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Source code changes of the file "bazaar/plugin/gdal/import.ext" between
upp-x11-src-13659.tar.gz and upp-x11-src-13664.tar.gz

About: Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework. Stable release.

import.ext  (upp-x11-src-13659):import.ext  (upp-x11-src-13664)
skipping to change at line 79 skipping to change at line 79
frmts/netcdf/* frmts/netcdf/*
frmts/msg/* frmts/msg/*
frmts/pgchip/* frmts/pgchip/*
frmts/postgisraster/* frmts/postgisraster/*
frmts/rasdaman/* frmts/rasdaman/*
frmts/wms/* frmts/wms/*
frmts/webp/* frmts/webp/*
frmts/pdf/* frmts/pdf/*
frmts/pcidsk/* frmts/pcidsk/*
frmts/png/* frmts/png/*
*/ogr_capi_test.c* */ogr_capi_test.c*
*/test_geo_utils.c* */test_geo_utils.c*
*/s57dump.c* */s57dump.c*
*/ntfdump.c* */ntfdump.c*
*/jp2dump.c* */jp2dump.c*
*/sdts2shp.c* */sdts2shp.c*
*/nitfdump.c* */nitfdump.c*
*/hfatest.c* */hfatest.c*
*/envisat_dump.c* */envisat_dump.c*
 End of changes. 1 change blocks. 
0 lines changed or deleted 1 lines changed or added

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