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Source code changes of the file "servers_charset_list" between
whois_5.5.6.tar.xz and whois_5.5.8.tar.xz

About: whois is an improved whois client (searching in a RFC-3912 database)

servers_charset_list  (whois_5.5.6.tar.xz):servers_charset_list  (whois_5.5.8.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 59 skipping to change at line 59
whois.registry.pf utf-8 whois.registry.pf utf-8
whois.dns.pt iso-8859-1 whois.dns.pt iso-8859-1
whois.registry.qa utf-8 whois.registry.qa utf-8
whois.nic.re utf-8 whois.nic.re utf-8
whois.rnids.rs utf-8 whois.rnids.rs utf-8
whois.nic.net.sa utf-8 whois.nic.net.sa utf-8
whois.iis.se utf-8 whois.iis.se utf-8
whois.sgnic.sg utf-8 whois.sgnic.sg utf-8
whois.tld.sy utf-8 whois.tld.sy utf-8
whois.thains.co.th utf-8 whois.thains.co.th utf-8
whois.ati.tn windows-1252 whois.ati.tn utf-8
whois.nic.tr iso-8859-9 whois.nic.tr iso-8859-9
whois.twnic.net.tw utf-8 whois.twnic.net.tw utf-8
whois.biz.ua utf-8 whois.biz.ua utf-8
whois.co.ua utf-8 whois.co.ua utf-8
whois.pp.ua utf-8 whois.pp.ua utf-8
whois.ua utf-8 whois.ua utf-8
whois.nic.org.uy utf-8 whois.nic.org.uy utf-8
whois.nic.wf utf-8 whois.nic.wf utf-8
whois.nic.yt utf-8 whois.nic.yt utf-8
whois.nic.xn--otu796d utf-8 whois.nic.xn--otu796d utf-8
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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