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Source code changes of the file "tld_serv_list" between
whois_5.5.0.tar.xz and whois_5.5.1.tar.xz

About: whois is an improved whois client (searching in a RFC-3912 database)

tld_serv_list  (whois_5.5.0.tar.xz):tld_serv_list  (whois_5.5.1.tar.xz)
skipping to change at line 52 skipping to change at line 52
.int whois.iana.org .int whois.iana.org
.mil NONE .mil NONE
.e164.arpa whois.ripe.net .e164.arpa whois.ripe.net
.in-addr.arpa ARPA .in-addr.arpa ARPA
.ip6.arpa IP6 .ip6.arpa IP6
.arpa whois.iana.org .arpa whois.iana.org
.aero whois.aero .aero whois.aero
.asia whois.nic.asia .asia whois.nic.asia
.biz whois.biz .biz whois.nic.biz
.cat whois.nic.cat .cat whois.nic.cat
.coop whois.nic.coop .coop whois.nic.coop
.info whois.afilias.net .info whois.afilias.net
.jobs VERISIGN whois.nic.jobs .jobs VERISIGN whois.nic.jobs
.mobi whois.afilias.net .mobi whois.afilias.net
.museum whois.nic.museum .museum whois.nic.museum
.name whois.nic.name .name whois.nic.name
.post whois.dotpostregistry.net .post whois.dotpostregistry.net
.pro whois.afilias.net .pro whois.afilias.net
.tel whois.nic.tel .tel whois.nic.tel
skipping to change at line 150 skipping to change at line 150
.eu whois.eu .eu whois.eu
.fi whois.fi .fi whois.fi
.fj whois.usp.ac.fj .fj whois.usp.ac.fj
.fk NONE # http://www.fidc.co.fk/ .fk NONE # http://www.fidc.co.fk/
.fm whois.nic.fm .fm whois.nic.fm
.fo whois.nic.fo .fo whois.nic.fo
.fr whois.nic.fr .fr whois.nic.fr
.ga whois.dot.ga # www.my.ga .ga whois.dot.ga # www.my.ga
.gb NONE .gb NONE
.gd whois.nic.gd .gd whois.nic.gd
.ge whois.registration.ge .ge whois.nic.ge
.gf whois.mediaserv.net .gf whois.mediaserv.net
.gg whois.gg .gg whois.gg
.gh whois.nic.gh .gh whois.nic.gh
.gi whois2.afilias-grs.net .gi whois2.afilias-grs.net
.gl whois.nic.gl .gl whois.nic.gl
.gm WEB http://www.nic.gm/htmlpages/whois.htm .gm WEB http://www.nic.gm/htmlpages/whois.htm
.gn NONE # http://www.psg.com/dns/gn/ .gn NONE # http://www.psg.com/dns/gn/
.gp whois.nic.gp .gp whois.nic.gp
.gq whois.dominio.gq .gq whois.dominio.gq
.gr WEB https://grweb.ics.forth.gr/public/whois .gr WEB https://grweb.ics.forth.gr/public/whois
 End of changes. 2 change blocks. 
2 lines changed or deleted 2 lines changed or added

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