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Source code changes of the file "pkg/anonymize/anonymize_doOnStruct_test.go" between
traefik-v2.3.2.src.tar.gz and traefik-v2.3.3.src.tar.gz

About: Traefik is a cloud native edge router, a reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP and TCP-based applications.

anonymize_doOnStruct_test.go  (traefik-v2.3.2.src):anonymize_doOnStruct_test.go  (traefik-v2.3.3.src)
skipping to change at line 23 skipping to change at line 23
} }
type Tomate struct { type Tomate struct {
Ji string Ji string
Ho string Ho string
} }
type Carotte struct { type Carotte struct {
Name string Name string
Value int Value int
List []string
EList []string `export:"true"`
Courgette Courgette Courgette Courgette
ECourgette Courgette `export:"true"` ECourgette Courgette `export:"true"`
Pourgette *Courgette Pourgette *Courgette
EPourgette *Courgette `export:"true"` EPourgette *Courgette `export:"true"`
Aubergine map[string]string Aubergine map[string]string
EAubergine map[string]string `export:"true"` EAubergine map[string]string `export:"true"`
SAubergine map[string]Tomate SAubergine map[string]Tomate
ESAubergine map[string]Tomate `export:"true"` ESAubergine map[string]Tomate `export:"true"`
PSAubergine map[string]*Tomate PSAubergine map[string]*Tomate
EPAubergine map[string]*Tomate `export:"true"` EPAubergine map[string]*Tomate `export:"true"`
skipping to change at line 47 skipping to change at line 49
name string name string
base *Carotte base *Carotte
expected *Carotte expected *Carotte
hasError bool hasError bool
}{ }{
{ {
name: "primitive", name: "primitive",
base: &Carotte{ base: &Carotte{
Name: "koko", Name: "koko",
Value: 666, Value: 666,
List: []string{"test"},
EList: []string{"test"},
}, },
expected: &Carotte{ expected: &Carotte{
Name: "xxxx", Name: "xxxx",
List: []string{"xxxx"},
EList: []string{"test"},
}, },
}, },
{ {
name: "struct", name: "struct",
base: &Carotte{ base: &Carotte{
Name: "koko", Name: "koko",
Courgette: Courgette{ Courgette: Courgette{
Ji: "huu", Ji: "huu",
}, },
}, },
 End of changes. 3 change blocks. 
1 lines changed or deleted 7 lines changed or added

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