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Source code changes of the file "uppsrc/ScatterCtrl/Properties.h" between
upp-x11-src-13648.tar.gz and upp-x11-src-13659.tar.gz

About: Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework. Stable release.

Properties.h  (upp-x11-src-13648):Properties.h  (upp-x11-src-13659)
skipping to change at line 166 skipping to change at line 166
class GeneralTab : public WithGeneral<StaticRect> { class GeneralTab : public WithGeneral<StaticRect> {
public: public:
typedef GeneralTab CLASSNAME; typedef GeneralTab CLASSNAME;
void Init(ScatterCtrl &scatter); void Init(ScatterCtrl &scatter);
private: private:
ScatterCtrl *pscatter; ScatterCtrl *pscatter;
void Change(); void Change();
void ChangeAll();
}; };
class DataDlg : public WithData<TopWindow> { class DataDlg : public WithData<TopWindow> {
public: public:
typedef DataDlg CLASSNAME; typedef DataDlg CLASSNAME;
void Init(ScatterCtrl& scatter); void Init(ScatterCtrl& scatter);
virtual ~DataDlg() {}; virtual ~DataDlg() {};
void OnTab(); void OnTab();
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