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webrowse-1.7.3.tgz and webrowse-2.0.0.tgz

About: webrowse is a tool for interfacing between a Mozilla web browser and the rest of a Unix/X11 environment, via the `-remote` option.

Makefile  (webrowse-1.7.3.tgz):Makefile  (webrowse-2.0.0.tgz)
skipping to change at line 26 skipping to change at line 26
perl: perl:
$(PERL) -pi -e 's,^#!\s*/\S+/perl\S*(\s|$$),#!$(PERL)$$1,' webrowse $(PERL) -pi -e 's,^#!\s*/\S+/perl\S*(\s|$$),#!$(PERL)$$1,' webrowse
install: install.webrowse install.inbrowse install.go install: install.webrowse install.inbrowse install.go
install.webrowse: perl install.webrowse: perl
-$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
cp webrowse $(BINDIR)/. cp webrowse $(BINDIR)/.
chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/webrowse chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/webrowse
install.netscapewin: install.firefoxwin:
-$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
cp netscapewin $(BINDIR)/. cp firefoxwin $(BINDIR)/.
chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/netscapewin chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/firefoxwin
install.inbrowse: install.inbrowse:
-$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
cp inbrowse $(BINDIR)/. cp inbrowse $(BINDIR)/.
chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/inbrowse chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/inbrowse
install.go: install.go:
-$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && mkdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
cp go $(BINDIR)/. cp go $(BINDIR)/.
chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/go chmod $(BINMODE) $(BINDIR)/go
install.man: install.man.webrowse install.man: install.man.webrowse
install.man.webrowse: install.man.webrowse:
-$(MKMANDIR) && mkdir $(MANDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKMANDIR) && mkdir $(MANDIR) 2> /dev/null
cp webrowse.man $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT) cp webrowse.man $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT)
chmod $(MANMODE) $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT) chmod $(MANMODE) $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT)
deinstall: deinstall.webrowse deinstall.netscapewin deinstall.inbrowse \ deinstall: deinstall.webrowse deinstall.firefoxwin deinstall.inbrowse \
deinstall.go deinstall.go
deinstall.webrowse: deinstall.webrowse:
rm -f $(BINDIR)/webrowse rm -f $(BINDIR)/webrowse
-$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
deinstall.netscapewin: deinstall.firefoxwin:
rm -f $(BINDIR)/netscapewin rm -f $(BINDIR)/firefoxwin
-$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
deinstall.inbrowse: deinstall.inbrowse:
rm -f $(BINDIR)/inbrowse rm -f $(BINDIR)/inbrowse
-$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
deinstall.go: deinstall.go:
rm -f $(BINDIR)/go rm -f $(BINDIR)/go
-$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKBINDIR) && rmdir $(BINDIR) 2> /dev/null
skipping to change at line 79 skipping to change at line 79
deinstall.man.webrowse: deinstall.man.webrowse:
rm -f $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT) rm -f $(MANDIR)/webrowse$(MANEXT)
-$(MKMANDIR) && rmdir $(MANDIR) 2> /dev/null -$(MKMANDIR) && rmdir $(MANDIR) 2> /dev/null
clean: clean:
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------- # -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# for maintainer use only # for maintainer use only
import: import:
cp $(HOME)/binp/webrowse $(HOME)/binp/netscapewin \ cp $(HOME)/binp/webrowse $(HOME)/binp/firefoxwin \
$(HOME)/binp/inbrowse $(HOME)/binp/go . $(HOME)/binp/inbrowse $(HOME)/binp/go .
make perl make perl
cp $(HOME)/manp/man1/webrowse.1 webrowse.man cp $(HOME)/manp/man1/webrowse.1 webrowse.man
cp $(HOME)/manp/man1/webrowse.html . cp $(HOME)/manp/man1/webrowse.html .
dist: dist:
VER=`./webrowse -h 2>&1 | sed -n '$$s/.*ersion *//p'`; \ VER=`./webrowse -h 2>&1 | sed -n '$$s/.*ersion *//p'`; \
BASE=webrowse-$$VER; \ BASE=webrowse-$$VER; \
rm -f ../$$BASE.tgz; \ rm -f ../$$BASE.tgz; \
cp -r ../src ../$$BASE; \ cp -r ../src ../$$BASE; \
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