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coverage.bash  (versions-1.5.4):coverage.bash  (versions-1.5.5)
#!/bin/bash #!/bin/bash
# #
# A basic coverage script # A basic coverage script
# Usage : # Usage :
# coverage.bash COVERAGE-COMMAND # coverage.bash COVERAGE-COMMAND
# Where COVERAGE-COMMAND is the command for # Where COVERAGE-COMMAND is the command for
# coverage program # coverage program
set -eu
export COV=$1 export COV=$1
${COV} run ../versions/versions.py -d -f coverage.yaml function header_print {
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py -d -f doesnotexist.yaml
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py -l -f coverage.yaml echo
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py -f bad_formatted.yaml echo "-------------------------------------------------"
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py -f versions.yaml echo " Running test $@"
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py echo "-------------------------------------------------"
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py -l echo
function first_run_test {
header_print $@
${COV} run ../versions/versions.py $@
function run_test {
header_print $@
${COV} run -a ../versions/versions.py $@
first_run_test -d -f coverage.yaml
run_test -d -f doesnotexist.yaml
run_test -l -f coverage.yaml
run_test -f bad_formatted.yaml
run_test -f versions.yaml
run_test -l -f versions.yaml
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