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Source code changes of the file "tests/versions.yaml" between
versions-1.5.4.tar.gz and versions-1.5.5.tar.gz

About: versions checks releases and versions of your favorite programs (on the main repositories) through RSS or Atom feeds.

versions.yaml  (versions-1.5.4):versions.yaml  (versions-1.5.5)
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- games/tty-solitaire - games/tty-solitaire
sourceforge: sourceforge:
url: "https://sourceforge.net/projects/{}/rss?path=/" url: "https://sourceforge.net/projects/{}/rss?path=/"
type: byproject type: byproject
projects: projects:
- name: advtor - name: advtor
regex: '/\w+-([\d\.]+)/.*' regex: '/\w+-([\d\.]+)/.*'
github: github:
url: "https://github.com/{}/releases.atom" url: "https://github.com/{}/tags.atom"
type: byproject type: byproject
entry: last checked entry: last checked
projects: projects:
- name: angular/angular - name: angular/angular
regex: '([\d\.\-rcbetaRCBETA]+)' regex: '([\d\.\-rcbetaRCBETA]+)'
- name: InfotelGLPI/manufacturersimports - name: InfotelGLPI/manufacturersimports
regex: '\w+ [\d\.]+ : \w+ ([\d\.]+).*' regex: '\w+ [\d\.]+ : \w+ ([\d\.]+).*'
entry: latest entry: latest
- name: kanboard/kanboard - name: kanboard/kanboard
regex: 'Version\s([\d\.]+)' regex: 'Version\s([\d\.]+)'
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