
frontier frontier
ftr ftr
fujitsu fujitsu
fun fun
fund fund
furniture furniture
futbol futbol
fyi fyi
gal gal
gallery gallery
gallo gallo
gallup gallup
game game
skipping to change at line 514 skipping to change at line 513
international international
intuit intuit
investments investments
ipiranga ipiranga
irish irish
ismaili ismaili
ist ist
istanbul istanbul
itau itau
itv itv
jaguar jaguar
java java
jcb jcb
jeep jeep
jetzt jetzt
jewelry jewelry
jio jio
jll jll
jmp jmp
jnj jnj
skipping to change at line 667 skipping to change at line 665
moto moto
motorcycles motorcycles
mov mov
movie movie
msd msd
mtn mtn
mtr mtr
mutual mutual
nab nab
nagoya nagoya
natura natura
navy navy
nba nba
nec nec
netbank netbank
netflix netflix
network network
neustar neustar
new new
news news
skipping to change at line 714 skipping to change at line 711
okinawa okinawa
olayan olayan
olayangroup olayangroup
oldnavy oldnavy
ollo ollo
omega omega
one one
ong ong
onl onl
online online
ooo ooo
open open
oracle oracle
orange orange
organic organic
origins origins
osaka osaka
otsuka otsuka
ott ott
ovh ovh
skipping to change at line 910 skipping to change at line 906
sohu sohu
solar solar
solutions solutions
song song
sony sony
soy soy
spa spa
space space
sport sport
spot spot
srl srl
stada stada
staples staples
star star
statebank statebank
statefarm statefarm
stc stc
stcgroup stcgroup
stockholm stockholm
storage storage
 End of changes. 5 change blocks. 
5 lines changed or deleted 0 lines changed or added

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